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Sequence is a title being developed for the Xbox Live Indie Games initiative, a unique blend of roleplaying and rhythm game elements.
Sequence is a title being developed for the Xbox Live Indie Games initiative, a unique blend of roleplaying and rhythm game elements.
75 backers pledged $2,602 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Don Edgecomb on

      Glad to see all the press on the Steam version, great job.

    2. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Word. = D

      Not at the moment, for a variety of reasons...the most important being that I still need to wrap up production on the original code. = D The other being the annoying port to Objective-C, though I think there's an open-source project being released soon that lets XNA code run natively on iOS, so that would be ideal.

    3. Don Edgecomb on

      Just saw that GamePro posted a link to the game. Great to get some exposure.

      Jason: Are you working on an IOS version, swiping to move fields then finger tapping the notes sounds like a natural fit for the game mechanic.

      Hope all is going well.

    4. ceark on

      YEAH! Party!!!!

    5. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Ahah! I knew I forgot something.

      I'll send out a message to everyone who got the CD with a tracklist within the hour.

      Glad you're enjoying it! = D

    6. Ian Starkebaum on

      My Soundtrack just arrived today, and while its awesome, I was just wondering if I could get my hands on a track list? Thanks :D

    7. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      A full launch trailer should be up by the middle of the month, and the game hopefully shortly thereafter. Just waiting on the last few background pieces to come in from the artist.

      I'll be contacting all $40+ donors soon for addresses for the soundtrack and artwork. Copies of the game will be distributed almost immediately after the game releases.

      And sorry for the delay, folks. Trust me when I say we've been nonstop at this thing. Just trying to make it crazy polished.

    8. Rift Inc. on

      Any update at all on this project?

    9. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      You have to go to the bottom of the page, under "Project By". I can't message you directly without you messaging me first, I assume to prevent project leaders from spamming random members of the site.

      I'll answer your questions there. = D

    10. Missing avatar

      Don-Duong Quach on

      I'm not sure how to message you directly through kickstarter, but to start off I was wondering how did you go about assembling your team?

    11. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Hey Don,

      You're certainly welcome to ask any and all questions; I'll be happy to answer. = D Regarding backing, I suppose the project is technically over? Send me a message if you're still interested, though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Don-Duong Quach on

      Hi Jason,

      Is it too late to back Sequence? I'd really like to get in touch with you and the team to see learn more about the project and how it all came together.

    13. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Alas, all roles have been cast. But thanks for the offer! UF grads are clearly the coolest people.

    14. Josh Tomar on

      I'm another UF graduate living in LA! What are the odds? Probably higher than I think...

      Anyway, I wish I'd known about this sooner. By any chance is your cast complete? I'm a voice actor with quite a bit of experience (though I'd rather let my work speak for itself) and a big supporter of Indie games and would love to be involved in your project. I have two easily-accessible demo reels and an Indy resume on my site: If you find that you need extra voicework, please hit me up.

    15. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Callback auditions here in Los Angeles take place tomorrow. I'm quite excited! I'm bringing in around 40 actors for nine parts, as well as calling a few others scattered around the country.

    16. James Snee on

      yeah, who ended up getting cast for the voices? I put in my audition a while ago but haven't heard anything.

    17. Ian Starkebaum on

      It's been quiet for a little while. How goes things?

    18. Rift Inc. on

      Congratulations on the, ah, nice 400%. Now I might have to actually get around to getting a 360 myself.

    19. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      For the purpose of auditions, you don't need a professional mic. The understanding is that if you get cast, you'll need to either make it down to Los Angeles, or someone obtain access to some professional-level gear at the time of recording, which is likely still a month or two out. So no real emergency just yet. = D

      Regarding the items, it's pretty much whatever the backer wants it to be called. I haven't yet decided if I want the item to be accessible to all players or only obtainable via a relatively complex button sequence that I will only reveal to the backer, but I'll be working that out with them shortly (as the KS project is, as you can see, nearing its end.)

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Mack on

      Alright, how about a voice acting question this time. I don't have access to professional recording equipment right now...and I'm in northern Indiana finishing up my MBA and it's finals time so I can't really get out to LA. What does it take to give you an acceptable sample? Do you think a Rock Band mic through USB would do the trick and, if selected, I could go out and try something real? You're toying around with dreams by letting us into your game so I'd love to do what it takes to happen. Since I don't have a job yet, the $120 seems a bit excessive, but out of curiosity would you be making a special weapon or something that had a backer's name on it? Or changing the basic 'potion' to a 'mack' or something in my case? Thanks again

    21. Kasi Thong on

      To answer the question about changing pledge amounts, I just did it, and it is extremely easy. You just click "manage your pledge" and replace the current amount in the box to what you want to change it to. It'll take you to Amazon Marketplace again, where you sign in and confirm the new amount. That's all there is to it. It basically makes it so your original pledge never existed, so if you want to go from $20 to $40, (or $40 to $20) you just put the new total in the box and continue like normal.

    22. Benjamin Gifford on

      Big believer in indie games and glad to have backed this one. Looking forward to hearing more from the team and the project.

    23. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      I do believe Kickstarter does allow a change in donation amount; I know two people who went from $20 to $40. I'm not quite sure of the mechanism involved, but I certainly know it's possible. Even if something messes up, I'll be sure to send you the proper reward.

      Puzzle Quest was a big influence on the game, of course, as was The World Ends With You and (narratively) Portal. Genre fusions are a particular bent of mine, so I was excited to mix two that had never been combined before.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Mack on

      Thanks for the quick responses. Answers like these are what make me glad I donated. A shot at a voice over sounds great as well, but still. What's interesting is that the game does fill a niche, just one that most people didn't realize was out there. In the same vein of combination games like puzzle quest or henry hatsworth, this one should prove to be quite unique...and hit my two favorite genres as well.

      If we ever decide to donate more as we hear a few more details, could we jump up a rung on rewards? So basically combining our two donations?

    25. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      I think you'll find Mr. Jenkees' music to be more than awesome. = D

      Regarding Europe, from the Xbox Live Indie Games FAQ:

      Consumers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore and Spain are able to download Xbox LIVE Indie Games for purchase. We are continually working to add additional regions.

      Hopefully, you're in one of those countries! And thanks for the support!

    26. Missing avatar

      Tarnum on

      I´m really glad I´ve got to know your game through Destructoid. I love both, RPGs as well as music/ rythm games, so Sequence seems to be a match made in heaven. I´ve really enjoyed Puzzle Quest and I´m sure your idea will turn out even better. For me, in the end all comes down to the actual soundtrack but as it seems it´s nothing to worry about. So please continue your great work and I´ll yearn for Sequence :-)
      Btw, good luck with your XBLA and future (WiiWare, PSN, etc.) efforts!

      p.s. I hope there´s no problem being a supporter from Europe? I mean other than that we´ll most likely get a later release date like most of the time...

    27. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Chris: Microsoft has a remarkably strict series of guidelines in place for XBLA. They generally don't consider it a place for first-time devs, and the game needs to fill a niche that isn't currently being satisfied. Not that I blame them; they wish to keep the perception of the platform as high-quality as possible, and a large chunk of the games on XBLIG are rather subpar. Still, I have a few contacts at Microsoft, and I'm trying to work something out. For now, though, it's Indie Games.

      You can, of course, certainly use the face buttons, though I would point out that for more difficult songs/jump steps, the player generally needs to use both the buttons and D-Pad in tandem. Guitar support is also quite likely.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Mack on

      How much more difficult would it be to get the game up and running on XBLA as opposed to the indie games channel? Achievement points go a long way toward generating sales. Also, it looks like you're using up, down, left, and right for input commands. I'd assume given the nature of the 360 controller's fickle d-pad we'll be able to use the face buttons instead as well?

    29. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Thanks, everyone. I'm pushing for the WiiWare/PSN angle, trust me. = D

      Don, I'll see what I can do with Penny Arcade. It's true a Gabe/Tycho bump would likely mean a crazy number of new backers.

      I'm coding, even right now, late at night (putting in a HDTV lag compensation screen, a modern annoyance with which I'm forced to cope), so I'm eager to polish the title and get it to you guys.

    30. Ian Starkebaum on

      A unique hybrid of RPG and Music games, a solid sales pitch, AND Music by Ronald Jenkees? Sold.

    31. Carlito Cabada, Jr. on

      I'll be giving you the last $20 to my name once I'm done transferring from my bank account to PayPal. This better be good! ;)

    32. KnucklesSonic8 on

      After reading the new article on Destructoid article, I can't wait to see how this game turns out. Especially so, since I'm a big fan of music/rhythm games. Would love to see this on WiiWare... ;)

    33. Don Edgecomb on

      Great Job on getting the Destructoid article. hopefully that will get some other media interested in interviews. I can't wait to see more of how the title is going. Have you thought about trying to get the eye of Penny Arcade and be a part of PAX (Hell just a mention on their site will skyrocket pledges.

    34. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      @Hawkey: There is indeed. XNA code is cross-platform, meaning it runs already on the PC, and would be fairly easy to distribute. The only barrier is that of a controller--there really is no workable keyboard/mouse combination--but any USB controller (360, PS3) would work fine.

    35. Autarc

      Sonds great - the only thing that stopped me from backing the the project, is the case that it seems to be released only for XBOX 360. Is there a chance for a PC release ?

    36. Kasi Thong on

      I just realized that the end date of this project is on April 27th, which is Bobby's birthday. ^_^

    37. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Look what happens when a post a comment from a phone. = D 25-character codes, I-meant-to-say.

    38. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      thanks to our new backers! We're ninety percent there, and you, stopping at a mere hundred percent is lame, so we'll go as far as we can. = D

      For those wondering, when the game is released on the Indie Games platform, I will be distributing WT_character codes that will grant you a free download of the game. Not totally positive yet on the final release date, but we're on track for a summer release.

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aaron W on

      game looks pretty tight, I just discovered this site and already found a worthwhile project! just curious, how exactly are the games being distributed, are we gonna get a code once the fundraising goal is met?

    41. Chris Theophilus-Bevis on

      Absolutely awesome project, good luck! I'm proud to be backing :)

    42. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      You got it, James. Casting information and sides will go out near the end of the Kickstarter project. I look forward to hearing your voice = D

    43. James Snee on

      Hey fellow backers and Jason, Im the newest backer :D I love backing projects I believe in, and this one is no exception. Jason, I would like to try my hand at auditioning for a character, as I am very interested in VO and I want to get into that kind of work. Oh, and I love xbox games!

    44. Kasi Thong on

      Happy birthday. ^_^

    45. Elena Marie Harris on

      Happy early birthday Jason. :). And to think, I was having trouble thinking of what to get you!

    46. Rift Inc. on

      If you ever decide to make a pc version for on Steam let me know.

    47. Jason Wishnov Creator on

      Hey, everyone! Just wanted to throw a quick shout-out to David Galindo, who not only recommended and invited me to the site, but also became my first backer in the process. Fellow indie devs are such kind souls.

      And to Mark Allen, your generosity is kindly felt. I salute you, sir.