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The Bolt is a machined bolt-action pen made here in the USA.
The Bolt is a machined bolt-action pen made here in the USA.
The Bolt is a machined bolt-action pen made here in the USA.
734 backers pledged $57,974 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Matt on

      Still have the brass version. Carry it every day. Pen is beast!

    2. Justin Kregear on

      One year later and I use this pen all the time and it's great. Thanks KarasKustoms.

    3. Matthias E Zeitler

      Got my pens today.
      Thank you. They are great.

      However my European G2 refills have a hole at the end and do not seem to work out of the box As the pin goes into the hole instead of pushing the pen tip out.
      I had to cut some plastic and squeeze it into the refill. Now it's working perfectly.

      Really cool pens. What is your next project?

    4. KarasKustoms 7-time creator on

      @Christopher Moss,
      We will have brass as well. We are working on getting them on our website as we speak.

    5. Christopher Moss on

      Real quick question. When you make the G2 base, will you be amking it in the brass also?

    6. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      Received my pens today.
      Beautiful pens both of them.
      Looking forward to your next project.

    7. Maxim Morozov

      Got mine today. Great pen! Waiting next project.

    8. KarasKustoms 7-time creator on

      No problem. Will respond to your message.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tobster on

      Hey guys, i know International backers take a few weeks but I have not yet received my pens. I have sent you a message with my details so would appreciate if you can check out my order. Thanks!

    10. KarasKustoms 7-time creator on

      @Marc Minami- We are working on getting the extensions on the site and getting our backers a discount. The colored Bolts are first come, first serve at this point. We will have more available if these prove popular. Shoot us a message if you are looking for something specific and want to know if we can do it.

      @DLane- Is your mechanism not working smoothly? One-handed operation should be easy to do. We didn't offer the knurled knob because you end up pushing on the top, not the sides, and it doesn't really do any good. We are not going to be offering a knob for the side either, sorry.

    11. Marc Minami on

      how about a backer discount on a order of a color bolt and extended tube?

    12. Jasonfive on

      I received the replacement part for the inner bolt action as well as a new screw. I have to say the new internal part made all the difference. It now works perfectly without any "break-in" period. The bolt action is no longer scratchy but is now smooth as silk. well done!

    13. Missing avatar

      DLane on

      I'm enjoying the pen. As with others, would to purchase a slightly longer screw in the bolt mechanism and/or a textured top to facilitate one handed operation.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Ly on

      I got my 2 pens last week but haven't had a chance to try them out. I'm using them with some Moleskine 0.5mm gel refills which I really like. The pens are awesome. After using the aluminum pen I thought the brass might be too heavy, but it is well balanced so there is no fatigue. The bolt action on the brass pen worked perfectly right away. The aluminum pen wasn't as smooth but is getting better every time I use it. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

    15. Jason Christensen on

      Got my two pens today, very happy. Thanks guys, take care.

    16. David Thomas on

      I got my two pens today, Brass and Aluminium, and WOW am I impressed, you guys have delivered an amazing product. The finish and build on these pens is fantastic, I have 4 other pens from your guys and these two are fantastic.

      Very happy customer, keep up the great work.

      Looking forward to your next project!

    17. KarasKustoms 7-time creator on

      Sorry for being a little MIA from the comment section, we have been busy with orders, family stuff and all kinds of work here at the shop.

      Some have noticed that there is some residue on the clips from the polishing process. We have to apologize for that, we hoped that we had cleaned it all off, but we didn't get it all off. Luckily it is easy to wipe off. We have traced the problem of loose/stripped screws to a manufacturing defect in the screws themselves. Apparently, they have a burr that basically strips the threads as they are screwed into the parts. Luckily, there weren't very many of them, but a few pens made it out the door with some installed. If you are having issues, please send us a message and we can get you sorted.

      We are very happy that you like your pens. With a very few exceptions, the feedback we have been receiving has been very positive. It just goes to show that you can design, make and actually ship a product made in the USA!

      If any of you ordered brass and aluminum pens, it is fun to switch out the parts so you have both materials, we did it and like it a great deal.

      If you have any other questions for us, let us know. We love you backers!

    18. Bob P on

      Another superb job! The only irritating thing is that although I rec'd a brass and aluminum pen, alas, I can only use them one at a time! Bring on the next one!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tom Fox

      Well done chaps! Just got my pen and it is one hell of a sweet write.

    20. Missing avatar

      Charlie on

      Great job guys! This is an amazing piece of work!
      I too am suffering stripping of the screws holding the clip in place, and I believe I've identified the issue. It's not a matter of the threads being weak, it's the screws themselves; they are not long enough to get a good grip into the threading to allow sufficient tightening. Karas, do you have a way to get screws that are just a bit (~1mm) longer?

    21. Missing avatar

      Thad Ames on

      Got the pen and have used it for a few days. Here are my comments. First - Compliments to KARAS. I RECEIVED A PEN. THEY DELIVERED. They sent me what they said they would. Exact to the letter. I ordered a MD pen from another KS project and that fool just took our money and ran. No pen! Not sure why some people are so negative.
      Fit and Finish - Being in the machining world myself, fit and finish is better than I expected. I received an all aluminum pen from another project that I can not give the same praise. I'm also really happy with the level of communication that I received from them.
      Note on practical use- This is not hate'n, just commenting. I like the choice to pick pen preference. The bolt action could use some more engineering. Also, a lockout on the other side of the bolt would be sweet. These would be nice for guys(or woman) like me that wear this in the shirt collar and have a thick neck line. Ink all over my shirt. Textured Thumb bolt top would be nice.

      Final Note: I love this pen. It is now my favorite one to use.

      I would support another pen project from these guys

    22. terry on


      got my pens here today in Ireland

      thanks they work great

      some people find it hard to open and close the pen one handed ,,

      my advice is to use the hex key / Allen key to loosen the screw in the bolt so your finger can get a better grip on it ,,,i done this and it works great

      thanks to KARAS


    23. Christopher Moss on

      Just a quick note to everyone that has said that they needed this pen to have a thumb ball on the side to actuate the cartridge like the T-Bolt. If you wanted the T-Bolt you should have bought the T-bolt. In the initial video they show you how to open and close the pen. Don't fault them on YOUR misconceptions of what the product feel should or should not do. If you are unhappy with your product, alter it to fit the needs that you want, or sent it to the local scrap shop, or give it away, or email me and I might buy it from you.

      Thank you Karas I look forward to seeing what you come out with next!

    24. Jim Longley on

      Never bothered to stop at Staples for another refill, this one seems to work just fine.

      I have been having fun showing it off at work and a couple of people have almost walked off with it (I am going to get it engraved with my name) and only one person has had a problem operating it one handed.

      I have been using mine one handed since it arrived, without any issues, but I like SK's idea to add grip to the top. I might try that, but again, I have not been having a problem with it.

      Although I am still getting bits of brass out of it from time to time.

    25. Jasonfive on

      My two cents:

      I've now had The Bolt for 4 solid days.

      Day 1: I could not, for the life of me, get it to "flick" one handed with my thumb. Had to use two hands. Was a bit frustrated and disappointed at the time.

      Day 2: I used silicone to try and smooth out the bolts "action". Still can't use one hand. But continue to use two over and over ( and over again) in the hopes that it gets easier, it does. However, the Bolt's "action" is very scratchy, I was able to use it one hand but it required a lot of pressure on my thumb, adding too much pressure would unscrewed the pen (at the center of the pen, not the top). It would also get stuck in the middle quite often ("miss-flick"?).

      Day 3: While trying to "break-in" the pen and use it with one hand the top did come unscrewed VERY easily. I did have to add a thread-locker twice to keep the top bolt from coming unscrewed in both locations. Still continue to try and use with one hand, and it does in fact get easier, but I had to and.

      Day 4: I had to add more silicone, only problem with the silicone is that it does make the pen a bit smelly and if you add too much it does make a mess. That being said, I can now use it with one hand. But it took a lot of work to break it in. Kinda like breaking in a new mitt. The Bolt's "action" is smoother but still scratchy though. It is definitely easier to use now and I am able to "flick" it one handed, there is the occasional "miss-flick" (where it gets caught mid-way through the action).

      Now that its broken in I can say I really like it and that it is awesome.
      But I would have appreciated some type of fore warning regarding the break-in time needed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mary Collis on

      SK: The bolt action becomes easier as you use the pen. I initially couldn't do it one handed, but things have smoothed out with use and now it's a simple motion. I'm using a 0.5 mm Moleskine gel refill (available from and it's great. Since I knew the pen didn't come with a refill (same as with the previous project), I stocked up ahead of time. A Fisher Space Pen refill will also work, as well as any Parker-style refill. I think the pen is super-cool, and is as shown and promised. Hope your issues smooth out with time and use. In my opinion, having a "ball" on the bolt mechanism would ruin the profile of the pen as it'd be protruding and catching on things. I'm enjoying mine just the way it is, but to each his own.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      George Feamster on

      Received mine a few days ago. Will most likely put loctite on mine just in case. Used Parker QUINK retractible gel refill and works great.…

    29. SK on

      Ok. I understand the counter-criticisms now. It appears I went overboard and confused what was promised, with what the idealized version that I grew to hope for over the past few months. Sorry.

      The ball operated bolt mechanism I am requesting was not part of the original design, yes.. But at 40 seconds of the video, it is made to look like the push button mechanism is easy to actuate with just the thumb. It turns out that I have to grab the plunger between two fingers and twist it in order to get it to actuate. The smoothness of the metal doesn't allow my thumb enough purchase to "flick" it sideways. Basically, I thought I was getting a smooth to operate, slick and quick pen, with a unique mechanism, and got what is essentially a click pen with an extra step required.

      I will post links so some photos as I modify and improve my Bolt-A. Hopefully Karas and the rest of the community can overlook my tantrum and take some constructive criticism from it.

      Sorry again.

    30. Jerry on

      Wish I had read the comments about the loose screws mine fell apart in pocket the top screw fell off and luckily found it put super glue on threads but will try the thread locker for the rest found one refill that fit but seemed to bind on something not sure what actual Parker fit nice but is not as smooth as I had expected and the bolt action is a bit crude

      It is unique hope it holds up over time

    31. Missing avatar

      Cody Roche on

      Just got my pens today! Very impressive, and exactly as advertized.

      Sorry SK, you should have watched the videos and looked at the diagrams closer. Many of the issues you raise were never part of the design and you can't really complain that they didn't deliver something that wasn't offered.

      Remember, this is Kickstarter, and you're funding Version 1.0 of products from small companies. I think your enhancements would be cool to see, maybe as replacement parts and in later, enhanced versions of The Bolt.

      I do agree with one of SK's comments, the upper section does have slight bit of marring on both the brass and aluminum versions. That said, I'm sure that won't matter once they get a bit of patina and it's only visible from a couple angles. The clip on both also had a bit of gunk on the edges from the stamping, but that cleaned up easy enough.

      Overall, I think they were worth it and I'd be interested in seeing if the comments can lead to some minor refinements in later versions.

    32. Art McBain on

      Received mine yesterday, picked it up today. Awesome as usual.

      @ SK,
      #3, #4 Unless you're pushing on it really hard when "unclicking" to retract the ink cartridge, I find it very hard to accidentally unscrew the top. Initially only found out it unscrewed by purposely trying it.

      #5 With the spring in it, I found it always bounced back to the top in the straightaway. Never hung for me. Maybe you've got a bur?

      #6 They probably stated it here, but they definitely did so in their last KickStarter project: they don't send a refill because it would be a waste of resources which is opposite the point of buying one of these. They can can fit more than one kind of ink cartridge and everyone may have different preferences. Thus if they defaulted to a certain kind of cartridge, some people wouldn't use it. Even if they offered a choice, both options still increase the cost and complexity of the project.

      #7 It's going to happen anyway, you know it ;) It gives it character! (no, I don't have a serious comment on this one ... but my Render K brass pen has acquired a few bits of its own which I think makes it all the better. Obviously this is just my opinion and is not meant to refute yours.)

      "#8" Why should they do all that? They did nothing wrong there. You knew signing up that there would be no refill, as it is *written on the project homepage*: "Just like our last pen project, we are not including a refill with the Bolt." If you didn't read all of that before backing, that's still not their fault. Same goes for the ball for the mechanism. The designs were very clear and obvious. The ball is something you feel it needs, and you want. Just because you think it needs one doesn't mean they should ship one out to everyone, or even just you.

    33. SK on

      I got mine a couple days ago. I entered into this Kickstarter optimistically, but I am not very happy. So many things that need improvement.

      #1 - As mentioned below Daniel Deines, the bolt mechanism needs to stick out, preferably with a ball, so you can actuate it that way. You know... like a bolt action. I was able to "fix" this myself by replacing the small post with a taller screw, but it is not as nice as a ball would be.

      #2 - Since "clicking" the pen open or closed requires the "flick" the top should have rows of grooves to catch you finger. I may be modifying mine in this way with by filing in grooves. As it comes from Karas, the pen is pretty much "unflickable"

      #3 - The top comes unscrewed so easily. It requires thread-locker in order to be at all functional.

      #4 - The threading between the top of the bottom of the pen needs an O ring or some other method to keep it from coming unscrewed. I have added an O ring for now. Once I get the refill I want I will use thread-locker.

      #5 - Flat section along the bolt "travel path" allows the pen to get hung up in an "in between" state, neither retracted to extended. It would have been child's play to either round or point this bit during manufacturing, but it will take me a great deal of time for me to fix. It might not actually be doable with my equipment.

      #6 - Doesn't come with a refill? Really? You really want people to open up the package of the pen they've been waiting months to see and not be able to use it without taking a trip to an office supply store? You're OK with that? t is a cheap and disrespectful move towards your backers.

      #7 - My pen came with a number of dings and scratches. Not pro quality work.

      If all of those modifications were done, it would be a nice pen. The pocket clip is near perfect. The balance is excellent... etc. All in all though, I'm glad I didn't spend the extra for the brass version. In fact, I wish I had saved the money and invested in the TiBolt instead.

      Karas, I'm afraid you guys dropped the ball... literally. You really need to machine spherical replacement bolt pins that stick out and send them to each backer. Frankly, I think you should also send a refill of their choice, a tube of thread-locker and an apology, but the machined ball post is the very least you could do.

    34. Will A Kavanagh on

      Looking back at the screw it doesn't look like it was stripped. In fact, it looks like the brass screw hole was what stripped.

    35. Missing avatar


      Just received the aluminum and brass bolts today. Outstanding pens, great weight and balance. Best Kickstarter pen I've ever received.

    36. Jim Longley on

      Got mine yesterday, all screws appear to be tight. Got it loaded with the only refill in the house that fits, and will stop at Staples today to replace that.

      Remember guys, these are very small screws and it doesn't take many inch ounces of torque to strip them.

      A ball replacement for the screw in the channel might be a fun idea, but it would be like machining a BB and then threading one side. OTOH, there is always a BB and JB Weld . . .

    37. Will A Kavanagh on

      @Richard of course!! the screw is minor because other than that it is the only problem with the pen. It works perfectly with the Parker gel refill and i couldn't be happier!

    38. Richie P on

      This pen achieves a satisfying balance of aggressiveness and beauty. Try not to get bogged down in the detail of a screw becoming stripped. You can replace these. The true unique characteristic and essence of the pen is the bolt-action, which is very nice. It has excellent action with some flexible give. I love it.

    39. Kevin Myers

      If I can suggest, use a drop of red lock-tite on the piston threads, this helps prevent it unscrewing every time you use the pen...

    40. Alex N on

      @Will A Kavanagh and KarasKustoms
      Yup. Mine too... The clip was loose so I went to tighten it with the included tool and the screws stripped and fell right out (along will tiny sharp metal shavings) so now I don't have a clip...
      Otherwise the pen is awesome!

    41. Joe Price on

      Got mine today. A little disappointed with the fit and finish. The Fisher Space Pen refill will not reliably function. The plastic spacer that comes with the refill keeps catching on a lip of the lower pen body. The plunger can only go down all the way around half the time. I haven't tried using the tubing, but I would expect the same problem. This sharp lip will just catch the tubing as well. My clip was also covered with black grease, which is not that big a deal. The plunger comes unscrewed too easily, but I think that is just the way it is, not a manufacturing error.

      These problems are made more glaring by the fact that everything else about this pen is top-notch. I am still happy to have one. But it looks like my favored refill just won't work.

    42. Will A Kavanagh on

      A warning to everyone who is expecting their pens to arrive soon. The threads on the screws that hold the clip to the pen and that are in the track for the bolt action are vveerrryy weak. If you tighten it above a certain point they will strip. I would not recommend tightening them at all, because one of mine stripped before I encountered any resistance from screwing them in.

    43. Kyle on

      Got mine today! fantastic brass awesomeness. Great job guys.

    44. Daniel Deines on

      got mine yesterday, na I love it. Although it's totally my fault for not looking closer, I am a little disappointed that there is no ball on the bolt mech for easier "flicking". I was hoping it would be like a rifle bolt.

    45. Christopher Moss on

      Got my Bolt! found a temporary refill until I get the space pen cartridge. It is great! Thank you! Though I forget what the plastic tube is for.

    46. Missing avatar

      Cody Roche on

      Stuart, normally I'd agree, but there are MANY compatible refills and most people have preferences. I picked up my refills in anticipation over the weekend.

      It's also worth noting that Karas Kustoms noted in many places in the project that the pens ship sans ink. That said, I think it was Project Update #2 that listed many compatible refills, which are easy to find at Staples, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, etc...

    47. Stuart Ashner on

      I just got home and received my pen body but very disappointed that there is no ink cartridge inclosed. shouldn't the pen come with the ability to use it?

      Please advise.

    48. Missing avatar

      Brian May on

      Still waiting over here in VT, can't wait!

    49. Jasonfive on

      I got mine in SoCal today!
      Looks absolutely fantastic.

    50. John Mulnix on

      I just got mine today and it is awesome! Karas Kustoms delivers again!

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