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We're raising money to create a 30-hour comedy marathon as well as developing our iPhone and Android app. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 6, 2014.

We're raising money to create a 30-hour comedy marathon as well as developing our iPhone and Android app.

About this project

's video poster

Here's another sneak peek of a Mushface Comic original.

- If we reach our goal, we'll do 30 hours straight of the Keith and The Girl show and stream it to you live!

- We'll have rotating guests throughout the marathon.

- You'll be able to listen, watch, call in and send text feedback during the entire marathon!

- For every $500 over the goal, we'll extend the marathon an extra hour... and book even MORE guests!

It's up to YOU to decide how long we go! About Keith and The Girl

We talk with comedians about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of our lives. We started the show out of our spare bedroom in our house in 2005. We used to date, but we don't anymore. An hour after we broke up, we recorded another show.

Now we live separately and have a dedicated studio for the show where we create funny new shows 5 days a week.

Check out this video to find out more about us!

About the marathon:

The 30 hours will contain hilarity with us and your favorite KATG guests. We'll make sure that there is a rotation of awesome friends and comics coming into the studio providing you with the biggest ha-has a show can bring.

The marathon is scheduled to start on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. The show will stream online for free. We'll also have cameras in the studio so you can watch the show using our chat room. An audio download will be available for purchase afterwards.

You'll be able to access the marathon live, easily, via our website:

We'll post the updates here, Facebook, and Twitter with confirmed guests.

Past marathon guests include:

Highlights of past marathons include:

- Keith and The Girl commemorative marathon tattoo

- Listener phone calls including a marriage proposal

- Prank calls that inspired the hilarious Clowned by The Girl CD

- Live musical performances Production costs

Producing a project of this size costs thousands of dollars for software, server, studio equipment, staff and food. The money from this Kickstarter will fund these things to bring you a show packed with entertainment. With your help, we will cover the cost of running this marathon.

A list of expenses: recording equipment, marketing, server bandwidth for video and audio of show and group chat, graphic design, staff, food & drinks (soda/liquor/beer) for staff and guests, post event editing, promotional ads and a NEW KATG APP (on both Android and iPhone).

This will be the most interactive and fun marathon yet! Why?! Because YOU'RE there!

Risks and challenges

Kickstarter asks everyone to include a list of risks and challenges they face. Below is a list our challenges and how we plan to overcome them.

Technical Challenge: ensuring the server can handle the traffic load since the last marathon had several hundred people chatting and listening.

- Addressed by maintaining a high-powered server, high-tech chat software and extra bandwidth for heavy traffic loads.

Production challenge: ensuring the cameras and studio equipment functions properly

- Addressed by bringing in dedicated technicians.

Production challenge: ensuring the show streams properly throughout the marathon
- Addressed by having a backup high-speed internet connection along with a cell phone wireless hotspot.

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    Ever-lasting gratitude

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    Display a special badge with your KATG forums profile that shows you backed this project. Also receive our ever-lasting gratitude!

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    Early access! Get the entire marathon, and get that marathon a week before the public! Also get the special forums badge showing you backed this project! Get our ever-lasting gratitude a split-second before everyone else!

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    Get the EXCLUSIVE bonus hour of the marathon. This hour will be recorded right after the official marathon time ends and will only be heard by donators of this Kickstarter reward level or higher. You will also be added and tagged on our Facebook "Album of Awesome Donators."

    This reward includes early access to the marathon download, special forums badge, and our ever lasting gratitude!

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    Pledge $125 or more

    21 backers Limited (9 left of 30)

    Sponsor an hour of the marathon. Whether it's about your business or a shout out to your friend, you write it; we'll say it at the beginning of your hour. (500 character limit and subject to review.) Plus all the rewards from the $100 package. Our ever-lasting gratitude is not under any review! It's yours!

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    Pledge $275 or more

    5 backers Limited (5 left of 10)

    Get a Mushface Comic original! An exclusive 12" x 18" 5-panel comic featuring YOU with Keith and The Girl. You'll be drawn into the storyline as a comic character along with Keith, Chemda and others from the KATG family.
    You will also receive the whole marathon, the exclusive bonus hour, and a crazy amount of gratitude.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Title a Keith and The Girl show! Name it after you, your company, your funny idea - your choice! (Subject to douchebaggery.) Plus everything from the $100 and Ever! Lasting! Gratitude!

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    Pledge $700 or more

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    You'll be the guest of a Keith and The Girl show. You can also request your favorite guest to join you (subject to availability), or simply watch the show. Take some pictures too! And take some ever-lasting gratitude home with you along with the other rewards from the $100 pledge level!

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    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    In-studio access to the entire marathon. Drinks, food and fun! You also get everything from the $100 pledge level including, if still available, our ever-lasting gratitude! (Actually, we'll be sure to keep some extra on the side for you. And let's face it, if you're interested you'll probably be on mic.)

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    Sponsor the show! 30+ hours of your logo seen on a step-and-repeat on BOTH of our cameras. You will also be mentioned in press releases, and we'll run live commercials of your business throughout the marathon.

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    Pledge $10,000

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    Double Platinum All-In Diamond Special! - Not only will you receive every last thing listed above, we will add your logo to both step-and-repeats (one behind each co-host for the duration of the marathon and one used for promo pics of every guest before they go on mic), but you'll also get the entire marathon named after you, your company or a different clever idea (subject to approval) for all of eternity. And it will continuously be promoted as such. FOR ALL OF ETERNITY! And just between us, your ever-lasting gratitude is truly ever-lasting, as it carries over to the afterlife.

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