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The KAMMOK™ is a new, light-weight camping hammock (or as the cool kids say “kammok”), designed to comfortably sleep one person.


Hi! Thanks for checking out our project. What started as a passion for the outdoors and a love for people in need has converged into one simple concept - the KAMMOK™.


The KAMMOK is a new light-weight camping hammock (or as the cool kids say "kammok"), designed to comfortably sleep one person. The KAMMOK is made of an incredibly strong, yet breathable diamond rip-stop nylon fabric called LunarWave™. Our proprietary fabric is softer than a baby's backside, easily stows away into a water resistant compression sack about the size of an angry blowfish, and weighs around one pound.

The KAMMOK is the centerpiece of our brand and embodies the spirit of adventure. Lightweight material and durable construction allow the KAMMOK to go where no bed has gone before. Thanks to our revolutionary new suspension system, the Python Straps™, as long as you have two relatively close points that are capable of bearing your body weight, you can virtually kick back in your KAMMOK anywhere!


The real question is, "Where can you not 'kammok'?" The KAMMOK is perfect for: the urban artist finding inspiration while 'hanging out', the surfer who needs a break after shredding some wicked waves, or the college student wanting a comfortable release from those "long study sessions". While the KAMMOK can be used in almost any setting, ultimately, we designed this product with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.

The modern outdoor enthusiast is a minimalist who is looking for innovative technology that helps them connect with the elements and nature.  With the KAMMOK, you are no longer "bound to the ground". You can 'kammok' in exciting new places: between trees, in a cave, on a cliff face or the beach, in the art studio, a dorm room, or your cubical at work (disclaimer: we are not responsible if you lose your job).

The KAMMOK is not only designed for ease of use and portability, but also for extreme comfort. The KAMMOK offers you the option to lay 'Brazilian style' -horizontally - so your back is straight, rather than arched like a backyard net hammock. The KAMMOK conforms to the shape of your body with a 'no-tip' design - basically if you fall out, you are doing it wrong.


The heartbeat of the KAMMOK™ brand is to equip and inspire for Life Changing Adventure™. Our products are intended to take the user to incredible new places while connecting them with a bigger mission. We hope to be a conduit that helps create a culture of people that are passionate about changing the lives of others who are in need, and being good stewards of our resources.

Kickstarter is a great vehicle for allowing us to build up the necessary working capital to meet our manufacturers' minimum order quantities and make KAMMOK™ brand's products available to everyone. Shortly after this Kickstarter project is successfully funded, we will be able to start selling KAMMOK™ products on our website and (hopefully) in retail stores.

PHOTO: KAMMOKS being field tested at a Haitian orphanage


KAMMOK™ Car Decal

KAMMOK™//MiiR Branded 20oz Stainless Water Bottle: 18/8 stainless steel double wall. Vacuum insulated with threaded lid for cold beverages. Recyclable/Eco-friendly  




Big Thanks to David Dunn for allowing us to use his track "This is For You"

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Special Thanks to SAMO4PREZ for his revolutionary and inspirational art



We are thankful for our new friends over at MiiR Water Bottles!


  • We want to get you your Kammoks as soon as humanly possible! Here is how it works:

    Kickstarter doesn't give us every 'backers' contact info until the end of our project. At the end of our project we will send you an email making sure we have all the right shipping information, etc. We then anticipate it taking about 2 months to get you the products, from the time our project is finished on Kickstarter. If we are significantly 'overfunded' at an early point in the campaign we might be able to get all of our raw materials in place so that the wait time to actually getting products is reduced.

    We appreciate your patience and for giving us the means to get our Kammoks produced! We will keep you updated on our manufacturing schedule. It will be fun!

    Last updated:
  • Dimensions: 5'7" x 10' (170cm x 300cm) - ...its so comfortable & roomy!
    Max Weight: 500 pounds - ...our attorneys make us put that
    Weight: about 20oz (with carabiners & all compressed)
    Compressed Size: roughly the size of an angry blowfish (a little larger than a softball)

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    THANKS! Pack: You will receive a beautifully designed DIGITAL CATALOG straight to your email with more information about us than you may care to know. Your name will be included in the catalog as our way of saying, " thanks for your support!"

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    BIGGER THANKS! Pack: In addition to the digital catalog you will receive a sweet CAR DECAL with the KAMMOK™ logo. It looks great on your car window, guitar case, helmet, or little sister's lunchbox.

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    INSPIRATION Pack: With this pack you receive the above gear + a 20 oz VACUUM INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE. Reduce your environmental footprint in style with this KAMMOK™ branded bottle. Price includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

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    THE KAMMOK Pack: You get all the sweet swag above + the KAMMOK™ + set of two Python Straps™! This package immediately makes you the cool kid when you go camping. The KAMMOK will come in our brand colors: 'spicy orange' body & 'dark gray' side panels. While everyone else is busy setting up their tents, you will be relaxing in the comfort of your KAMMOK™. If you wait to buy all this after the Kickstarter project is complete, you will be spending at least $55 more for retail price! Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

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    SWEETEST DEAL Pack: You get two (2) of THE KAMMOK Packs!! That is (2) KAMMOKS, (2) sets of Python Straps™, (2) Stainless Water Bottles, (2) Car Decals, and (1) Digital Catalog! Buy one for you, a friend, a loved one, or soon to be loved one. This package will save you more than $120 off the retail price! Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $15, International add $20 to pledge amount)

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    EQUIPPING Pack: Do you have a lake house, college dormitory, campground, or large family? This package is for you! You get ten (10) of 'THE KAMMOK Packs'! This amounts to huge savings, and lots of happy friends. With this deal you will save more than $600 off the retail price after Kickstarter. Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $20, International add $30 to pledge amount)

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    LIFE CHANGER Pack: For you creative types out there: This package gives you 'THE KAMMOK Pack' along with a limited edition 18''x24'' original painting from revolutionary, modern artist, Samo4Prez. This painting is entitled 'LIFE CHANGING ADVENTURE' and it won't disappoint! Includes shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $20, International add $30 to pledge amount)

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    THE ADVENTURER Pack: Imagine yourself on a kammok trip with none other than the KAMMOK™ team. Not that we are all that cool, but the opportunity to test out some new products with us is. We will all meet up with you at a great kammoking location and you will have first chance to try out new KAMMOK™ products. You will of course receive 'THE KAMMOK Pack' + you will get to keep all the new products that you test! (TRAVEL EXPENSES NOT INCLUDED)

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