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We want to publish Osamu Tezuka's The Crater in a Limited Edition, individually numbered (out of 2000) high quality hardcover format.
1,105 backers pledged $52,861 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Robert Colin on May 12

      I hate how this all turned out. Such a horrible person using our love of Tezuka to rob us. Anyway, kudos to those still fighting. Good luck.

    2. Creator Fred Leggett on May 9

      I wish I could say more at this point, but I don't want to jinx anything.

      How often does he update his FB page? It's rather stupefying that he keeps posting there despite his "wanted" status.

    3. Creator James D White on May 5

      That would be amazing. Thank you Fred. IDK how you do it man but I can't thank you enough. I don't know why Andrew is such a puss he can't do an update himself and tell us what happened or what's going on? On his FB it clearly looks like he's enjoying himself and having fun with our money.

    4. Creator Fred Leggett on May 4

      I'm still on the case, everyone. Sometimes, the gears turn slowly, but they are turning (at least, from what I understand).

      I am pretty certain, though, that there is no possibility of refunds at this point. I just want everyone to be aware of that. I'm also doubtful that any sort of court action could be mounted by now.

      Still, I DO have a glimmer of hope that, based on what I've been trying to do, we'll get some sort of public statement from Andrew or another KCP member about what happened with the book and funds raised via this campaign. Keep your fingers crossed!

    5. Creator James D White on April 26

      @Tim I contacted ANN editorial team about trying to contact Andrew with no reply from them. They are not interested in helping us track him down or contact Tezuka Productions to find out any details.

    6. Creator Tim Maloney on April 26

      Just to put this out there, in a 2013 article at the URL below, the anime web site Anime News Network said "ANN has confirmed this announcement with Tezuka Productions."

    7. Creator thegbf on April 24

      At this point it woudn't even be weird if he did not go through Tezuka Productions !!! Japanese companies are really skeptical and calculated if they the guy did not even have an actuall comany i almost can't see how they even aprroved perhaps because of DMP's kickstarkers they where to trustworthy but i seriously about it at this point ... by the way a last update saying that he failed is not even gonna cut it for me because it only would be if he payed up !!!

    8. Creator James D White on April 23

      @Mary I think we need to maybe email him and see what's up. If he even checks it or replies. At this point I just want to know what happened? Like being left in the dark is worse then an update like "I was not prepared for this" or something of that nature.

    9. Creator Chase Vallone on April 23

      He let the domain lapse.

    10. Creator Mary Danielson on April 22

      @James oh I missed that comment! Good digging! I wonder if he even checks that e-mail

    11. Creator John Esdicul on April 20

      Just logged back in to KS after a long while.

      I take it this project was a waste of money then?

    12. Creator James D White on April 19

      And @Mary his friend did previously write on June 14th 2014:

      "The bottom line is this: THE BOOK IS REAL. IT IS AUTHORIZED BY TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS. IT IS BEING PRINTED NOW AND YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR COPY. My email address is Although I am not involved with the actual production of the book, I have observed Andrew working through each step of this very long process and would be happy to provide you with any additional information I can provide."

      So IDK where this magical "printed" books went or he is just as full of it as Andrew is.

    13. Creator James D White on April 19

      I find it funny that a "Friend" of his would have let him go on this long without giving us anything of an update. I work 48+ hrs a week plus OT and have time to do lots of things and that's giving myself 6 hrs of sleep a night. No excuse.

    14. Creator Mary Danielson on April 12

      Well, Daniel Koosed (the friend that posted with background info) DOES seem to exist and he attended the University of Miami like Andrew, but I can't tell if they were the same years from Facebook.
      I'm only on mobile and I can't figure out how to get to his Kickstarter profile.

    15. Creator Laudanum on April 10

      Out of curiosity, what happened to the backer who claimed to be Andrew's friend, asking us to cut him some slack because of work commitments? I can't remember your name but it would be great to hear some insight from you.

    16. Creator thegbf on April 10

      Digital manga (DMP) actually sad this to me about them getting The Crater : @thegbf, @Martin Costello : We're actually considering The Crater as well, but may be a bit before we have a solid answer on that. Hikaru is currently looking at these titles for future projects (not in any order or confirmed) - Under the Air, Melody of Iron, Wonder 3, Shumari, Dove Fly Up to Heaven, The Euphrates Three, and Tezuka's Ancestor Dr. Ryoan.

      Here we go at this point DMP is going to take it and you gonna have to pay twice for this because this isn't going anywhere i hope at the time they gonna do it Andrew drops dead !!!

    17. Creator SHODAN on April 8

      After a year I just wanted to believe Andrew ran into a major hurdle that set the project back but there hasn't been an update for so long. He was supposedly going to give out 500 animation cels. Pretty alarming now that I think about it because it sound too good to be true. I'm also curious if he ever contacted Frederik Schodt or Ada Palmer in the first place.

    18. Creator Reid Johnson on April 8

      Thank you for your continued efforts Fred.

      And thanks for the suggestion Danielle. It may not do much, but I did punch that report button!

    19. Creator Danielle Lavoie on April 7

      It probably won't do much but there's a Report button on the campaign page which sends a message to the integrity team at Kickstarter. If they get a lot of reports for this, it may help in some way. Or at least prevent this guy from ripping people off again in the future...

    20. Creator Fred Leggett on April 6

      Dannie, just be aware that none of us will probably receive a refund from this. The best I can anticipate is a public shaming and POSSIBLY some manner of civil action (though that's a distant longshot). It'll all depend on where certain dominos fall.

    21. Creator Dannie Chan on April 5

      Thank you Fred, please keep us all updated. I'm sure we all want restitution.

    22. Creator James D White on April 4

      Wicked Fred. Thank you for all you have done. Karma will come back on Andrew. It's only a matter of time.

    23. Creator Fred Leggett on April 3

      Kickstarter is the equivalent of, in the words of Al Pacino, an absentee landlord. They don't care what happens in their tenement, nor do they care who rents out rooms, their only concern is collecting posting and processing fees for successful drives. This is an exceedingly bitter pill to swallow, but there it is.

      I HOPE to have something to report in here in the next week or two. I haven't given up on making Andrew/KCP accountable for sneaking away with over fifty thousand dollars of backer money.

    24. Creator tsundere1ftw on March 31

      I'm more angry about kickstarter not giving a fuck, than the human failure that must have happened behind the project. They should at least pay back the 5% they took.

    25. Creator Dustin Rauch on March 30

      Yes, the piece of shit stole our money, yet he continues to log on occasionally to mock us. Hope he chokes on it.

    26. Creator James D White on March 30

      @Martin @Emily Yes Andrew is a fraud and got his money and ran like the weak and pathetic person he is. If he did have issues with printing or production he didn't have the b@lls to say what went wrong.

      I've backed many projects this is the only one that has ceased updates and has disappeared. All others update monthly, regarding issues, complications, etc. Don't be discouraged by Kickstarter it just sucks they don't care about people taking money and running. That's what bothers me the most.

    27. Creator Laudanum on March 27

      @ Emily Gaston

      Unfortunately so, yes. He has taken the money and disappeared. We don't know if the book even exists.

    28. Creator Emily Gaston on March 24

      I just realized that I never received this book. I was going to double check the address I gave them but it looks like no one has received the book. Is this correct?!?

    29. Creator Martin Costello on March 21

      This is the project I've been stung the most on so far - $80. Never back a first-time creator on KS ever again! Nice to see Kickstarter don't care since they got their cut.

    30. Creator Brian Huisman on March 20

      I've simply given up on seeing the money I put towards this Kickstarter ever again. Quite a shame. Caveat emptor, I guess. At least no one went for the $2,500 tier.

    31. Creator Eric L. Johnson on March 19

      This guy needs to burn in some fashion.

    32. Creator James D White on March 7

      Ya, I've come to figure out Kickstarter gives Zero F's after they get their % off the goal $$$

    33. Creator Fred Leggett on February 27

      I think it rather telling that, when I asked Kickstarter for KCP's address for possible legal action, they completely ignored my request. Kickstarter really doesn't care if project creators follow-through with their stated "rewards", only that campaigns succeed so they can get their cut. It beggars belief how short-sighted such an attitude is in a long-term business context, but there it is.

      I can't comment on international backers, but for US-based people, I would file a complaint with both your home state's AG and the Florida AG, no matter how small your individual loss might be.

    34. Creator James D White on February 27

      @Kathy I am international too. Our hands are tied. I've contacted many ppl to try to get help in Canada. Really there's nothing we can do. I just wish Kickstarter would do something like Send a notice of non-fulfillment than ban him from kickstarter. This is the ONLY kickstarter I've ever had issues with. He was out to scam and he got what he wanted money.

    35. Creator Kathy on February 27

      My patience is gone. There should be some recourse we can take..

    36. Creator Tim Maloney on February 27

      Re calling the telephone number, the phone number has been called in the past, perhaps with some results at first. It seems to be for a landline phone at his parents' house. Please keep in mind that his parents are not responsible for their adult son taking a phone call or returning a phone call, much less publishing a book, and one of them might be the one to hear a message or take a call. Below are a few links to comments re phone calls.………

    37. Creator Fred Leggett on February 26

      Thanks, Stephen, for the contact number and link. I've forwarded it to an "interested party". I still can't go into detail yet, but hope to disclose what's happening in the next two or three weeks. While it's pretty doubtful anyone will receive any refunds, wheels are turning to expose KCP for the crooks they seem to be.

      Stay tuned!

    38. Creator Carlos Escalante on February 26

      So, any news about this? I see that apparently the Kansai Club will not deliver...I am international backer, can I do something to help? I want my book or my money back.

    39. Creator Stephen Barnard on February 25

      The number, (954) 385-5727, is listed on the BBB page for Kansai Club -

      I haven't called it yet, as I'd rather do so from a phone where I don't care if he gets the number or not. I would call from work, but I work nights and if the number is inaccurate I don't want to wake up some poor old lady or something. I will on Saturday during the day, if nobody else has confirmed it works by then.

    40. Creator Jamie Tarquini on February 24

      Keep fighting the good fight Fred!!! And keep up with the updates!

    41. Creator Lisa Kraus Gardner on February 22

      @Fred Thank you for all you're doing! I'm eager to hear more...

    42. Creator Fred Leggett on February 21

      Stephan, can you email me the contact number you have? My address is Eff Ell Eee Gee Gee Eee Tee Tee AT gate.Enn Eee Tee Thanks.

    43. Creator Stephen Barnard on February 21

      I checked in on this again today and also noticed the Kansai Club website is gone. I think I'll be giving his number a call tomorrow to see if I can get anybody to give me some answers. If not, I fully support any sort of litigation that might be brewing.

    44. Creator James D White on February 20

      Thank you for everything your doing Fred. I noticed he did as well Dustin. Yup the site is down. Trying to distance himself...

    45. Creator Fred Leggett on February 20

      Something interesting is happening. I can't go into details (yet), but this issue is far from over.

    46. Creator Dustin Rauch on February 19

      Hey, look at that, folks! Andrew logged in yesterday, and look at that! Kansai Club is no longer a website. Enjoy the 50K, scumbag.

    47. Creator Fred Leggett on February 17

      Still haven't heard anything. If no one contacts me in the next few days, I'll go ahead and file a report with the Florida AG. I'll also see if another affiliate is interested.

    48. Creator Gary Owen on February 16

      Man, I hope this gets cleared up. It's a real shame we won't get our book and with a refund, that'd just have been that. But because he took the money and ran, and kickstarter appear not to care, it's gonna give them a bad name and make some people think twice about backing they really wanted in case this happens again...

    49. Creator Robert B. Healy III on February 13

      This is ridiculous.

    50. Creator Michael Maroon on February 12

      @ Fred Leggett
      Let us know how it goes with the AG. I would do something myself by not being anywhere near Florida means any effort would be worth more than what I lost. I saw an article about how the Washing State AG filed a lawsuit against a kickstarter that mage about half as much, so that seems like the best avenue.

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