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Update #16

New Project: There Came an Echo

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Hey, guys! Been awhile, huh? = D

We at Iridium have been hard at work on our second title, and we've just put up a new Kickstarter campaign for it. You can read all about There Came an Echo here!

You guys were the very first ones to believe in us, and hopefully you were satisfied in how Sequence all came out in the end. This project has a much bigger scale, but we're excited to make it happen.

Let us know if you have any questions!

- Jason Wishnov

Update #15 - For backers only

Sequence Now Available On Steam!


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Update #14

Finally! Sequence comes to PC/Steam!


Took me long enough, right?

But fret not, true believers, because Sequence is coming out on Steam on October 20th! Of course, every backer gets a free copy...I'll be hooking you all up on the 21st (day of release might be a little hectic). Even those who have received copies on the Xbox 360 may freely ask me for a code.

No big deal. = D

Update #13

Great news! (And kinda bad news too.)


Well, first off: SEQUENCE IS OUT! WAHOO! It's been a long and bumpy journey, but this lovely vista at the end is more than worth it.

You can download the game/free trial here:

You can also check out our final launch trailer here:

Now, the kinda bad news.

I was aware when I made the reward tiers that Microsoft only provides a very limited number of redeemable reward codes, with absolutely no way to obtain more. "But that's okay," I thought, because Microsoft provides a way to gift Microsoft Points, at I would just buy a whole bunch of MSP and gift them out as necessary.

Well, imagine my surprise as this morning I attempted to head to this page, and found absolutely nothing. After an hour on technical support and doing some internet research, it turns out that Microsoft clandestinely removed the ability to gift points sometime in November 2010. And since the lowest MSP Card denomination sold in the United States is 1600 Points (seven times the cost of the game), there is *literally* no way to get people this game directly. So, here's what's going on.

First, my SINCEREST apologies. As the whole point of donating to a Kickstarter campaign is to the enjoy the finished product that you yourselves helped to create, this sucks. Here are the two options.

1) After a very strong initial response from gamers and the media, I plan to release a PC version of the game...hopefully on Steam. I'll be submitting to them in about a week. There's no guarantee they'll accept, but one way or another, there will be a PC build.

If you can hold out (or, more practically, if you do not have an Xbox 360), you can choose to wait for this version. I'm not sure how long it will take...the code already runs on PC, but I'm sure many things will have to be added to be compatible with Steam's systems. Steam has no restrictions on the amount of copies I can give out, so this will not be a problem.

2) If you can't wait, go ahead and purchase the game on your own for 240 MSP. If you choose this, I will *LITERALLY* mail you an envelope with three dollars in it. (Or, if you're in a higher reward tier, six dollars/twelve dollars.) I completely understand if you choose this option; please do not feel as though you're being an inconvenience.

My fervent apologies for this. Please send me a message immediately if you'd like to exercise option 2, and in four days' time I will mass mail a bunch of envelopes out to everyone. You guys are the reason this project happened, and I won't leave you high and dry.

- Jason

Update #12 - For backers only

Sequence submitted to Peer Review!


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    Receive a free copy of Sequence, when released in 2010, for the Xbox 360! The game will retail for 400 MS Points ($5.00 USD), so this acts as a discounted preorder. Plus, get a sneak peek at the development of the game, which will be updated exclusively for backers of this Kickstarter project.

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    An addition to receiving a free copy of the game, you'll also receive a Special Thanks credit! As the credits roll, the main characters of the game will banter and converse about those appearing on screen. In your particular case, it will likely be effusive praise. Also, you'll have a chance to audition for one of nine voiceover roles in the game! Any actors in the crowd?

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    Along with the $20.00 rewards, you'll receive an additional copy of the game (for a friend!) and a CD containing the official soundtrack to Sequence, featuring music from both Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton. Fantastic stuff.

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    In addition to all the rewards listed above, you'll receive a signed, high-quality, poster-size print of any artwork (concept or official) found in the game. You'll also receive unreleased concept art, and finally, a secret, custom item within the game itself (named after you)! Totally rad.

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    Well, if you're both wealthy and relatively eccentric enough to spend a cool half-grand, I have to make it worth your while. In addition to the above, you'll receive an executive producer credit, a third and fourth copy of the game, a second signed, high-quality print of your choosing, and a free copy of every game Iridium ever makes. Seriously. Ever. And, finally, if you happen to live in or ever visit the Los Angeles region, I and every cast member of Sequence I can wrangle will treat you to the most delicious dinner you've ever had. Nothing I can give can really show the appropriate level of gratitude for such ridiculous, unyielding philanthropy, but I'll sure as hell try.

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