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Hard Contact is the ultimate in sports combat. A unique and updated version of Battle Sport for the 3DO. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 3, 2012.

Hard Contact is the ultimate in sports combat. A unique and updated version of Battle Sport for the 3DO.

About this project

This is our first update and I’m happy to report that we have our first preliminary model of one of our combatants rigged and posed.

In a couple more days, we will be releasing a new video showing some game play as we push forward.

To all of the early adopters, I can’t thank you enough for your support; our Kickstarter project is so exciting, it’s literally all we have talked about since the launch.

Many of you know how many years we’ve been trying to get this game to market, only to be told it’s too hard core or it’s too different for mass market.
We have always believed in Hard Contact and we know that there is a demand for this style of game.

The hard part is getting the word out to the world. Everyone here is our marketing team and with your help Hard Contact will be a raging success.
Also, we have our very first forum and it’s ready to be populated. Who’s first?

I wanted to give a little game play description to help people who are unfamiliar with the genre.

Ready? Great! Step on your hover board.

So there you are on this wicked custom piece of machinery that was modified to your style of play. You choose your upgrades wisely, faster acceleration, stronger shields. You know you’re a little weak on fire power but that’s what close contact is for.

The buzzer sounds and its game on. This game, a free for all match, you are competing against 7 other opponents. The primary objective is to be the victor by scoring the most goals but blowing up your opponents gets you points too and also makes you feel good.

You watch the ball drop into the arena and all players start to converge. Flying into the fray with guns blazing, you cause a fumble by whacking the ball carrier with a well placed hit to the cranium. You send him sailing across the arena looking like a rag doll.

You scored 3 points for the close combat carnage and you have control of the ball, having upgraded acceleration will get you out of this mess quickly.

Laser fire is whipping by your head and you hear an eerie sizzling sound as your shields absorb some damage. Radar shows the goal just up ahead but the goal is moving, it’ll teleport to a new location if you don’t reach it in 4 seconds. Two seconds left, you’re in range for the throw and two opponents are lining up for the block.
What do you do?

You can take the chance and shoot for the goal, if you make it; it’s a sweet twenty points. Or you can shoot those fools down for getting in your way, 3-6 points with a smile.

Post your answer on our forum poll -

Hard Contact is a futuristic combat sports game, where the objective is to score the most goals in the round.  Your opponents, all the while, are also trying to get the ball by blasting the tar out of you with a range of weapons and power-ups littered around the arena.  This is a very fast action and high adrenalin game that is a unique take on the 1996 hit video game for the 3DO, Battle Sport

We are going to take these basic gaming elements and send it through the roof with full online multi-player and team play in glorious 3D. 

New levels of strategy will be introduced with Team play as you pass the ball to your mates or fly interference as you protect the handler from being exploded across the arena. 

We believe this style of game has been forgotten over the years.

Battle Sport was hailed as an incredible gem and considered one of the best games for the 3DO.  Battle Sport itself was the next evolution of the 1984 Lucasfilm's Ballblazer for the old Atari, Apple ][, & Commodore systems.

We want to take the incredibly fast and furious elements of those games and expand on them for the next generation of frantic game play.

What we have is a great new game formula and anyone wanting to get back into the action of this style of game, we thank you for your support.

Well, in the end this is your game!  We are going to listen to your ideas and comments and with all of us working together, Hard Contact is gonna rock!

We are super excited to become part of the Kickstarter phenomenon.  This is an incredible opportunity for video game developers to bring a level of creativity that has been lost through the years.  This is also an opportunity for fans to have a legitimate say in what they would like to see in the game.

Development companies like Double Fine and inXile have proven that there is a hunger for this creativity and you the community are giving big publishers the finger for not listening to your wants.

You the Kickstarter community is allowing us to make this happen.

Nope!  What you do need is a team of very talented individuals whose love is for the game, a team that will sacrifice sanity, sleep, and food in pursuit of fans praise.  Hey, that’s us!

But seriously, so much of a games budget nowadays goes to video and cinematics that typically don’t benefit the game play.  Big game publishers now believe they are movie producers and have lost sight of what makes a game fun.

Also, JV games have been in the games industry since the late 80’s, but as individuals, we have been programming and designing since the early 80’s.  We have a long history and a lot of experience in working with all sorts of budgets. 

Our first commercial project was Towers ][ for the Atari Jaguar, the only RPG for the system done in true 3D. Raise your hands, how many of you remember the Atari Jaguar?

That and a boat load more, if designed correctly most games are very scalable.  We have a vision for Hard Contact and that vision is without compromise.  It’s going to be fast, funny, and most importantly fun!

Anything past 100,000 will allow the game to grow exponentially, more arenas, more game options, and twists in strategy. 

If we can raise over 900,000 we will be adding a never done before gaming element that we call Whip-It (more on this as our Kickstarter story unfolds :-)

Every nickel raised will be put into Hard Contact, to insure that it will be the best and most exciting game possible. 

1)  A rich story driven single player campaign

2)  More multi-player options and gaming elements

3)  More Arenas

4)  More characters to test your skill against

5)  Porting to more devices

6)   More voice Actors to comment on the action

7)   More incredible art work

We solemnly pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back into the Kickstarter community.  We want to help insure that the ball keeps rolling for allowing independent developers the freedom of creativity.  Roll baby Roll!

Once again, thank all of you for your support!

The JV Games team


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    Send us your mug front and side to have your face in the front rows as a spectator in the arena, receive a JV Games’ embroidered work uniform – our WORK ROBE, and all previous reward tiers.

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    Dinner and a night on the town in Las Vegas in style, with Vince Valenti and Jag Jaeger (we know how to party it up, must be 21 or older and must be able to travel to Las Vegas, NV) and all previous reward tiers.

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