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I created posters inspired by Video Game characters. Plenty of people have asked for prints, now's your chance to pre-order or help me get these made!
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279 backers pledged $12,675 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator comfortndrew (deleted) on August 27, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Creator Earl Scioneaux on July 22, 2010

      Got my poster. I love it! Thanks!!!!

    3. Creator Josh Garcia on July 21, 2010

      got my big daddy poster yesterday! its incredible! Thank you for something so unique and gloomy and depressing yet completely awe inspiring! So much emotion, and character from so little. Truly great work! Here's hoping for more!

    4. Creator Tim Hage on July 17, 2010

      Got mine today. "Freaking awesome" doesn't even begin to describe them.
      Also, I totally agree; if you do a second series and there's no Portal-related option, tears will be shed.

    5. Creator Jorge Lopez on July 15, 2010

      I received my two posters - Big Daddy and Mario and wow! They look great. I love the printing of them. They have a textured look and in fact feel like one of a king posters. Thanks for the numbering and signing. Great job Justin!

      Yes- Like Andrew said... get with the making and I'll get with the paying. LOL.

    6. Creator Andrew Mortensen on July 14, 2010

      just got mine - crazy good quality & the bonus print is equally awesome - hurry up and do more so i can throw money at you ;)

    7. Creator Karl Randall on July 4, 2010

      The posters are almost shipping, it feels like a second christmas :D
      I think I speak for many people when I say, I find anything Portal related difficult to resist.

    8. Creator John on June 21, 2010

      Awesome work, and I can't wait to get my posters. If I could pick another game this might work for it would probably be Portal, GLADOS has so many lines that word work and the simple art style seems like it would gell with yours. Anyways, I'm also curious if you've heard of, as it seems like it might be a good way to get your stuff out there with little hassle to you. I've only used them for shirts for myself, but if you don't want to bother with a printer and such for your other designs it might be a good way to easily get it out there.

    9. Creator Mr Pendent on June 18, 2010

      Are we still waiting for them to come back from the printers?

    10. Creator Laura Dupler on April 20, 2010

      So incredibly cool that you followed a passion and it is working out for you! Can't wait for mine. Going to frame it and hang it proudly over our game area!

    11. Creator Kyle Sawatsky on April 19, 2010

      Wow, 2 people took advantage of the falafel option, I'm impressed.

    12. Creator Kyle Sawatsky on April 16, 2010

      I think you might mean Bioshock :)

      And you do get to choose which poster you want.

    13. Creator Ping on April 14, 2010

      So excited! What an awesome project, Justin!
      Have my fingers crossed for the Biospace one :)
      Will be hanging it with pride at our place in Sydney, Australia!

    14. Creator Erik on April 13, 2010

      This is great stuff.

      So if I understand everything correctly, we'll be able to choose the poster(s) we want? Can't wait to see 'em in person!

    15. Creator Jamaal Scarlett on April 10, 2010

      @Justin. Sounds good, they're all amazing, I'm surprised the MGS poster wasn't more popular though. You've got my pledge and congrats on the great work.

    16. Creator Justin on April 10, 2010


      Currently, these three are the only ones being printed. Considering their popularity, I may do a second series using the other designs. Nothing it planned right now, but it depends how smoothly the process of getting these printed and shipped will go.

    17. Creator Randall Wunder-Smith on April 10, 2010

      What's the beef with the comma placement, exactly?

    18. Creator Jamaal Scarlett on April 10, 2010

      Justin, do we have to choose from these three? What if I want one of the other posters you've made?

    19. Creator Justin on April 10, 2010

      The comma placement on the Bioshock poster will be fixed for the print run. Thanks Chris!

    20. Creator Tony Adamo on April 9, 2010

      Justin, I know you said all orders will be met, but what if All 150 posters of the one i want are gone?

    21. Creator Benjamin Gifford on April 9, 2010

      Mario all the way! (Until I see a Link) Great posters Justin, love it!

    22. Creator Joshua Cummings on April 9, 2010

      Very good work sir! As soon as I saw them on the JPAG I had to have them. All of them. Here's to seeing more in the future! Good luck!

    23. Creator Christopher Grant on April 9, 2010

      Amazing work, Mr. Russo! Congratulations on the big success. Also, the comma placement on the Big Daddy poster is bugging me ... but I'll still pick that one anyway! :-D

    24. Creator David on April 8, 2010

      And maybe signings for the first bunch? :P

    25. Creator Justin on April 8, 2010

      Just letting everyone know that all orders will be met.

    26. Creator Mo Elshennawy on April 8, 2010

      These are awesome. i pledged $75 for all three. The dead space poster on behance was incredible, wish that was available. Gonna find frames.

    27. Creator Laura Dupler on April 8, 2010

      Proud as hell of you Justin. You can save the postage and I will pick it up if I can get Mario. Signed by the artist perhaps?!?

    28. Creator V. Romero on April 8, 2010

      Link comes to mind.

    29. Creator johnnydoyle123 on April 8, 2010

      would love to see a heavy rain one :P

    30. Creator Justin on April 8, 2010

      FYI to all your buddies, the more money I am able to raise for this, the more likely I will be doing a second series of posters:

    31. Creator Ari Velazquez on April 8, 2010

      all of them are absolutely awesome, congratulations! so glad stuff like this can happen in this day and age.

    32. Creator Russell Besaw on April 8, 2010

      OMG .....I so got the BioShock one the second I saw it . Its Truely amazing ,can't wait to get it !

    33. Creator Jason Cline on April 8, 2010

      Great poster design! I can't wait to get mine.

    34. Creator johnnydoyle123 on April 8, 2010

      @jorge lopez

      u read my mind

    35. Creator Jorge Lopez on April 8, 2010

      Awesome! Congratulations Justin! Now I go looking for the perfect frames!

    36. Creator johnnydoyle123 on April 8, 2010

      congrads man :)

    37. Creator Justin on April 8, 2010

      @Viero For sure

    38. Creator V. Romero on April 8, 2010

      What if I live in the Chicago area anyway, and wanted one poster. Can I get the most amazing falafel sam'ich anyway?!

    39. Creator johnnydoyle123 on April 8, 2010

      heres hoping u make more designs after and make another $4000 :)

    40. Creator Jared Casey on April 8, 2010

      Wow! From the time it took me to think about it and sign up, the pledged amount shot up by at least $1000!

      Congratulations man, I bet the last couple of hours have been real exciting for you.

    41. Creator Justin on April 8, 2010

      Check the updates everyone! I'll be contacting everyone for addresses and poster requests once the project is closed!

    42. Creator Jorge Lopez on April 8, 2010

      Holy smokes over $3,600 it was at like $1,500 when I first pledged this morning. Awesome. I'm excited. Mario and bioshock prints look great.

    43. Creator Arthur Mendes on April 8, 2010

      How much I have to give to have one shipped to Brazil?

    44. Creator johnnydoyle123 on April 8, 2010

      dude signature,s and numbering sounds awesome ,,,, ;) we did make $3000 in a day lol

    45. Creator michael buncher on April 8, 2010

      I too would like the bioshock and mario ones. I was really hoping his deadspace would be an option too! A signature would be nice, but it might slightly ruin the minimal nature of the posters. Still, it'd be awesome. I'm happy to back these awesome posters either way.

    46. Creator David on April 8, 2010

      These are going fast! I hope for some more because I really liked some of the other posters too. Also, signing (and numbering) is a grand idea :]

    47. Creator Nathan Foster on April 8, 2010

      This is awesome. Almost $3,000 in a day! Congrats Justin!

    48. Creator Jorge Lopez on April 8, 2010

      @Robert Burgess and @Alfredo Richner - Two awesome ideas because inevitably this will be huge and he'll become famous and having them signed and numbered for the original batch would be amazing.

    49. Creator Dalibor Dimovski on April 8, 2010

      Awesome job, dude. Love the posters!

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