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Sequence: A Rhythm Roleplaying Game's video poster

Sequence is a title being developed for the Xbox Live Indie Games initiative, a unique blend of roleplaying and rhythm game elements. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Games
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This project was successfully funded on April 27, 2010.

Sequence is a title being developed for the Xbox Live Indie Games initiative, a unique blend of roleplaying and rhythm game elements.

Los Angeles, CA Games
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More Update

Okay, we've reached over 300% of the original goal.


Only a couple weeks to go, now. To everyone who is still considering a donation, my fervent apologies that the lowest level is a "limited" reward; Microsoft gives me a limited number of promotional codes to hand out, so beyond those, I'll pretty much need to gift everyone 400 Microsoft Points.

Sides for those interested in voice acting will be sent out a few days after the conclusion of the Kickstarter project to all donors at the $20 level or higher. Here are the guidelines:

- You must be either located in the general Los Angeles region, or have access to semi-decent recording equipment. You might consider asking any musicians, radio hosts, DJs, or other voice actors in your area to see if anyone has some decent gear.

- There are six male roles available, and three female roles. You may not audition cross-gender, but you may try out for as many parts as you'd like within your genetic predisposition.

- There will be a casting call here in Los Angeles as well, so there is no guarantee that any individual role will be filled by a Kickstarter backer. There's some great talent in this city, of course, but if you can impress me, you'll grab the part. All decisions will be blind; you will receive neither extra consideration nor devaluation by being a backer as opposed to an actor here in Los Angeles. Everyone will be on equal ground.

To all my backers, thanks yet again! You guys are awesome.


Holy snap!

We did it!

To every backer, first to last, my fervent thanks for your support. We hit $600 at lightning speed, and I'm still stunned at your generosity. Fantastic.

That said, there's no reason to stop here! My initial goal may have been reached, but it was an estimate of safety. Every additional dollar donated will help to make the project a success; I can use it to attract better voice talent, throw some advertisements up in gaming publications, and maybe acquire some additional art and music for some bonus quests in-game. Why not?

We can only go up from here.

Rhythm games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, et cetera) currently exist only in a sort of vacuum. The notes are presented to you, and if you're skilled enough to hit them, a prerecorded track booms from your speakers. Music is a beautiful thing, and a wonderful reward, but I always wondered...couldn't we do more? Can we add layers of strategy and tactics? Can we implement a player advancement system, or a fully-fledged narrative across these game mechanics? What would it turn into?

My title, Sequence, is the result of those thought experiments. In development now for over eighteen months, the game has turned from a mere hobbyist project to a small team of dedicated artists and testers named 'Iridium'. The game is nearing completion, after so many hours of programming into the long, quiet nights.

I knew, very early on, that if I wanted the game to reach professional levels of presentation, I would need professional artists, musicians, and voice actors. After wading through hundreds and hundreds of submissions, I finally settled down on both my artist and musicians: Wendi Chen (illustrator of the fantastic visuals below), Ronald Jenkees, a young man from Tennessee with a dedicated internet following, and Michael Wade Hamilton, an artist whose work is hauntingly atmospheric. Their work thus far has yielded fantastic results.

Some sample music from Mr. Jenkees:
Throwing Fire
Disorganized Fun
Stay Crunchy

Ms. Chen is hard at work on backgrounds, characters, and enemy portraits; Ronald Jenkees' existing work will be licensed on a per-song basis for use during battle and cutscenes. The final step will be to contract voice actors here in Los Angeles, after the script is fully implemented and finalized. The project has a tentative release date of Summer 2010.

$300 of the money will go toward licensing the final few tracks from Mr. Jenkees, and the rest will go toward hiring professional voice actors, marketing, and advertising; the more the merrier. The money you donate will help give Sequence that final sheen of polish and care that really allows a title to succeed. It's been my dream to share this game with others, and there is nothing in this world that I want more.

Remember, donating even a little bit of money is akin to preordering the title for cheaper than it will be when the title is released!

Thanks for reading, everyone.

- Sincerely,
Jason Wishnov


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    Pledge $4 or more

    30 backers All gone!

    Receive a free copy of Sequence, when released in 2010, for the Xbox 360! The game will retail for 400 MS Points ($5.00 USD), so this acts as a discounted preorder. Plus, get a sneak peek at the development of the game, which will be updated exclusively for backers of this Kickstarter project.

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    Pledge $20 or more

    28 backers

    An addition to receiving a free copy of the game, you'll also receive a Special Thanks credit! As the credits roll, the main characters of the game will banter and converse about those appearing on screen. In your particular case, it will likely be effusive praise. Also, you'll have a chance to audition for one of nine voiceover roles in the game! Any actors in the crowd?

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    Pledge $40 or more

    9 backers

    Along with the $20.00 rewards, you'll receive an additional copy of the game (for a friend!) and a CD containing the official soundtrack to Sequence, featuring music from both Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton. Fantastic stuff.

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    Pledge $120 or more

    4 backers

    In addition to all the rewards listed above, you'll receive a signed, high-quality, poster-size print of any artwork (concept or official) found in the game. You'll also receive unreleased concept art, and finally, a secret, custom item within the game itself (named after you)! Totally rad.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    2 backers

    Well, if you're both wealthy and relatively eccentric enough to spend a cool half-grand, I have to make it worth your while. In addition to the above, you'll receive an executive producer credit, a third and fourth copy of the game, a second signed, high-quality print of your choosing, and a free copy of every game Iridium ever makes. Seriously. Ever. And, finally, if you happen to live in or ever visit the Los Angeles region, I and every cast member of Sequence I can wrangle will treat you to the most delicious dinner you've ever had. Nothing I can give can really show the appropriate level of gratitude for such ridiculous, unyielding philanthropy, but I'll sure as hell try.

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