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Recreate what your eyes see. Kamlan 28mm F/1.4 Prime Lens delivers superior optical quality along with super low chromatic aberration
Recreate what your eyes see. Kamlan 28mm F/1.4 Prime Lens delivers superior optical quality along with super low chromatic aberration
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Survey for shipments committed to ship on July Sent

Posted by Machang Optics - Kamlan (Creator)

Hello Backer,

We have just sent the survey for shipments committed to ship on July, this includes pledge

  • Personalized Your lens ($169)-23 backers
  • Kamlan Large-Aperture Lens Combo 1 ($259)-95 backers
  • Kamlan Large-Aperture Lens Combo 2 ($259)- 29 backers

For backers who chose customized lens with engraving, you are asked to provide PDF file becasuse you can choose the font you like then send the file to us. If you are willing to use Kamlan default font, there is no need to send it, you can just input the engraving contents accordingly in the blank

If you have to change the shipping address, please do that before July 20.


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    1. Nanda Widyatama on

      I think you just on schedule. As mentioned that Personalized, Combo 1 and Combo 2 will be delivered in July. And the others will be in Aug.
      But, I think it will be better if you send the giveaway item later after all packages for all backers are sent. Just IMHO.

      Anyway, you've just made a good job. Keep it up! Will wait patiently as a Early Bird Batch 2.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Patterson on

      Since shipping hasn't taken place yet, it would be a courtesy to get the surveys all in and ship to the two Early Bird backer tiers before anyone who came into the project afterwards, especially those who received a free sample.

      I'm not offended that a freebie drawing was done - that's marketing. And I understand Kamlan sending off the bundles first to generate cashflow ASAP.

      In the end, I expect this production run to only last a few months, so a little patience is in order....

    3. Machang Optics - Kamlan Creator on

      As this is our 1st kickstarter project, we are short of experience on running it perfectly and there must be some negligence that might hurt your feeling. If it is this case in some way, we are sorry about that and we will improve.
      1. we will send survey for rest of pledges this week. As we are not sure whether our questions are good enough, we don't send the survey in the same time, but sent part of it with small number of backers. Anyway, we will send all the survey this week.
      2. @Baldur, please understand it's just marketing, not regular sales activity. However, we will evaluate whether it is approprite.
      3. Super early bird offer and early bird offer will also ship in July

      Thank you all

    4. Missing avatar

      Chang yong Lee on

      Hi ~ When do you start the Happy Dill ($ 149) survey?

    5. Missing avatar

      Hannes Frischat on

      I did not get the survey - what can I do then? Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Baldur Bragi Eðvarðsson on

      after seeing you give this product away on instagram before the backers get it, and not sending the item in order of backers i think i will not back og buy another kamlan product, nor would i recommend it, a shame.
      Backer #16

    7. Jan-Pieter Feikens on

      It's a shame that the Super Early bird offer is only shipped after the personalized lens and combo packages...

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Patterson on

      I’m an early, second tier backer - why are these tiers being given priority? Will the $139 tier ship in July? Please advise...