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We're hitting the beaches and hitching boat rides to make aerial images of the gulf oil spill's effects using cameras attached to balloons and kites.
145 backers pledged $8,285 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks; our oil spill photo is now on Wikipedia --

Posted by Jeffrey Yoo Warren (Creator)

Thanks to everyone for your support - we're over 1/5 the way there after only 5 days!

The team at Louisiana Bucket Brigade just ran out of balloons, so we're sending down 4 more ($30 each). They now have 2 kites ($110 each) and 3 cameras ($80 each). Your support is going to help enormously! We're now working on the first before/after map of Grand Isle, and will post it soon (we'll announce it here, don't worry!).
Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Wikipedia.

The photo was taken by Stewart Long of, on a plane arranged by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. Thanks to all involved!

The full map is available here:

We've also figured out a way to send balloons up to 4000 ft using a power drill and a more compact, stronger reel:

And finally, for those of you who haven't see it, there's also this great video zooming around the Chandeleur ballooning trip from May 9th, attached. You can see individual birds - terns and pelicans, on a sandbar... This map is so high resolution that the entire thing fits within a single pixel of NASA's daily MODIS images of the spill. That's 10,000x higher detail!



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