Kaladin: a Stormlight Archive Album + Art Book

by The Black Piper

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    1. Evgeni Kirilov on

      On the topic of the next album - I am *strongly* in favor if keeping it Cosmere, preferably Stormlight. I personally would probably feel pretty disappointed if my free extra album ends up being about some universe I don't know, like, or care about. And on that note, a Shallan album would probably be the safest bet, as chances are anyone who liked the Kaladin one enough to back it (and increase their pledge) would also like that one.

      At the end of the day it's your creation, and you have full freedom to do whatever you want. But this is how I feel as a fan.

    2. Brent Mair on

      I also would prefer the second album to be Cosmere based. I like the idea of Shallan because she already has her book, although Dalanar might be fine since his book is coming very soon. I like the idea of Mistborn, but Stormlight has so much still to explore.

    3. The Black Piper Creator on

      I think we all feel the same as well (here at The Black Piper) - we definitely want to do Shallan next! It'll all depend on negotiations after a successful release! But we're definitely a lot closer now, with the successful Kickstarter funding!

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      jared joyce on

      i 3rd Evgeni & Brent's posts below. Obviously, y'all are the ones that are wanting to record it, and ultimately the decision is with you all, however- i too increased my pledge thinking it would specifically be a Shallan album. I am flexible however to the point that if it weren't shallan, and it were to stay within the cosmere as a whole, i'd still be 100% content.

      would it be possible to (after your brainstorming about upcoming projects) that you send out a survey to those of us that gave the additional $25, or even to all of the backers in general to get feedback about what all of us would most likely invest in as a follow up kickstarter? i mean- most, if not all of us are fans of brandon here, and i'm guessing we're pretty united- though, if you started breaking out to other universes, how many of us would follow? you could pick your various universes/authors/projects or whatever you pick- but, give us the option to help pick too?


    5. Missing avatar

      jared joyce on

      whoops! you posted before i refreshed my window. thanks!

    6. The Black Piper Creator on

      @jared - I love the idea of a survey to guide next album(s)! We're all on this journey together - and you're the fans! You're voice matters the most!