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HERO PUNK - Cyberpunk Superhero Film, from the year 2042.'s video poster

In 2042, a former Bounty Hunter assembles a team of superheroes to fight against an alien invasion and the mysterious Enclave. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 5, 2013.

In 2042, a former Bounty Hunter assembles a team of superheroes to fight against an alien invasion and the mysterious Enclave.

About this project

Latest interview:

Hero Punk: Cyberpunk Superheroes in a dystopian future (2042)

Hero Punk?

We created Hero Punk because we believe there are not enough dark, hard science fiction films in the world. We also wanted to do something with Superheroes in the future. Hero Punk is a dystopian, hard sci-fi superhero film that -- we believe -- the studios would never make.

If you are a fan of CHRONICLE, BLADE RUNNER, DARK CITY and THE MATRIX, you'll probably like Hero Punk. If you read comics and graphic novels like PREACHER and TRANSMETROPOLITAN, you'll almost certainly love Hero Punk. We are fans of those comics and we believe it shows in our film.

Check out our Kickstarter updates or Hero Punk website for storyboards!

Style of Hero Punk

Hero Punk takes place in a dystopian, cyberpunk future. It is a combination of a style called Steam Punk -- along with a present which has nano-bots, bio-enhancements and gene therapy.

Hero Punk Timeline

The world stopped innovating on all public fronts sometime around 2002 and factions developed which built weapons, vehicles and clothes from other, discarded items in the world. Because of this, the world looks like something between the 1800s and 2042, with modern weapons and clothes, combined with very intricately designed items.

1942 - the government decided to eradicate any mutant abilities and eliminate any trace of superheroes. The Nazi’s and the US worked together to put mutants in concentration camps, where they were exterminated for the greater good of the world.

1962 - mutant rights activists began to protest and a new world government was formed and its ruling body, the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL, outlawed lethal force against mutants.

1970s - factions developed, with “heroes” on one side, “normals” on the other. German and US scientists went to work synthesizing the enzyme to suppress special abilities.

1988 - no mutant abilities exist, due to the enzyme (and airborne pathogens). All water on earth is laced with harmless, microbial enzymes. All air has pathogens.

1990 - technology catches up with science. Bio-tech weapons, fusion reactors and enhanced humans were beginning to emerge. An unmanned ship crashes on earth, carrying a message. The message is deciphered and wide-spread panic causes the planet to band together. The message was simple; WE ARE COMING.

1995 - along with the threat of annihilation by a potentially hostile alien species, the Government started to make attempts to colonize space, attempting to build large bio- domes, which were called “Spheres”.

2001 - Fusion reactors explode and kill over 2 billion people. The UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL makes the choice to halt all space exploration, ban all fusion technology and prepare for the possibility of alien invasion by setting up the “ARMORY”. The world revolts, the police are useless.

2031 - Deveaux forms The Enclave, a kind of secret project to save humanity, with loose ties to the government.

2040s - Lane, an ex-bounty hunter with a troubled past, begins to pull together his own team to save the world; The Resistance.

About The Creator

Kanen is the creator of this show is the founder of Scruffy.TV and the host of That Post Show (the most popular post-production podcast on iTunes). He has a history of web and Hollywood successes, including the original THAT MEDIA SHOW (now The Scruffy Show) which helped launch Glee star Darren Criss and then starred Morgan Cullen and Austin Scott.

Hero Punk: The Film

When finished, Hero Punk will be made available online for a small fee (around $10) and will also be distributed on Netflix, iTunes and/or Amazon as a full-length feature, available for rent and purchase.

We are actively seeking other distribution channels, such as Redbox and Walmart.

We've even had a little press already!

So far...

In late January, 2013, we shot the first half of Hero Punk on a large (over 1,100 square foot) green screen stage in a studio in San Francisco. We assembled almost a hundred actors and we shot on the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. We have confirmed with BlackMagic Design that we are the first feature film ever shot on this amazing camera!

Blackmagic even wrote about us.

Since then, we've shot more of Hero Punk and we're in the process of finishing all our shooting, which will be complete in April/May.

Our total out of pocket cost for Hero Punk is around $55k so far. This Kickstarter campaign will help us raise the money needed to finish shooting pick-ups and several new scenes for Hero Punk and will pay to complete the editing, visual effects and sound design for the film.

Remember, our goal is our minimum required to complete Hero Punk.

Hero Punk is over 80% green screen with 3D backgrounds. We've shot some of the film in practical locations, but these account for a small percentage of the final film.

The Crew

Written by Kanen Flowers, Hero Punk is a labor of love that started in 2008. It is being Directed by Kanen Flowers, with help from Paul Del Vecchio and Patrick Johnson.

Kurtis Lee Hermes - Assistant Director
Drew Bishop - Audio Engineer
Manual Salas - Audio Engineer
Sky Tallone - 2nd Camera and Behind The Scenes
Olly Quinn - On-Set Editor
Kristin Martin - Audio Editor
Matt Christensen - Colorist
John Osteen - Editor
Carolyn Stampeen - VFX Coordinator
Cory McElrea - Grip
Gameli Anumu - Grip
Colton Coate - Grip / PA
Doug Birnbaum - Grip
Jady Brooks - Script Supervisor
Michael Morgan - Script Supervisor
Kendell Evans - Wardrobe
Jonathan Reisfield - Makeup
Kayla Franz - Makeup
Molly Gazay - Makeup
Star Symmetric - Makeup
Aaron Cook - PA
Mary Wieczorek - PA
Melissa Wan Wen - PA
Jesse Muick - PA
Samantha Alvarez - PA
Steven Emerson - PA

The Actors (and their Characters)

Jamil Vaughn plays Lane, the Leader of the Resistance. He was a Bounty Hunter and a thief until 2032. Jamil's nickname during Hero Punk was "Vaughn Diesel", because we were reminded of Pitch Black when we saw him in his gear, barking orders to the Resistance.

Damien Jade Warren plays DEVEAUX and leads the ENCLAVE. He developed bio-weapons and nano-technology for the government. Is perceived as a villain by the Resistance, because of his Machiavellian choices and his creation of The Courier. Former CEO of a billion- dollar company who still has ties to the government. A kind of Sherlock Holmes meets Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation.

Ryder Darcy plays Caleb, The Conduit, who has the ability to counteract the pathogen(s) which suppress the mutant abilities. Anyone who is around him starts to regain their mutant ability. This lasts -- if The Conduit is alive. 

Jeremy Jones plays Simon, the Holographic Avatar. He is the "Jarvis from Iron Man" character. A rogue program, created by PALMER, Simon has the facts and helps LANE and the RESISTANCE survive. 

Sherman Koltz plays Palmer,  the wise man, who may also be completely insane. Fueled by anger, his dialogue can be abrupt and confusing. Palmer curses constantly. PALMER created SIMON, along with several technologies used by the everyone in Hero Punk. 

Chris Morrell plays Palmer when he's younger. He works for a crappy data entry firm. Later, he gets a job with the Government and builds "The Kite" and other technologies.

Natalie Dickinson plays Fade. She is the fighter in the Resistance and she can summon a kind of force-field when needed, along with other powers.

Dialy Paulino plays Rhea, she's beautiful, European and charming. She joins the Resistance with Caleb, who she is dating.

Katie Whitcraft plays Shaw. She joins the Resistance, along with Fade, Caleb and Rhea. When her powers manifest, she learns to "teleport". If she’s near Caleb, she can transport at will. She can also heal people, sometimes.

Keagan Weathington plays "The Courier". He has enhanced abilities, all technology-based. Has tattoos which come to life. Wears a near impenetrable spider- mesh body armor to protect his chest. All his weapons have a slow-death neuro-toxin on them. 

Constance Hasapopoulos plays Madam Assange, the Leader of the free world and the third "elected" president of the New Government. The people trust her, because she's right and fair. The fear her because of her massive power. She has a scar on her face from an explosion years prior. 

Alfonso Godinez plays Langley, Deveaux's right hand. He is very serious about the Enclave, but has a sense of humor. He's good at getting into places and carries a small satchel and a gun on the other side. He keeps a leather folio, with a lock pick set. 

Syra MacCarthy plays Shifler. She's addicted to Eastwood (it’s a drug). She has part EEL DNA to help her move, survive in cold water for long periods and have better vision in dense fog or smoke. Sniper rifle bad-ass. 

Dixon Phillips plays Ramsey and runs the DELTA ARMORY. Originally from Memphis -- he fights to hide the accent he would have had. Ramsey is in charge of orbital stations, like Epsilon Six, which are scheduled to be online in mid 2042. 

Mike Guerra plays Harkness. He spends time in the street and commands the DELTA ARMORY ground troops. He’s also Ramsey’s advisor and friend.

Other Stuff

The more money we raise, the better Hero Punk and the visual effects and sound and color will be. If we meet our minimum goal (of $28,500), it will be about eight months. Our stretch goal of $42k will allow us to finish by Oct/Nov of 2013. Anything more will help us finish a bit sooner and have a better finished film.

Anything over our stretch goal will allow us to start pre-production for the second film in the trilogy, HERO PUNK: PART II (and, believe me, we'd be dancing around the living room of our respective houses, listening to "Walking on Sunshine", while drinking cheap champagne and belting lyrics like we don't care who our neighbors are... that's how much we'd appreciate it).

We will be posting interviews, behind-the-scenes and much more over the next weeks, including interviews with Kanen (the director), Paul Del Vecchio (the co-cinematographer), Patrick Johnson (the co-cinematographer), Jamil Vaughn (who plays Lane) and much more.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading this long message. We appreciate it. And, thanks for anyone who donates. We really, really appreciate the support.

Risks and challenges

Potential risks are involved in every project. In our project in particular there a few risks, but with your help these risks can become minimal.

We face two major risks; Visual Effects and compelling story.

We have the actors, crew and team we need to build a great film, but the reaction to this effects-heavy, complicated, multi-character story is unknown.

We also have a risk with our Visual Effects. Hero Punk is filled with complex Visual Effects shots, some of which are practical and others are completely computer-generated. We have the experience to create the world, but it takes time and money. Which is where you can help us!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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