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pledged of ¥300,000pledged of ¥300,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 26 2017
pledged of ¥300,000pledged of ¥300,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 26 2017


  • 1
  • The travel expenses
  • flight fare from Tokyo to Budapest(economy class, round trip ticket)
  • hotel fee(intermediate class,I will stay about 7days in Budapest)
  • local meals and drinks
  • travel expenses in Budapest(sometimes Taxi using)
  • 2
  • After back from Budapest、In Tokyo,I will hold the photoexbition in next spring(Maybe April or May about 1 week) For the exhibition、I need money to make phototprints and pay the space rental fee for the exhibition.
  • 3
  • phonebook production cost(about 50 volumes and after that possible to produce if orders)
  • about 50 pages, high quality print,soft cover、English edition
Why do I want to take Budapest's street photo? 
Capa left Budapest due to Jewish exclusion and could not return again. After the Cold War ended, the Hungarian society also underwent major changes. However, the cityscape of Budapest when young Capa lived still remains. At the same time it may have turned into "the new 21st century Budapest". 
In any case, this shooting project aims to see the origin of Capa and to express photographs of Budapest's changes that Capa does not know. It is not useful only for "people who are interested in Capa", I think that "people who did not know about Capa" has great significance. 
I am good at taking "ordinary people". I am convinced that such "face and life of ordinary people" is the only way to learn the atmosphere of Budapest that raised Capa. 
In order to take that picture, I need to "walk around the streets of Budapest and suck the air like Capa" This cloud funding will be used for that cost (airfare, hotel fee, cost to eat Budapest cuisine etc). Taking a hometown that brought up the most famous war photographer Robert Capa may be a hint for thinking "Why did Capa keep shooting the war?" 
To do so please do not forget to invest over $ 90.
 I will take many pictures with Budapest, which Capa knows, or Capa does not know, and will give it to everyone.
Please consider over $90 if possible
Because the production cost and the shipping cost of the photobook
is $30 or more per one.

Risks and challenges

If I don't get the travel expenses, I can't go to Budapest and take photos.
In the case, all planning becomes imposeble.

If funds can be raised, I can go to Budapest from February to March of next year(2018)

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    Budapest The city where Capa was born

    photobook(about 50 pages, softcover)
    This is high quality photobook because Canon photobook servise making.

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