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An anatomically significant sand timer to end poo-crastination.
An anatomically significant sand timer for poo-crastinators. (Fully funded! Buy now!)
An anatomically significant sand timer for poo-crastinators. (Fully funded! Buy now!)
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    1. Katamco Creator on

      Hi Erika! Sounds like you got a defective unit. So sorry for that. We will get in touch directly about sending you a replacement.

    2. Missing avatar

      Erika Jackson on

      So I was looking forward to this and it worked a few times but now it only drops sand if you tap it?? Pretty useless as a timer as it stops unless you constantly move it or tap it. Great idea and design, just doesn't work as intended :(

    3. Sharon Rivera on

      I love my timers! I thought my husband would be upset because he swears he only spends a few minutes in the bathroom, when in reality he spends 25-30 mins at a time. The timers made him realize how much time he spends in there and gets a good laugh out of it every time. Thanks so much!

    4. Pete Schupska on

      Hey guys, received my timers and they look great. I think the change to the black plastic back was a great move. Sand is super visible, and it leaves a little mystery to how it works.

      Nice work!

    5. Russonc

      Mine received yesterday in North Carolina. There gifts so I didn't open the box, but look good from what I can see. Tested the time and get about 3 minute poops! (a bit quick but that's a good thing... time to get off the pot). They were both consistent. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      John R Gahm on

      Looks great, can’t wait to see the family faces when they open gifts at Christmas 🎄

    7. Chris Bouton on

      By the way, while it was almost 6 months after I had hoped to receive it, you have managed my expectations well throughout the process, unlike some others which I have not heard from and certainly never received.

      But we did get the toilet timer as described, in working order, and it is being used by my son right now. Thank you!

    8. Chris Bouton on

      I got mine today!!!! Love it!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Have they cleared customs?

    10. Missing avatar

      Carey Amshel Devor on

      Sooooo...whats going on? Maybe production needs a poop timer themselves!

    11. Russonc

      @Nate, that's why they're called estimates.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      You grossly underestimated the completion and delivery of your product. I regret supporting your project and expect a refund. I look forward to your email, FYI my response will include my Venmo account. Have a good day :-)

    13. Russonc

      Update up.... figure if the manufacturing bugs are done with, a couple months to complete, a month to ship to distribution center, a month for delivery ... Mid-Summer... Christmas in July maybe.
      Thanks for the update...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Almost been a week since you’ve said you’d have an update....any updates on shipping.

    15. Katamco Creator on

      @Kevin Smith, @Russonc,

      Thanks for commenting!
      Sorry we haven't responded sooner or gotten everyone an update.

      We're waiting on some pictures from production and an update from the factory and are hoping to put out another update within the next couple days.

      We should also have a better estimate on shipping once we get the update from our factory.


    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Im a bit skeptical that we are getting these shipped this month. Its almost halfway through march and there has been no update on shipping yet.

      I understand we need to be patient but an update would be nice

    17. Russonc

      While I am enjoying the fact that I can take unlimited time poops currently, it would be nice to get another update. :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      March is here! Hopefully my toilet timer will follow???

    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Its almost march....any good news???

    20. Katamco Creator on

      @Matthew Bruce Thibault: Thank you so much for your understanding!

    21. Missing avatar

      Karl Russell on

      Not sure what is so difficult about this. they make these timers for BOGGLE that are 1 minute. Just use the same dang plastic and sand, then multiply the amount of sand by 5. Geez. Problem solved.

    22. Matthew Bruce Thibault on

      I know you guys will be getting a lot of frustrated letters, so I wanted to be one of the positive ones. I work in injection molding, as a Machine Operator/QC, so I know how hard getting the product perfect can be. I've seen quite a few new products come through our doors, and I've seen how hard the QC manager works getting all the specs just right. It'll be out when it is ready, take your time and get the product eight first.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ali mazer on

      Any update on shipping?

    24. Russonc

      The Magic 8 Ball says... Not likely. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      So am i gonna get this by my bday in feb?

    26. Missing avatar

      Danielle on

      Any updates since the new year update?

    27. Russonc

      Maybe April Fool's Day gifts?

    28. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      So much for white elephant present. Oh well S@!t happens.

    29. Russonc

      I agree with @PaulT. I've learned it's okay to want to get a KS in time for Christmas, you just never know which Christmas due to delays...(and have a back-up plan if you plan on a KS project to deliver for a Specific Christmas).
      clearly @Katamco would have wanted these out before Christmas as it's when they could have done well on the retail market as well....this is a perfect item to come out in Nov/Dec...not Jan/Feb.... I feel bad that they missed the prime window for their creative project and hope they still manage to get sales after the Holiday season. Their next idea like this, hopefully they start sooner.. live and learn....
      I'm perfectly fine given these out as late Christmas gifts once they arrive.

    30. Katamco Creator on

      Thanks PaulT! We appreciate your understanding that there are unforeseeable delays. We definitely didn’t want to disappoint anybody. But with this type of undertaking, a little bit of that is inevitable.

    31. PaulT on

      Asking for a refund, because of the delays is i.m.h.o. a bit silly.
      Almost EVERY project on kickstarter gets a delay after a delay after a delay.
      That is to be expected when you produce something that does not exist yet.
      Btw. it is not my intention to judge anybody...I just want to take a stand for the creators.

    32. Katamco Creator on

      Hey Josh, Thanks for getting in touch. we've messaged you!

    33. Missing avatar

      Josh Williamson on

      I'd like to UNDO my extra order, since none of them will arrive in time for the holidays.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Any update on a shipping date

    35. Katamco Creator on

      Hi Mihail. We have messaged you directly.

    36. Mihail Nakoff on

      I would like to get a refund since the newest update sounds like it could be delayed past the Holidays. The entire reason I was doing it was for gifts.

    37. Missing avatar

      Helen Stipo Rehm on

      Just want to say thank you for keeping us updated! And the whole process is pretty interesting! Best wishes for perfecting your product :)

    38. Katamco Creator on

      Hi Kevin! We messaged you directly. Jo, we messaged you too. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jo Finger on

      Hey guys is there any chance I️ can cancel my order and get a refund?
      Jo Finger

    40. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      When should these be shipped by? Im hoping soon cannot wait to give my boss his.

    41. Katamco Creator on

      Hi Dawn. I have e-mailed you. Thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Dawn Crum on

      Im having trouble with the backer survey and I have no way of contacting anyone about it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dawn Crum on

      I’m having trouble responding to an email that was sent to me. Can some one help me?

    44. Katamco Creator on

      Hi Keba! We will send surveys when we get closer to our ship date. Likely November. Our manufacturer is making good progress!

    45. Keba Jackson

      Do you have any idea when surveys will be sent out?? Thanks

    46. Katamco Creator on

      @Craig We won't be offering the girl version right now, but if and when we do, we will update you. Thank you again!

    47. Russonc

      Congratulations on funding!

    48. PaulT on

      Just in time :)

    49. craig

      So, I guess there was no decision made for the girl version? Add-on after at least?

    50. Russonc

      down to the hours count down!

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