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Recreate what your eyes see. Kamlan 28mm F/1.4 Prime Lens delivers superior optical quality along with super low chromatic aberration
Recreate what your eyes see. Kamlan 28mm F/1.4 Prime Lens delivers superior optical quality along with super low chromatic aberration
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Shipping update 2

Posted by Machang Optics - Kamlan (Creator)

Hello Backers,

I understand some of you guys are anxious to receive your package and customers from EU countries are not anticipating to receive custom fee bill along with your package. Here are some updates and make clear on some concerned issues

1. We run short term of stockout ( 5 days) this week. The factory capacity is quite full. there is a reason that it's very hard to find replacement sophisticated worker if someone quits. Shipping and the updates on some package was delayed. As of right now, 257 packages were sent out, nearly half of the total.

2. As we promised we will use redirecting service to delivery packages to EU countries, hoever we still send packages of EU early bird deal through DHL. We take this risk for the purpose of meeting the delivery commitment and we think that's the way it should be to be, quicker than other pledges. If you get extra charged, let us know and we sort it out.

Send your DHL receipt to and claim it back.

3. All EU other packages except early bird deals (total numbers:88) will be sent from Germany instead, there is no custom fee.

4. All inventory was trucked to warehouse this friday and ready to ship. We will send all packages next week.

Hope there is no custom fees in the world in some day.

Quality Test Finished
Quality Test Finished
Invetory in Warehouse
Invetory in Warehouse
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    1. Missing avatar

      Andy Whiteman on


      As you will doubtless know I'm still waiting for my lens and I'm also waiting for a response from you.

      Can you please update on shipping schedules and expected delivery date.

      If you have a problem in production or shipping would you kindly let me know.

      I don't have an issue with delays. I am surprised that you are not responding.

      I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

      Thank you,

      Andy Whiteman

    2. Missing avatar

      Wolle98 on

      Hi there!

      I'm still waiting for my lense in Germany.
      Any updates on the shipping schedules?
      Thank you!

      Best regards

    3. Missing avatar

      Holger König on

      I still waiting for my two lenses:
      can you tell me when it will be shipped?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jan Krzeszowiec on

      Still waiting for the lenses in Poland...

    5. Byrge Leeuwangh on

      Any idea when lenses will be shipped to The Netherlands?

    6. Jan-Pieter Feikens on

      Hi, I sent (on 23-08) my DHL receipt to the support address you gave, but haven't gotten any reply at all. A reply of receiving the email would have been nice already...

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy Whiteman on


      All sounds good. I live in Costa Rica. Will you be sending all of the remaining articles next week? Please could you let me know? Once I have that information I should have an idea of delivery time.

      Many thanks.

      Andy Whiteman

    8. Christoph Altenburger on

      I'm located in Switzerland and received my personalized version this week. I'm so pleased build quality and optical performance is just great. (I did a lot of low light tests.) And it's just nice to have a lens with your name on it - like in the old apple times. Kudos

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Turk on

      I received my 28mm lens a week ago. I am very pleased with it. I love the way the colours are rendered! Michael from Australia.

    10. Missing avatar


      Hi, i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, my friend and i bought the same lens, he has already received his lens, but I have not received any Tacking Number yet, what's the problem? since both of us use a same delivery address.

      Thank you

    11. Howie on

      Hi Guys, thanks for the update. I’m not pushing but was wondering if my lens might be in the UK before the end of the month. Just trying to gauge delivery.


    12. Machang Optics - Kamlan Creator on

      thanks for your updates

    13. Missing avatar

      Doug Hoke on

      I received my lens as promised and it is very nice. Sharp, good contrast and well built and smooth. So glad I decided to buy! Sharpest native EF-M lens I own now.