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£35,405 pledged of £100,000 goal

Doug Jones joins cast of WE ARE MONSTERS!

Oh boy is this great news! Doug Jones, aka The Silver Surfer (RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER), Abe Sapien (HELLBOY), Faun/Pale Man (PAN'S LABYRINTH) - I could go on - is joining the cast of WE ARE MONSTERS

We are SO, SO excited to have Doug on board to play 'Sir Daniel Southall' in WE ARE MONSTERS. Not only that but we think this is a real endorsement of the project.

We're working with some amazing people and want you, our backers, to know that this film is going to be stunning. 

Check out some Doug Jones action below! 

Doug Jones played 'Silver Surfer' in FANTASTIC FOUR : RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER

Doug also played 'Abe Sapien' in HELLBOY

Doug Jones was the iconic 'Faun' in Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH

You can find out even more about Doug by visiting The Doug Jones Experience here.

For now though, please just join us in our excitement and share this news on your Facebook news feeds and share it on twitter. 

Let the world know how excited you are about WE ARE MONSTERS! 


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