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I created posters inspired by Video Game characters. Plenty of people have asked for prints, now's your chance to pre-order or help me get these made!

There are two things I think about almost all the time (other than my lovely wife) those are: Video Games and Graphic Design. I decided to combine my passions for these series of posters for my personal blog. I had no plans for them, it was just a fun little project. Until I posted them on that is. The posters "blew up" as you might say.

I got dozens and dozens of inquiries asking where prints could be purchased, from not only fans but from a few people in the video game industry as well. I researched available outlets and discovered that the cost to get them professionally printed was way out of the range of what I could afford. So I looked to Kickstarter to help me out.

What I want to do is get three of the most requested posters printed: The Big Daddy, Mario, and Nathan Drake.

They'll be 18" x 24" and will be screen-printed locally in Chicago. The amount I'm asking for covers the set-up and printing cost for 150 copies of each poster (450 posters total). In addition to that, it will also cover the cost of an initial mailing (as I plan to do all the packing and mailing myself.)

I'm also using this as a way for anyone who'd like a poster to pre-order them. They'll only be $25 dollars a piece through Kickstarter, but if there are any left, depending on demand, I may need to up the price a bit. So act now!

As a Graphic Designer in today's industry, its not very often that I get to see something I made get printed in such a beautiful old school manner. I've always wanted to get prints made of some of my artwork and with your help I totally can!
UPDATE: Donations are still being accepted.

Add $5 to your donation for shipping to Canada, add $10 for the rest of the world.

Because I keep getting asked, when the project closes on May 1st, everyone will be contacted asked for their Address and Poster Request. Keep in mind, these aren't printed yet, so once I get all requests, I can place the order, then account for production time and mailing. In a perfect world, it will mostly be take care of by the end of June, beginning of July.


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    You'll get one poster shipped to your house!

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    You'll get two posters shipped to your house!

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    You'll get all three posters shipped to your house!

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    You'll get all three posters shipped to your house as well as a SUPER SECRET ultra limited alternate print of the most popular poster design. This poster will be smaller than the others (9" x 12") but it will be ULTRA cool, I promise!

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    You'll get all three posters, the SUPER SECRET ultra limited edition print AND a promise that the next time you are in the Chicago area I will take you to dinner or lunch for the BEST FALAFEL SANDWICH YOU HAVE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE. We can also get some beers or just hang out, because if you give me some skrill, we're bro's for life (even if you're a lady.)

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