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We want to publish Osamu Tezuka's The Crater in a Limited Edition, individually numbered (out of 2000) high quality hardcover format.
We want to publish Osamu Tezuka's The Crater in a Limited Edition, individually numbered (out of 2000) high quality hardcover format.
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Finally! A New Update


Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for the lack of an update since the last one was posted. I will be posting another one by Wednesday (January 15) with a list of the exact dates that everyone will be receiving the books and all other goods in the mail. We ran into a number of setbacks along the way that prevented the books from being printed sooner. Regarding the Kickstarter project and lack of communication with emails, it has proven to be too much work for a single person to do taking into account the time and preparation required to make sure that the book was completed. Everything that was promised throughout this campaign WILL be fulfilled, albeit a few months late. We have asked for your patience multiple times and will continue to ask just a little bit longer.

This is not a project that we will make money on. The time and effort that has been spent bringing this book to fruition has been provided out of a passion for Osamu Tezuka and classic manga. I understand that the majority of your concerns are with the lack of communication on our part. For this, I am truly sorry. The amount of work that has been required to complete this project and to keep up with the concerns and needs of backers while still working a full time job has been overwhelming.

Well, the book is finished and the goods have been created. Please look forward to our next update with specific information on when you will be receiving the book.

Those of you who have not yet filled out your survey, please do so as soon as possible so that we may get the ball rolling.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support.

Best regards,


Surveys have been sent out


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your patience. We are still working our butts off to get this book to you as soon as possible. While our efforts have been met with minor set-backs (mostly with formatting issues), we are still on course to have the book ready in its final form by the end of the month. We are hoping that the books and all related goods will be mailed out to everyone at some point in the beginning of November. However, please bear in mind that this is only our best estimate.

As you are all aware, this is our first time publishing a book. Tasks that we previously thought were going to be simple and not time consuming have proven to take longer than we anticipated. Our goal is still to bring you the highest quality book possible. We know that all backers who purchased a copy of this book will be more than happy with the finished product.

We are still backlogged responding to emails. Please continue to be patient and we will get around to responding to everyone.

We have sent out a survey to all backers requesting information. Please answer the survey questions when you get a chance so that we can begin processing logistics for your orders. A new update will be put up as soon as The Crater makes it to the printer.

Thanks for your continual support and understanding!

Best regards,


The Book Is Heading To Tezuka Pro For Approval!

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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your patience since our last update. We ended up being about three weeks behind schedule and will be sending our finalized digital copy of The Crater to Tezuka Productions for approval on Monday, September 2nd. The digital copy is currently complete and in the very capable hands of our experienced Copy Editor.

As mentioned previously, we are not quite sure how long it will take Tezuka Productions to approve our copy of The Crater. As soon as we get the okay, we will need about 5 weeks for all copies of the book to be printed, shipped to our distributor (Rightstuf), and sent out to everyone. We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as the book is approved and we begin the printing process. Similarly, once Tezuka Productions approves our copy of the book, we will include images of the front, back and spine of the book in our subsequent update.

Because Kickstarter only allows us to send ONE survey per reward tier and suggests that the survey only be sent out once the goods are ready to ship, we will be sending out surveys to all reward tiers in the next two weeks, prior to Tezuka Productions approving our finalized copy of The Crater. 

We have also fallen a bit behind responding to emails from backers. If you sent us an email or message through Kickstarter and we have yet to respond, please don't think that we forgot about you. EVERY email sent to any of our associated email addresses or through Kickstarter will receive a response. Please, just wait a few more days and we should be all caught up.

Thanks again everyone for all of your patience. We are just as excited as you to see this book finally ready for publication!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!



Update: Timeline for Publication, First 500 Backers, More Info About the Book, Etc.


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Adding the Requested Shipping Funds


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