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[Kickstarter Gold] A culinary love story with 90+ vegan recipes inspired by my adventures & travels
[Kickstarter Gold] A culinary love story with 90+ vegan recipes inspired by my adventures & travels
[Kickstarter Gold] A culinary love story with 90+ vegan recipes inspired by my adventures & travels
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    1. Missing avatar

      Payn on

      Hi Justin, I read the update. I just wanted to keep in touch if something else went wrong. I hope it gets resolved shortly. I'm looking forward to recieve the cookbook soon. I wish you a good and safe travel back to Germany.

    2. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi Payn, I’m sorry if you didn’t get my earlier messages or updates. There are about 10-12 backers in Austria who are still waiting for their packages which (I promise!) were mailed on 12-14.12.17 from Berlin. I wish I could definitively update you and tell you all where they are. It’s very frustrating.

      Both Deutsche Post and Post in Österreich refuse to provide any information, apologies or compensation for the delays or error. At this point I still believe that batch of single book packages for Austria was sent to Australia by mistake. In a few days I’ll finally be back in Berlin and will make a final decision how to fix the situation (prob will need to mail new packages). Again Sorry, I wish I had more info and you already had your book.

    3. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi Santhosh, Sorry you didn’t get the book yet. I already sent you two personal messages since your question is only about your reward ;-) Unfortunately even after a few reminders your survey and address came in several weeks late and was after I’d made the first two rounds of spreadsheets for postal batches. I’ll be back in Berlin in a few days and can verify with my other records if your book made it out with the final roubd in mid-January. Thanks again. -Justin

    4. Missing avatar

      Payn on

      @justin p. Moore
      I have not recieved my copy here in austria jet. Any updates on where it is?

    5. Missing avatar

      Santhosh on

      @creator I have not received my hard copy yet. Can you please check on it?

    6. Sebastian W. on

      Wir haben jedes Deiner Kochbücher und jedes einzelne ist wirklich großartig - viele unserer täglichen Gerichte sind mittlerweile aus Deinen Büchern! =)
      Konnten mittlerweile auch schon andere für die veganen Rezepte begeistern, indem wir entweder bei Besuch daraus gekocht haben oder aber gleich ein Buch von Dir verschenkt haben ;-)

      Insgeheim hoffen wir ja immer noch, dass das nächste Buch AFRIKA zum Thema hat, da gibt es so viele wunderbare Gerichte zu entdecken!

    7. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hey Amirf, Thanks! Great news. Thanks, too, Martin!!

    8. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Thanks Matthew! I’m always happen when I hear readers’ friends and family (vegan or not) enjoy the recipes, too! And it’s always a treat when it’s parents! :-)

    9. Matthew Evans on

      My parents aren’t vegan but cooked a number of dishes from this book and they’ve loved each one. Given their diet selection (no chance converting them full time), I’d say it’s a great endorsement.

      For me the book is easy to follow, well set out and I feel confident following the recipes.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amirf on

      HI Justin! I've received both parcels (a week apart) in excellent condition. Thank you :)

    11. Martin Bryant

      Excellent books. Liked everything that we have tried so far. :-)

    12. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Dan, how about a postcard from India... with a little sketch/doodle? ;-) Let’s move the conversation to Messages.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Thank you for offering but it's ok, really! I still have your other books on the way so I'll still get some artwork. And the warping just makes it look well loved.

    14. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi Dan, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recipes. And I’m terribly sorry your book was slightly water-damaged... that’s not okay! Let’s talk on messages or email (even better so you could send me a photo).

    15. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Saravana, please check your Kickstarter messages and email. All ebook links and download codes were sent (with detailed instructions) several weeks ago, including to you. ;-)

    16. Saravana Kumar on

      How do i claim my ebook.Thanks.
      saravana kumar

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Received the first book this weekend and tried a couple of recipes. All turned out great!

      One gripe though, going forward could you use a waterproof pen when writing in the books please? The package got a little wet on the bottom in transit (not enough to ruin the book but enough to make the pen ink run & warp the pages a little) and all that's left is the top half of the lotus blossom and part of an article :(

    18. Thomas

      I got my ebook and my tote bag. Tonight will be the first night of me meal prepping. Between your book and Eat Happy, it's going to be a culinary adventure. Can't wait to try it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Chiman Choi

      I must have missed something. How do I claim my ebook?

    20. Armando

      Hey Justin I just wanna say thanks I got my package today and it’s awesome once again thanks man!!!

    21. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      @Michael I. W.: Hi Michael, Ive got a big update coming soon. I was focused on getting the final packages all out. Yes, unfortunately it appears a collection (10? 15?) of book packages sent to Austria on 12.12.2017 is delayed, and/or decided to spend the holidays in Australia or the back of a post office somewhere first. :-( A few other packages to Austria took far longer than expected so I believe there were some serious problems with mail over there in the last few weeks. I’m sorry youre still waiting

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael I. W.

      Austrian backer, still waiting. Is there an update? I‘ve read that a few Austrian backers have the same issue?
      Looking forward to receive it!

    23. Wozzie on

      Books arrived today, Australia. Good work, heaps of wonderful appealing recipes and plenty of accompanying pictures. Thanks Justin

    24. Missing avatar

      Brandon Black on

      Hey Justin, I received the India book today and I imagine others soon. I just started reading it and look forward to more stories and cooking the recipes. My wife loved it, as well. Glad I came across your Kickstarter!! Nice work!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Hazim Sami

      Hi Justin, thanks a million! I have found the email and I am currently downloading the ebook. Thanks for making 2018 that much healthier :)

    26. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      @venkat Just checked, your ebook download links and instructions were also sent on 24.12. *Please check your Kickstarter messages* The email comes from your Kickstarter updates, messages, and notifications. If you can't find it, I can send it again to the gmail address you specified in your survey which is different than your KSR account email. ;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Venkat Velagala on

      Hi, I have not seen any download links as well. Can you tell us what email it was sent from?

    28. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      @hazim Yes, all ebook download links were sent about 2 weeks ago. Please check your messages, I just verified yours was sent with all others to 5€ backers on 24.12 :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Hazim Sami

      Hi there, I haven’t received my digital book yet. Was it sent out already?

    30. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi Thomas, I'll send you a message. Several backers in Austria told me last week they are still waiting for packages, yours was probably also sent as a Priority Letter (7€) on 12.12.17: should've arrived already. Hoping they show up in the next days, not sure what happened. :-/ Sorry!

    31. Missing avatar

      Thomas Pilz

      I also haven‘t yet gotten my physical copy of the india book. Do you know of any delays to or within Austria? Also could you send me the tracking info?

      Thanks in advance!

      Best Regards, Thomas

    32. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi @brandonblack I did get your info, thanks- I've had a serious of delays and challenges (transportation, shipping logistics) with larger packages as mentioned in the message to your reward level last week. Sorry! I sent you a personal message with more details, I'll look up and send your tracking number. Let's hope DHL starts scanning more packages in transit so it'll help us follow the progress! You should've gotten all the e-book links if you want to get a headstart on cooking with the family. If not, or with other questions about your reward/package, please msg me. :-)

    33. Missing avatar

      Brandon Black on

      Hello Justin. Have you shipped all of the packages? I have not received a package or tracking number for DHL. I believe I answered the address email, so want to make sure all is set. Thank you! Looking forward to trying the recipes with wife and kids. Brandon

    34. Missing avatar


      Thanks! I found out what I was doing wrong.

    35. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Remiam, sorry you're having trouble. You *can* install it in iBooks, just like my other books. I've got it installed on 3 devices with iBooks: phone, tablet, computer. ;-)

    36. Missing avatar


      Would have been advantageous to download this ebook to iBooks like I was able to do for all your others. But at least I have it on my computer.

    37. colorfool on

      Hey Justin, I hope you'll have some peace once the local DHL closes for the holidays. And I hope the temporary stress will work towards keeping you fit and healthy so you can travel on and stay productive. I just got a delivery notification, really looking forward to get my hands on your books!

    38. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hey Everyone, Hey E-book backers, I'm still working frantically to get the INDIA e-book available for all downloaders as soon as possible (not just the select few I've been able to send beta links to; having trouble with the e-book server and partner site) -- first priority now is still getting remaining 50 big book set packages out before Christmas. I hope to get an update online soon for everybody, but they take me about 1-2 hours, too, and right now packages need to post! I understand your frustration and expectations. Sorry!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jun Xue on

      Hi, same question than Sara Gedra, it would be good to have visibility on the e-book release.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sara Gedra

      Will the e-books be released before Christmas? The plan was to make this a Christmas gift to my sister.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben Cichocki on

      Just received the book. Only had time for a quick thumb through the book but it looks great! Can't wait to spend more time reading it.

    42. Daniel on

      I already received my book! \○/
      I always loved indian cuisine, but there are so many new things in the book which I have never seen/tried before and I'm really looking forward to them especially to all the recipes for the sweet desserts. :P
      Thanks Justin for the amazing work.

    43. Matthew Evans on

      Email received asking to confirm my address is correct (it is), which can only mean one thing. You’re getting ready to dispatch. #excited

    44. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      Hi Very-Anxious E-book Backers! I'm doing the very best I can to get (the few) remaining surveys out. I posted another update today. Printed cookbook rewards *must* be my first priority (also out of respect to the publisher, stores, and my partners) and I would ask you to be patient and understanding– it is still November, the expected shipping month. At latest, e-book links should be sent (and INDIA e-book released) in early to mid-December, after printed book rewards are shipping.

      Keeping everything as accurate, decent, personal and individualised as possible has always been my goal with all of my (5) Kickstarter projects; I'd rather deliver just a little bit later than hoped, than ship anything rushed and impersonal! This includes surveys (which can only be sent ONCE) and links (in total over 2000!)

      If you have special requests (or concerns about *your* personal reward or survey, e.g. resending) it'd be kind of you to send me a personal message. I want you to have everything as soon as possible, too. Thanks everyone!

    45. Missing avatar

      E J- C

      Just public comment option. Was hoping to make ebook selections since printing is beginning. I am anxious to receive, try out, an share my success with your recipes before the holidays. Hopefully so others can have a chance to pick it up.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      @E J- C, go to your backed projects page. To the right of Lotus click on the Messages button. That brings up a kind of pop-up window. The middle tab of that should show "Survey". If it does, you can take it from there instead of waiting for an email.

    47. Missing avatar

      E J- C

      Did the survey go out? If so please resend

    48. Missing avatar

      Francois-Xavier on

      Hey there, when will we get the download links for the e-book versions?

    49. Alexander Recktenwald on

      Hey Justin:D
      Ich habe auch für die E-Book Downloads gespendet, wann bekomm ich meine Coupons/links?� Erst Ende November oder kommende Woche?

      Die E-Books werden wohl schon downloadbereit sein, kriegen wir als Backer dann auch die Links dazu?:3

    50. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on

      @sarah Hey Sarah! I sent you a message weeks ago asking for details for download links. No reply. Sorry to see you're saddened. (I sent a personal message rather than reply to your comment publicly since the question was only about your personal reward and was a special request.) FYI anyone can download the existing ebooks anytime, no waiting... just not at Kickstarter reward prices. ;-)

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