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Award-winning artists gather to cultivate dance and community, enlivening the cultural field in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, NH.
154 backers pledged $7,184 to help bring this project to life.

Greetings dear backers of Cultivate!

Posted by Katherine Ferrier (Creator)

I am writing to thank you all again so much for backing Cultivate. 

I believe so much in this project, the power of intentional community, and the role art plays in bringing a community together and nourishing it in a sustaining way.  And so do the twenty artists who have already booked their tickets, and made their plans to travel to Bethlehem, NH to teach, perform and share their work with folks in the North Country.

We are three weeks away from Cultivate and everyone is getting very excited!  The posters are printed and the blog is getting steady traffic as people are reading promo pieces and teaser stories about the various works and workshops Cultivate will feature... Have a look at the blog here!

And students are starting to sign up for classes!  You can visit the registration page on Eventbrite, here!

With two weeks to go in our campaign, we are at %16 funding...which means we have quite a ways to go.  As you know, if I don't meet my goal of $7000, the funding is canceled, your generous pledges will evaporate, and I will be left with empty pockets to greet the artists when they arrive in NH.  I know we can do it!

Please, if you can, take a moment and reach out to someone in your immediate community and network, and ask them to meet your pledge with a pledge of their own.... tell them what it means to you, and why you are supporting this project.  Tell them I said hello, and I send a warm wave from the White Mountains, along with my deep gratitude... Together, I know we can meet our goal and make Cultivate a success!

more soon!


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