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Update #11

Packaging updates and latest draft of foldable mini-spectrometer

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Hello all! I know we've been a bit quiet but don't worry -- we've been moving ahead full steam with ordering bulk parts, refining designs, and kicking off lots of exciting new research on the new Public Lab spectrometry mailing list (join now by checking "plots-spectrometry" on this page. Ideas and plans have been posted for ultraviolet spectrometer mods, a flame spectrometer for soil analysis, a carbon arc setup for vaporizing samples (!!!) and much more. Remember -- we're an open source community, not a corporation, which means you can join in and contribute to the design of these devices even before they're assembled and shipped!

Packaging and assembly

We've gone out of our way to find an aluminum conduit box for the DIY Kits ($35 model) instead of the nasty PVC boxes which are also full of fire retardant. Soon, 1500 will be headed our way in a boat. See progress on the kit here.

We also ordered boxes and are doing basic packaging design, as seen below; we want these to be basic but nice. Here, see 1500 boxes clogging traffic behind our workspace in Somerville:

Foldable Mini-spectrometer

The foldable design is shipping first, and so we've spent the most time on this design up front. Eight versions in and we're really looking at a pretty finished product which we've tested and are confident with. You can download the design right now, print it, and try it out -- but the ones we'll be mailing will be on stiff matte black card paper and will have lasercut imaging slits.

The above is the foldable one assembled temporarily with rubber bands -- it's a bit wrinkly from being carried around too much in my bike bag. Don't worry -- the final one will be sturdier and nicer-looking. That's more or less it for now; we'll keep you up to date as things get closer to shipping!


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      Creator paul on November 15, 2012

      sorry I haven't been aying a lot of attention to the roceedings, but I was wondering if the webcam uses multiple shots like the astronomy cams/software do?

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