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Set in the worlds of Elite, inspired by the wit of Douglas Adams; the tale of the least deadly assassin the galaxy has ever known.
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Kate Russell

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Time for a long overdue update!!


Hi backers! I realise it has been far too long since I got in touch, but I wanted to give you a quick run down of the story so far (after a fashion)... I will pop in to the comments thread over the weekend if you want to ask any questions... 

The past couple of months have been slow writing progress, partly due to work (and mortgage payment!) requirements... but I have also done a lot of work on character development as they are all quite complicated people and therefore pretty demanding in terms of back story. This means a lot of soul searching through my personal history on to flesh out their personalities so they feel more real... One of the things I'm really desperate NOT to do is fill my story (our story!) with the usual tropes and predictable cast ... for example (slight spoiler!) Angel's love interest is a manic depressive.... I shared a house with a clinically manic depressed man (he was a flatmate not a partner) about 15 years ago and so I have a lot of experience in this respect... So I hope these characters will feel very real and that I am finding the humour in the dark side of life without being flippant about what is a very serious condition... 

So, from this I hope you can see how much attention to detail I am trying to balance... I am behind on the schedule I hoped to keep though.... you may remember I was speaking earlier in the year about publishing the e-book for Christmas!! Well, this isn't going to happen (not least because I am saving writing the finalised dog fighting scenes until I have had the chance to play the alpha at least!)... but I am still happy about publishing in March in time for the game release... Between now and Christmas I have 20 days set aside for writing Mostly Harmless, by which time the first draft will be finished and edited by myself, and ready to go to my professional editor for the beginning of January. At this point I start on commissioning the artwork and other detail while the book is edited. I will also be combing through the pages adding the pledge tier requirements in such as names and other various bits… 

The other aspect covered so far is that I have already engaged a PR agency to make sure we capitalise on the promotional opportunities for all our books and the game in March… so it is all ticking along in the background already. 

So, that is where I am so far… I hope it gives you confidence in your investment, and as usual I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given here and am desperate not to let any of you down. 

In the meantime, if you’re in the UK there is a programme on Channel 4 tomorrow evening, Charlie Brooker’s ‘How Videogames Changed the World’ .. I was interviewed for it and had the chance to spout about Elite again, so you might enjoy tuning in :) 

Talk soon Commanders. 

Kate x

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    1. Creator Kate Russell on November 30, 2013

      I mentioned the book of course Stewart, but I doubt they would have left it in! I was there for 2 hours and it will probably be edited down to 2 or 3 20 second comments!! :)

    2. Creator Styggron on November 30, 2013

      My goodness it has been a while.

    3. Creator Stewart Forgie on November 29, 2013

      Hope you remembered to get a plug in for the book!

    4. Creator Commander Keith [@mistertricker] on November 29, 2013

      Another good reason to watch Charlie's show!