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Times Square to Art Square or TS2AS is a very complex project with a simple goal: to turn all advertising on Times Square into art. Are you in?

Here's what we are going to do

Wouldn't it be amazing to transform Times Square into Art Square for minutes, hours or even weeks? Spring/Fall 2012 we want to convince the world that advertising space should be about more than promoting goods and services, that those spaces could also be used for creative expressions. We will invest the donations into the realization of Art Square, while searching for cooperative Billboards owners and billboard advertisers.

Image credits D.Billy

The donations are used to get the movement started and form the basis from which we will build, and:

  • Allow us to get into contact with potential partners in both the Advertising and Art scene;
  • Help us spread the word, through digital/hardcopy media and events and get more people like you involved with the project.

Here's how we’ll do it:

  • The key is to create a movement of millions of people who love art or just want to demonstrate what this plugged-in generation is capable of. Because we believe in making the impossible possible through the Internet: turning Times Square into Art Square;
  • On top of that, we offer all parties involved in the advertising space (billboard owners, brands, the city council, etc) the opportunity to join the movement: let them show the importance of art that affects everyone;
  • Subsequently, we invest all monetary donations in the realization of the project: 100% of all donations underwrite the actual change of Times Square into Art Square: this includes technical aspects, any materials used by the artists, installations, etc. We guarantee the money will not be put into brand exposure on Times Square, since we expect them to join the movement;

Ultimately, all the money we receive will be 100% invested in the art project itself. Moreover, we are a registered non-profit organization, which means that in case we render the TS2AS idea impossible, we are legally obliged to invest the money in similar causes. And of course our supporters have the last say.

Also, our website will function as a platform for upcoming artists to become known all over the globe. Offline we will organize the TS2AS PRPRTY in cities all over the world (Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Rio, etc). At these events we invite speakers and artists to share their knowledge and work.

If you are excited by this idea, please consider to visit our website, mail us, or spread the message on Twitter and Facebook.


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