Kamlan 28mm F/1.4 Standard Prime Lens for Mirrorless Cameras

by Machang Optics - Kamlan

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    1. Andreas Suojanen on

      Nice move on the forwarding service! I don't mind waiting a few more days extra. Thanks for the update!

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      Jean-Yves Mead on

      Sweet. I must say I'm impressed by how well you've run this campaign.

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      dorian on

      I hope this is a joke.... DPD is the worst carrier in France! I am sure that I will never receive my lens...
      When I buy something on Amazon and they are in charge of the delivery, I never receive my order. They lose the package, or they tell me that I wasnt at home (and I see with my security camera that they never came to my door)... Check on internet what people think about them in France, they are the WORST CARRIER EVER.

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      Jan Guit on

      Nice! Can't wait to receive the lens. Did other super early bird pledges already got their tracking number? 2 days have passed, but I did not get a tracking number.

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      Diluj on

      I sent an email for receiving my invoice like two weeks ago and still no answer

    6. Manic on

      My earlybird lens arrived today after getting the tracking num 2 days ago. Really nice optics, gonna have fun with this :D

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      Dinda Unaroma on

      Hello, I'm Dinda from Indonesia. I'm not an early bird backer but I haven't got my tracking number or some kind.

    8. Yves Van Tente on

      Dear Kamlan,

      Thanks for this great update, but so far I did not receive a confirmation about shipment from Sainsonic yet.



    9. Henrikki Matilainen on

      Swift shipping, but for future reference DHL will always and automatically customs declare with the full value. So for future campains if you are using using re-distribution through out the EC would be nice.

    10. Guy Rabinovich on

      Nice move with the redistribution to avoid customs. However it wa sent directly to the netherlands in my case and today I received a message about customs. I wish you would have done what you promised and not directly send it.

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      Bhaskar Saha on

      Hi Team,

      I have not received any Tacking Number as per the mail on 8th of Aug'18 it was mentioned to be shared within next 24 hrs. Let me know what is the update. Thanks, Bhaskar Saha

    12. Andreas Suojanen on

      Just picked up my lens from the postal office, seems to have been shipped with DHL from Germany. No extra custom or anything. I'm a happy camper, excited to test this! :) <3

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      maxime quarato on

      Bonjour , toujours aucune nouvelles de mon colis ? Aucune réponse de votre part ? Je dois déduire quoi ?

    14. Harry Abee on

      From the Netherlands. Not duty free!!!! Most pay 33 euro. Diliverd from germany!

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      Tony Holden

      Well I seem to have a charge for £24 from DHL, or course I can't be sure it for the lens, because I don't have a shipping number from you guys or SAINSONIC. The only info other than the shipping number is, Shipper: SHANGRILA.

    16. Machang Optics - Kamlan Creator on

      @Tony Holden, for early bird pledges, we send from China directly. I have let you know the tracking via message system

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      Hi, i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, my friend and i bought the same lens, he has already received his lens, but I have not received any Tacking Number yet, what's the problem? since both of us use a same delivery address.

      Thank you