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First Vegan restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL.  is expanding to open Ormond Beach  store.
First Vegan restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL.  is expanding to open Ormond Beach  store.
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A New Baby. . .

Posted by Camille Holder-Brown and Omar Brown (Creator)

Yes our new baby is almost here, the contractions are getting closer together and I am feeling the urge to push.  I am telling you, this store is our new baby.  Kofi came two weeks after his projected due date, there is our time and God's time.  I prefer God's time so as eager as I am to get the doors open, I am also understanding of divine order. 

In the interim, everyone keeps asking the question of the day, when is the baby coming, or rather when are we opening? I feel bad because I thought we would have been opened already but  There are so many little details that are being taken care of now that I personally overlooked.

We will get our leasehold improvement  grant from the city today! Which will allow us to purchase our POS (point of sale) system that tracks everything we sell, inventory, etc. and works with an Ipad and a square. It's sleek and very efficient.  We also have to get an oven, we only have a three top gas burner now.  

Omar painted the countertop red and it looks beautiful.  Oh we passed our electrical inspection and have three more to go.  Woo hoo. The bathrooms are being tiled today,and that was the last major thing that needed to be done.  The floors and walls throughout the entire 3600 sq ft massive place are all painted and stained with one million coats LOL.  

I am going to look for a changing table and a bathroom vanity today.   Call me if you have a wood changing table ASAP. 

We have our menu board going up today as well as wall art/decor. My favorite part obviously.  I got to print and laminate our juice cleanse and meal plan package signs.  

Also we just got another juicer so we have two big fancy juicers now, enabling us to be at an event and still have the store going eventually, when we have enough man power that is.  Also ordering packaging, more blender jars etc.  

So lots of last minute details but all coming together.  As for balancing my family life, making sure everyone gets a physical etc, because who knows when we will have another free day.  Also going to take my kids on a field trip and get a romantic date in with Omar.  For at least a year, my family life as we know it will be very different, but we know sacrifice and we are ready for it.  Please keep us in your prayers and be patient a little longer.  

We honestly are doing the best we can and going the fastest we can, it is all new to us and has been an exciting adventure.  My mom said to me this morning, do you realize you are going to be cooking every day, all day?  LOL.  

Please visit us tomorrow in front of our store, rain or shine for so yummy vegan food and smoothies.  The baby is almost here.  Thanks for all your love and gifts, see you soon.

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