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Help us share Pierre Dulaine's journey, as he bridges the gap between Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli children through dance.
1,029 backers pledged $48,695 to help bring this project to life.

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Physical and Digital DVD Distribution


Hello Kickstarter Supporters,

The wait is almost over! The Dancing in Jaffa team has been busy at work packaging and mailing the last few batches of DVDs! For those of you wondering when your digital copy will be available: we are waiting on distributor approval, but our sources say we'll get it out to you very soon. You can expect an update in the next week or so with a final date.

Again, if you'd like to send additional DVDs out to friends or family members, those can be purchased here. Dancing in Jaffa is also available to stream on Netflix and iTunes!

Thank you yet again for your support. You made this happen. You are an integral part of this journey. And though our journey may be coming to a close, we shall all continue the adventure that is a rich and wondrous life, full of opportunity and hope and - of course - dancing.


The Dancing in Jaffa Team.

Members of the Dancing in Jaffa team packaging, labeling, and stamping your DVDs!
Members of the Dancing in Jaffa team packaging, labeling, and stamping your DVDs!

Updates from the DIJ Team!


Hi Kickstarter Supporters,

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here. 

After a successful theatrical run and an immense outpouring of support from fans around the globe, it's finally time to share our film with the world on DVD, VOD, online streaming, and downloadable platforms! 

For those who contributed at the DVD level, expect yours in the mail ASAP. We're currently packaging them and getting all of your shipping information together, so it won't be instant, but expect them very soon! 

If your address has changed since you first contributed, please send us a message on here or reach out to us via our contact form here

Also, if you'd like to send additional DVD's out to friends or family members, those can be purchased here. Furthermore, for those who want instant access to the film, it's also now available to stream on Netflix and iTunes! 

If you have any questions or if you need to update your address, please, reach out to us as soon you can! 

Thank you so much for your support. All of our success would not be possible without your gracious contributions. 

Love always,

The Dancing in Jaffa Team

P.S. Here is a heartfelt thank you and update from our producers: 

Dear Dancing in Jaffa fans and supporters,   

No one thought it was possible, but in just 10 weeks, four-time-world champion ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine brought together two communities that had lived uneasily side-by-side for years. How did he do it? By teaching 150 11-year-old Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children to dance together and to see each other as human beings and not the “other.” Through ballroom dance, he showed the children and their parents how to #DanceNotWar. 

 >> Watch our trailer:

How to See Our Film 

Following wonderful critical reviews and many audience awards during our theatrical release, Dancing in Jaffa is now available on DVD, VOD, and iTunes ( You can also request a screening at your local theater by and then telling your family and friends about it. 

How to Learn the Art of Respect Pierre Dulaine speaks at TEDxHollywood about how ballroom dance changed his life and how it can change yours. 

 >> Watch his TED Talk, “May I Have This Dance, Please?”

How to Join Our Movement 

Help us end the cycle of hatred and violence, teaching the next generation of children to #DanceNotWar. 

Here’s what you can do: 

1.  Share the Dancing in Jaffa trailer on Facebook ( and add a note about why you care about this movement. 

2. Tweet about our movement. Sample tweet: "You can't be angry or sad while dancing" @DancingInJaffa kids dance out the hate #DanceNotWar

3. Retweet us if that’s easier!

4. Snap a selfie holding our sign and share it on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #DanceNotWar when you post.

5. Watch our film on DVD, VOD and iTunes ( or via

6. Bring Pierre’s program, Dancing Classrooms, to your school. 

Now, more than ever, as conflict rages around the world, Pierre’s program is crucial. Picture it being taught in every school, in every city, in every country. Imagine how the future might unfold if the art of movement and dance triumphed over the politics of history and geography. 

If we change the children, we can change the future. One step at a time. 

Key Links: 

Expanded Theatrical Release and More!

Hey there, Kickstarter Supporters!

Since our last update, much has happened. 

Throughout the month of April Dancing in Jaffa premiered in theaters across the United States in major cities such as NYC, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Scottsdale, Cambridge, and Washington DC. 

In early May it played at Music Hall in LA, Music Box in Chicago, and at IFC Theater in NYC. Most recently it’s opened in places like Lincoln, Nebraska and Tucson, Arizona and Alberta, Canada.

Dancing in Jaffa continues showing across the globe as well. It’s now in theaters across France and it recently won the Audience Award the Jewish Motifs International Film Festival in Warsaw. 

It’s received rave reviews as well with The New York Times calling Dancing in Jaffa, “irresistible to behold” and the LA Times describe it as an “eye-opening, richly observed film [that] takes chances and has a lot of heart”.

As we continue to screen across the globe, check out updates on screening dates or set up a screening of your own here.

 We would also like to thank you for your patience as we determine when the DVD and download copies will ultimately be available. The second we have an official date for their release you’ll be the first to know!

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your continued support! Without your help, Dancing in Jaffa could not have achieved what it has thus far. 

 Love always, 

The Dancing in Jaffa Team 

Thanks to your support the Dancing in Jaffa kids have made trips to Paris and NYC for the premieres of the film. You've helped us captivate the hearts and minds of many but even more so you've helped us truly brighten the lives of these children!
Thanks to your support the Dancing in Jaffa kids have made trips to Paris and NYC for the premieres of the film. You've helped us captivate the hearts and minds of many but even more so you've helped us truly brighten the lives of these children!

Theatrical Release!


Howdy, Kickstarter Supporters!

As you might know, the Dancing in Jaffa premier is quickly approaching!

If you are in the New York CIty area on Friday, April 11th please be sure to come and watch the film with us at the IFC Theater)! Tell your friends!

We are also screening at Cinema 123 on Saturday April 12 at 2pm and Sunday April 13 at 12pm. You can pre-buy your tickets here.

For a full listing of our screenings and festivals in the US, check out the Dancing In Jaffa website.

We would also like to thank you so much for being patient while we work to get you your DVD and Digital download copies of Dancing in Jaffa. As we've mentioned in previous updates, we are unable to get them to you before the theatrical release. As soon as all the excitement of the American release has calmed down and we know the date that the DVDs will be available, you guys will be the first to know! Thank you for understanding and, as always, thank you for your support!

Love always,

The Dancing in Jaffa Team

Update on DVDs and Download Links!


To all of our wonderful supporters!

Thank you all so much for contributing to the success of Dancing in Jaffa. We would never have had the chance to bring this film to life or to share it with so many wonderful film festivals without your contributions.

We’ve been doing our best to keep you up-to-date, but we just want to remind you that, because of how our distribution agreements unfolded, we are unable to send you your DVDs and download links until sometime later this year. We sincerely apologize for this delay. The film is going to theatrical release and is still hitting several more film festivals, and that’s largely because of YOUR incredible donations and support!

We absolutely plan to give you what we promised; the moment that we can distribute your DVDs and download links, we will without delay.

We hope you have been receiving the rewards that have gone out and that you will continue to notify us if there have been any issues with your deliveries.

You’ve contributed greatly to our and Pierre’s dream and have been paramount to our success.

As we learn more about the specific release date of the download link and the DVD, we will continue to update you.

As always, a huge and generous THANK YOU!