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Award-winning artists gather to cultivate dance, art and community, enlivening the cultural field in the rural town of Bethlehem, NH.

Cynthia MacLaughlin, one of the 2013 Artists of Cultivate
Cynthia MacLaughlin, one of the 2013 Artists of Cultivate

Cultivate is a grass-roots effort, designed to nourish and support community by 1) creating a space for contemporary dance to take root, develop and flourish. Cultivate enlivens the field by bringing cutting edge dance and performance to an area of the country that might not otherwise have access to it, and 2) encouraging a conversation to develop between artist and audience.

I created Cultivate three years ago, when I first moved to rural Northern New Hampshire, one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. I was lonely for my art kin, and I wanted to feel alive and connected the way I only do when surrounded by artists deep in their making and sharing. What was originally a one day gathering of a few friends, has turned into a lively festival that includes:

  • 4 full days of dance workshops for all levels!
  • 3 evenings of dance performances on the Mainstage at the historic Colonial Theatre!
  • Every. Body. Dances. | A Dance and Education Conference presented in partnership with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire!
  • a 12 hour town-wide art walk featuring the work of over 100 visual artists, musicians, crafters and performers!
  • new this year! Bethlehem's first ever Screendance Festival!
  • spontaneous community events, flash mobs and surprise guests!
  • shared meals and plenty of opportunities for artists and audience to linger and mingle ...

All of this is possible, in part, because of the generous spirit of the many artists and community members involved. More than 20 dance makers, musicians and designers are traveling from all over the country to make this magical event happen.  And there are dozens of folks here in NH freely their giving time and resources to form the fertile soil that supports the festival from the ground up.  

But I need your help to really pull this off!  The money raised in this campaign will help pay the artists' performance and teaching honoraria, as well as their room and board during the festival.  It will pay two very talented designers, Kathy Couch (lights) and Tori Lawrence (graphics) a fraction of what they are worth for their gorgeous work and countless hours spent working on the festival. It will also help me advertise and promote Cultivate to the wider community of Northern New Hampshire New England and beyond, and pay for all the little things no one ever thinks about, like renting a dance floor for the Colonial Theatre and printing maps for the the ArtWalk. And, it helps me keep the class fees and ticket prices affordable, so that as many people can take advantage of what Cultivate has to offer them as possible. 

Anything you can give will help me make Cultivate a reality, and move the festival towards sustainability.  Every little bit helps, and means so much to me, and my community. Thank you for all that you do in your own lives, in your own communities, to make the world a better place.  On behalf of the entire community of Cultivate, I thank you for your support.  

Warm greetings from the White Mountains... Come visit sometime! gratefully yours, 

Katherine Ferrier

                                 The Artists of Cultivate 2013

Amy Barr | Paul Besaw | Nicole Bindler & Curt Haworth | Meredith Bove | Melinda Buckwalter & Kent Alexander | Kathy Couch | Marlee Grace | Arthur Fink | Clyde Forth | Ellie Goudie-Averill |  Beau Hancock  | Maré Hieronimus | Tori Lawrence | Meredith Lyons | Cynthia McLaughlin | Karl Rogers | Ellen Smith Ahern & Lida Winfield

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Creating and building Cultivate is a labor of love, my gift to my community.

It's been an enormous undertaking to bring this vision to life. The challenge now is finding ways to make this festival sustainable. That includes building an infrastructure of support so that as the festival grows, we'll be ready for it. My goal this year is to grow that base of support, cultivate new avenues of funding, sponsorship and community partnerships to ensure Cultivate can continue to send down roots in Bethlehem.

With your help, together we can keep Cultivate going!


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    RIght on! Get the above, plus a postcard sent to you from Bethlehem, with a note from one of the Cultivate artists, mailed during the festival!

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    Hey. Thank you...honestly. This is so generous of you, and means so much to all of us that are working hard to make Cultivate happen. To show my thanks, I'm going to send you the above, plus one of my original one of a kind mixed media collages on wood, 4"x4".

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    You are amazing! Thank you so much for this solid support! Come be my guest at Cultivate! I'll send you a Fest Pass, good for unlimited workshops and tickets to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night performances and shows. (This would make a great gift for those dancers in your life who have been looking for a great short festival to attend!)

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    Shazam! You are a rock star, and this kind of support goes such a long way! Your goodie package will include a complete Festival Pass, good for all Festival Workshops and Performances, an invitation to join the dancers and crew for an informal dinner on Saturday night, AND...drumroll please...a Dance Made to Order! This is a dance created and performed for you, about you and because of you on Thursday night's Meet and Make Performance at the Colonial Theatre. If you select this reward, we'll be in touch and get some information from you, some inspiration for the dancers to go on. We'll video the dance and send you a link so you can enjoy your dance again and again, knowing that YOU helped make this whole thing possible!

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