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A nautical themed children's book that teaches word association, displays original creative art and ends with a positive message.

1987 X JUSTIN WAYNE BUTTS: KICKSTARTER from The 1987 Supply Co. on Vimeo.

This is the project video above. Thanks again to Dez of 1987 Supply Co.

"Captain Magee, What do You See?" is a children’s book for elementary school age kids with illustrations appealing to people of all ages. I wrote illustrated and edited the whole thing... Well edited with a little coaching from my friends. The book is nautical theme and begins with the question "Captain Magee What Do You See?" then continuing with his reply. This is a long list of ocean animals and treasures that rhyme and help young children build up their word association skills. The book ends with Captain Magee proclaiming- "Out of all of the fantastic, magical, beautiful things in the sea. I would have to say the greatest one I see, is standing on this boat with me and that'd be you!" this last scene will be a two page spread with Captain Magee and the ocean and a mirror, so as you are reading this you are looking at yourself and reading encouraging words. My hopes are that along with aiding with word association that the book will also leave the child with a good feeling and a confidence boost. Because children need to be encouraged and loved and cherished so that they grow up to be loving and encouraging themselves and in all honesty I wouldn't haven't gotten to this point with my book if It was from all the encouragement.

As far as were your money will be going it will going towards the self-publishing fees of the book through a self-publisher... which is around $3,000 dollars of the money I need to make this happen... The other 1'500 will go towards marketing and fulfilling all of the incentives for you guys and gals... Also you have to take into account shipping fees and all the minor details that go into a project like this.

After the book is published it will be available in over 1,000 online stores including all the big ones such as and, also giving stores like BarnesandNobles and BooksAMillion the options to order for display in store. Not to mention it will be spread around the world and America for anyone who pleases to read and enjoy. Which I honestly do not think it could get any better than that from an artist’s point of view.

Below are some links to my blog and my Facebook page so that you can follow what’s happening and keep updated...!/pages/JW-Butts/237176239671825

 I would also like to be able to personally contact each of you who are kind enough to help fund my dream via e-mail.

Also along with funding please spread the word about this project. If it something you believe in and would like to succeed please promote it. I couldn't thank you enough.


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    A set of 3 limited eition postcards and a signed 35 mm photograph taking at anytime during the process of making the book.

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    A signed copy of the book with a personal message of your choice, a photograph like the one listed previously and a bookmark designed by me. :)

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    A signed copy of the book with a personal message of your choice. A limited edition print on thick nice cardstock signed and numbered and a shirt designed by yours truly that you can pick from a set of choices.

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    With a pledge of $250.00 or more you will be cherished dearly not that anyone else who pledges is not but you will recieve an actual original framed illustration from the book... You can choose which one you would like. There are only a limit of 30-33 of these so act fast!!! You will also recieve everything listed in the previous pledge amounts. :)!!

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