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An original cinematic-style book soundtrack inspired by the Stormlight Archive novels by Brandon Sanderson.
An original cinematic-style book soundtrack inspired by the Stormlight Archive novels by Brandon Sanderson • If you missed the campaign, it's not too late! You can still pledge now on BackerKit!
An original cinematic-style book soundtrack inspired by the Stormlight Archive novels by Brandon Sanderson • If you missed the campaign, it's not too late! You can still pledge now on BackerKit!
1,705 backers pledged $112,667 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      From what they have said we are a couple months out, I'd put it at a September or late August if we're lucky delivery date. It's an ambitious project and these guys haven't sacrificed quality for timelybess yet.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Van Duyne on

      Any news to share regarding the art book development?

    3. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Gernert on

      Is there a way to change the address which the physical copy of the album and the artbook are going to be sent to?

    4. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      Hey guys any news on the update?

    5. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Grant Esomonu, pics or it didn't happen! :D Post it on social media and tag us! We'd love to see how it turned out!

    6. Missing avatar

      Grant Esomonu on

      Just got my Stormlight Selfie! Love it!

    7. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hey all! Lots to answer here!
      So, there's an update forthcoming. There have been some big changes at Black Piper, a little derailing, but we're getting back on track and will outline everything for you very soon in an update.

      In the meantime, to answer the questions you have below:

      @ChaosModifier - look for the update. We'll address that there.
      @FritzG - most of them have. We need to finish up one of them yet, but the other five digitals were released
      @Christine Francis - I'll send you a private message. Sorry for the delay!
      @stick - you rock! We're definitely not going to do a hidden song on the next album - lesson learned!
      @Raymond - Stormlight Selfies are currently in production, and we're sending them to people as they are completed

    8. Christine Francis on

      I commented requesting help with digital download on April 7. Please reply. Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Raymond Muchinsky on

      Out of curiosity has anyone recevied the below yet?

      Any word on when the "Stormlight Selfies" will be ready to send out to those of use who opted for it?

    10. Missing avatar

      i am a stick on

      To everyone who has this playlist on iTunes, I have a quick tip for y'all that can help with that awkward period of silence in "The Knight's Radiant Theme".

      Right click on the song, and open up the "Song Info" window. From there, click on "Options". Then, check the box that says "Stop", and set the time to something around 2:14. This will make sure that the first track plays. Don't touch the box that says "Start". Next, rename the track (I named mine "31a. The Knight's Radiant Theme (Bonus Track)" to keep with the naming convention that Black Piper was already using).

      Next, you'll need to access your mp3 files of "The Knight's Radiant Theme". Double-click on it to open the mp3 file in iTunes (if that's not your default setting for some reason, you'll have to right-click to use the "Open With" feature). Once you do that, you should have two versions of "The Knight's Radiant Theme" available: the one you renamed and the one you just opened.

      All you do now is basically the same thing as before. Right click, open "Song Info", go to "Options", but then check the "Start" box, and set the time to something like 3:30. You don't need to check the "Stop" box, unless you want to want to shave off a few extra seconds of silence at the end.

      Lastly, all you have to do is rename your second track. I renamed mine "31b. The Knight's Radiant Theme 2 (Bonus Track)". Then, sit back and enjoy! You can fiddle with the times I gave if you want a little more or less silence before or after each piece.

      Hope this helps!

    11. Christine Francis on

      I cannot locate the links to download the music. Also I was wondering when I should expect the physical copy of my CD. Thanks :)

    12. Fritz G on

      Just wondering, have the digital sketch cards been sent out yet?

    13. ChaosModifier

      Any updates on the Art Book progress?

    14. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hey @Raymond - @Marina is working on them as we speak, and we're sending them out individually as she finishes each one! They're coming!

    15. Missing avatar

      Raymond Muchinsky on

      Any word on when the "Stormlight Selfies" will be ready to send out to those of use who opted for it?

    16. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Matthew - we were just talking about it as a team today. We agree with you. It was a gamble. I think we totally failed :) Next round - no hidden/secret tracks!

      @Jared - yes, many talks. Except we can't have too many talks just yet. First gotta get you all your rewards! Then we can have some good talks.

      I like the idea of taking a poll of what people are interested in for the next album. That definitely gets interesting, because whatever gets picked, we'd still have to go into negotiations for - so doing a poll would mostly be intended to help us gauge interest. We'd certainly love to do more Cosmere or Brandon's works, but we're not opposed to speaking with other authors and tackling other popular series. (We have some we'd love to do, if all the stars aligned.)

    17. Missing avatar

      jared joyce on

      hey @creator-

      i know you're nowhere being done with everything related to this kickstarter... but- have there been talks about when you want to tackle the next album? (obviously after finishing everything here and taking a probably-much-needed-break)

      With that, have you decided how to pick which album is next? I know I suggested maybe having several works that you all wanted to do, then letting those of us who backed the additional $$ for the "next album" decide? ... since I guess at the time it wasn't certain if a "Shallan/Words of Radiance" album would be next- or, even if it would be in-cosmere, or Brandon Sanderson works? Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bowman on

      While I don't disagree with Stick, I do have to express that I find that explanation on the track to actually make it worse. It doesn't make anything feel special, because the only way to appreciate it is to try to imagine it in a physical storage medium. I just find the silence annoying.

      Ironically, my player (currently on shuffle) just went silent because it got to that part. The lack of sound made me once again reflexively make certain it was still playing.

    19. The Black Piper Creator on

      Wow, thank you, @Stick! We're so glad that we are hitting the mark, and so grateful for all the trust that you (all) put in us before we delivered and for the support and love that you and everyone are showing for us and the project now! Thank you so much!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      i am a stick on

      Black Piper, for a group doing a project like this for the first time, you guys absolutely knocked it out of the park and then some. Not only is the music incredible in its own right, but you managed to capture the story of The Way of Kings so unbelievably perfectly! When I'm listening to The Assassin in White, I really feel as if I'm in the halls of Gavilar's palace, at the mercy of forces that haven't been seen for millenia. When I'm listening to The King's Wit, I feel as if I am with Hoid himself, whether talking to him or listening to him play. When I'm listening to Bridge Four, I feel as if I'm charging at the Parshendi, with arrows falling all around me. Needless to say, I could not have hoped for anything better than what you delivered. I am so excited to see what other projects you will cook up in the future, and you bet that I will be back to support again!

      And to think, I haven't even seen the art album yet!

    21. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hey James,

      Sae Sae's actually finishing up an update that will include some timeline info, but essentially, we'll be starting the custom songs in about March. Earlier if we can wrap up some other things, but we'll reach out to you. We're very much looking forward to getting to yours! :) (And all of them.)


    22. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      Hey guys, I love this music so much. Do you guys have a estimate in starting the customer songs?

    23. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hey Cliff,

      It looked like you hadn't answered the survey before everything was locked down. I went in and fixed that for you. You should be able to log into BackerKit now and the rewards should show up (both MP3's and WAV's).


    24. Cliff Newman

      backed the digital copy only. When will .wav files be available?

    25. The Black Piper Creator on

      @quasr - glad you're loving it! Do feel free to go leave a review/rating on iTunes/Amazon MP3/CD Baby! Do you have any favorite songs?

      Also glad you love the selfie! For everyone who hasn't gotten their's yet, Marina is working hard at getting those out. Keep watching your email for the download!

    26. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hi Matthew,

      Here are the lyrics for Warrior:

      Re: The Knights Radiant - so, you've discovered the "hidden" track. The first part of the song is the actual Knights Radiant theme. Then, after the silence, there's a remix, which we're calling "Radiant Rainbow Remix". It was intentional, and we thought it would be a nerdy thing to do. (There were such things as "hidden tracks" in years past - see Make sense?

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bowman on

      I'm getting used to it, but in a way it makes it even more noticeable, so I have a question: why is there over a minute of silence in the middle of the final track?

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bowman on

      I'm greatly enjoying this soundtrack. There's a lot of music here with great sounds. Perfect for music while I work at my desk. I'd like to second the request for lyrics, though; I have an audio processing issue where I can hear all the notes, but voices come through jumbled until I manage to decipher them, and it takes a lot of listens for me to do that.

    29. Missing avatar

      quasr on

      finally received the stormlight selfie and it does not disappoint! The album was excellent too and I can't wait until the next one

    30. The Black Piper Creator on

      Oh, that's a bummer, Elon! Sorry you missed it!
      @i am a stick - I'll be sending an update regarding that, soon
      @Matt - The lyrics will probably be included in the digital liner notes, but I may also put them up on The Black Piper's website. I'll let you know if I do.
      @Anyone with website dedications - I sent out an email before Christmas about this, but if you'll respond to that email, I'll get your dedications put up!

      Thanks everybody!

    31. Elon Svärdhagen on

      I only backed the Spren pledge level because I though this would get released after I finished Oathbringer and I prefered to had the music running while I read. But now I still have a good 300+ pages left, so I'll just buy the songs from CD Baby then. Too bad I missed out on most other add-ons then!

    32. Missing avatar

      i am a stick on

      Hey so I saw that there are multiple album download links on the download page, what are the differences between them?

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Graubner on

      I've really been enjoying listening to the music (it was a great accompaniment as I finished reading through Oathbringer). I do have one question though--are lyric listings available for the tracks with audio? On some of them I haven't been able to make out all the words so I'd love to be able to read the lyrics as I listen. Thanks so much.

    34. Missing avatar

      Bernadette on

      Is there an estimate on when the online song-dedication (from the add-on) will go live? (Any chance before Christmas day?) Also, will we get the opportunity to select the song? On BackerKit it asked me for a person's name, but didn't ask which song.

    35. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Adrian - Yes, I've had a few reports about that. I'm putting together a new batch and re-distributing it with the fixes

    36. Adrian Fritz on

      Yes, it's a pretty nice album indeed, but the tagging was a bit broken, in my download at least. Had to fix a few minor things.

    37. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Kirby Carlson - Awesome!! We are very fortunate and happy to have you join the journey!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kirby Carlson on

      @The Black Piper - That is very cool! I never knew this was a thing, and will now listen more closely to the track to hear the differences.

      I look forward to seeing what else you guys come up with in the future - I don't follow many things, but I will definitely continue to follow and support you guys!

      Thanks for the speedy response!

    39. The Black Piper Creator on

      Hi @Kirby! Thanks so much! It was a monumental effort by so many people - we appreciate all the encouragement!

      Re: The Knights Radiant - you've discovered the "hidden track"! The piece after the long pause is another version, lovingly dubbed "(Radiant Rainbow Remix)". We wanted to do something a little nerdy and hide a song on the album. ( Nice catch!

    40. Missing avatar

      Kirby Carlson on

      Hey this album is amazing! I'm very impressed with the quality of all the songs and can't wait for all the other rewards that will be coming in the future. Its so hard for me to chose even one favorite but from initial impressions, I'd probably have to go with "The Day of Recreance" and "Warrior".

      I do have one question though - in the final track "The Knights Radiant" is there meant to be a silent gap from around the 2:13 mark to 3:30? It seems like weirdly long pause. Should I try redownloading the track? Thanks in advance!

      Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to allow us to enjoy this amazing finished product. I hope you guys are able to take some rest - you definitely deserve it!

    41. Adrian Fritz on

      Guessed as much. But yes, FLAC will be much appreciated =3

    42. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Adrian - that's correct

    43. Adrian Fritz on

      16bit is fine as long as I get uncompressed FLACs =3
      Is it because your WAV source is 16bit?

    44. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Grant - I'm talking with my co-producers, and I'll get back to you

    45. The Black Piper Creator on

      @Adrian - I'm looking into converting the WAVs into FLACs for those that want them. The one caveat is that they will be CD quality (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).

      @Jeff Whiting - Absolutely! Once we have that complete, all digital backers will receive a digital copy

      @bbmd4 - Can't wait to hear what you think!

      @EnochSeven - thanks! Any favorites?

    46. EnochSeven

      This is a very nice album! Lots of variety that fits well with the book.

    47. bbmd4 on

      Only now got a chance to start listening to the album and let me tell you it's brilliant <<33

    48. Jeff Whiting on

      I bought the digital version of the album, anyway I can get a digital version of the CD booklet?

    49. Adrian Fritz on

      I received the MP3 version, but is there a way to get this lovely work in FLAC too?

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