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We're hitting the beaches and hitching boat rides to make aerial images of the gulf oil spill's effects using cameras attached to balloons and kites.
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Last 28 hours of fundraising: new Perdido Point map, disturbing flyover imagery

Posted by Jeffrey Yoo Warren (Creator)

Hi, all -

This is our last day of Kickstarter fund-raising. Shannon from LABB put together a budget and we think that with ~$11,000 we could continue mapping all the way through January, even paying local fishermen to take us out on boats. So if you could forward this along to anyone you know who'd be able to chip in, we want to try to make up some of that $4k gap. Initially we were just trying to map through the summer, but this is going to be a long-term problem and we're looking a bit further to the future.


Kris Ansin of LABB and Tulane went out on June 9 in a seaplane provided by the Blue Seals, and brought back some really disturbing images, many of which will make great maps. See below, especially the one with the giant columns of smoke (that one's not for a map, but it's still breathtaking).

Stewart Long of also finished up a new map of Perdido Point:

The really stunning part of this map is that the images were submitted by someone we weren't working with - Don and Justin Blancher, who heard a talk about our efforts and simply went out and did it. We were surprised and a little confused when they emailed us asking where to upload the images, and when we actually saw them we were blown away. So many thanks to them for taking such initiative!


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