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Set in the worlds of Elite, inspired by the wit of Douglas Adams; the tale of the least deadly assassin the galaxy has ever known.
Set in the worlds of Elite, inspired by the wit of Douglas Adams; the tale of the least deadly assassin the galaxy has ever known.
Set in the worlds of Elite, inspired by the wit of Douglas Adams; the tale of the least deadly assassin the galaxy has ever known.
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We've got ourselves some readers!


Hello lovely backers :)

A few week's post release and I've been overwhelmed and humbled by the response to Elite: Mostly Harmless. It seems I've pitched my story just right for many of the early readers, and despite a few editing issues there are already 14 brilliant reviews on Amazon, for which I dearly thank you.

Now, I know I've already asked a lot of you, but I would like to try and recruit you for a couple more tasks in pursuit of continuing this great adventure.

Number 1: If you have finished reading please do find time if you can to leave a review on Amazon & Goodreads. Even a one word review and a rating helps loads to bump the book up the charts, which is vital on amazon if we want to reach a wider audience with the fiction and maybe bring them into the Elite gaming world. If you haven't yet finished the book you could click on the 'did you find this review helpful?' buttons on other reviews, which I am reliably informed by publisher Commander Dan also helps the rating. Elite: Mostly Harmless is currently around #11K in the paid Kindle charts, which is actually not bad all things considered!:



By the way, talking of the editing issues.. we have made a lot of amendments to the copy, so if you haven't yet started reading your eBook please ping me a message through Kickstarter, stating the format you want - MOBI, EPUB, PDF, and I will happily send you the latest version for a (hopefully now) typo free read!

Number 2: For those who  only invested in my fiction kickstarter, the rest of the Fantastic Books Elite reads are also out now. Please do consider supporting the wider community by taking a look at, and ideally buying the other 4 books in this series with FBP! You'll find them all on the Fantastic Books Store HERE. I'm halfway through Drew's, which is awesome and a real page turned, and I am told that Allen's is a brilliant primer for the history of the game world and also a ripping tale!John Harper also spins a cunning yarn and the Anthology crew have stuffed 17 great shorts into a really fat book, so there should be something for everyone there!

The journey of course continues. I've had a few queries about the audiobook... this is still in production and should be ready in the next month or so, along with the other 4 books from FBP.... I will keep you posted about that - you can order a copy if you haven't pledged £25+ here on the FBP store, linked above. There is also the option of ordering a signed CD of that... but that is a time limited offer so make sure you get your pre-order in to avoid disappointment!

That's all from me for now... keep reading & let me know what you think.

As ever, your humbled Elite: Dangerous author.

Kate x

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    1. Peter Barrett on June 24, 2014

      Hi Kate, can you please send me an updated PDF version of the book as I'm saving it to read on my holiday next week. Thanks Peter

    2. Sean Houlihane on June 19, 2014

      I think I managed to leave a review on Amazon - usually they indicate confirmed purchasers at the top of the review. Or maybe you need to have bought _any_ book on amazon?

    3. Pēteris Krišjānis on June 19, 2014

      Hey Kate, it seems I can't leave review if I haven't bought book from shop on Amazon :( I will give thumbs up for other reviews though.

      You should be proud. Job is done well, and it's awesome tie-in for game we all waiting for to reach finish line. I have places noted to visit them already :)

    4. Mel Potter on June 19, 2014

      May I have a newly edited epub edition please? I've been saving reading it until I go on holiday. Congratulations on your success with this Kate I knew it would be good because I was might impressed by your Scary Shorts story previously.

    5. Kate Russell 2-time creator on June 19, 2014

      I hope so Light... but it will depend whether Frontier see it as enough of a success to grant an affordable license.. and that will depend on sales, which is why its so important to climb the charts and break out of the hardcore fan audience :)