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Update #4

iOS is go! Also, case upgrades... and a Spectral App Platform API?


Hi, all! After the Kickstarter Newsletter we had a huge influx of new backers, and i'm happy to say that we are now past the iOS threshold. Tell your friends! We're doing an iPhone/iPad version!

Case upgrades

We've found that shops like can do small runs of injection molded parts. So, we're going to try to get the mobile phone version injection molded! No promises, but the more backers we have for that reward, the easier it will be to do this. So I'd like to ask you all to try to get the word out -- on Slashdot, Makezine, Reddit, etc -- but also on more obscure sites; do you follow a science education blog? DIY hydroponics? Molecular gastronomy? DIY coffee tech or astronomy? We've worked hard to make these kits affordable, so please help make sure people know!

ALSO - we've decided to upgrade the VHS cases for the same grey plastic junction box on the Countertop model, since they're stiffer, leak less light, and can be easily mounted. This will be a minor change for the desktop kits (just a swap-out of one part) but it will make the two models more standardized, and you'll be able to make your own stand for it: we'll post a parts list soon!

Spectral App Platform API goal at $100k

FINALLY, after seeing our progress today, I wanted to mention an exciting and slightly crazy possibility if we get to $100,000 -- a "stretch goal". In the spirit of enabling open collaboration we'd like to make it possible for people to make their own Spectral Workbench-based apps to share online and on smartphones through creating a full Spectral App Platform API.

Imagine a "Spectral App Store" where wine enthusiasts can develop their own testing suite for wines, gardeners for grow lamps, and coffee connoisseurs for coffee -- each looking for specific wavelengths or patterns *specific to that application*. If we did this, a gemstone expert could publish an "app" -- literally an application of spectrometry -- at (nothing there yet!), or embed it on their own website -- and all spectral data would be added to the open source database. We'd like to make this kind of thing as easy as possible on our open source platform.

This is a bit out there, and a lot of work, I know. But if we get to $100,000 we will commit to developing a Spectral App Platform.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    280 backers

    A fold-up spectrometer attachment for your smartphone. Ships flat -- you cut it out and assemble it.

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  • Pledge $35 or more
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    612 backers

    A proven and tested "desktop" USB spectrometry kit which you assemble inside of a VHS box. 400-900 nanometer range and 3-10 nm resolution. (please add $10 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $65 or more
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    An experimental "backpack" which clips to your Android phone's camera and turns it into a spectrometer. If more than 250 backers want this, we pledge to develop a native iPhone app as well. (please add $10 for international shipping)

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    All three of the above, as they become available (please add $60 for international shipping)

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    A "Classroom pack" of 6 desktop spectrometry kits for teachers and those of you who just can't get enough spectra! Please add $40 for international shipping.

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    38 backers

    A fully-assembled and calibrated "countertop" model with Pyrex sample dishes and a full-spectrum lamp. Would look great in a coffeeshop, a wine bar, an exhibit or classroom. (please add $40 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $400 or more
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    All four -- countertop, desktop kit, mobile, and papercraft spectrometers -- please add $100 for international shipping, as we'll be shipping these separately.

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    3 backers Limited (2 left of 5)

    This completely egregious "steampunk" spectrometer is made from polished aluminum, brass, and finely finished, laser engraved wood. It's functionally identical to the "countertop" model, but has enough polish to make Isambard Kingdom Brunel proud. Don't back this unless you are a) feeling sooo rad or b) trying to support the Public Lab nonprofit.

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