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Did you miss the Kickstarter? No problem! Become a late backer. Option available until April 30, 2018.
Did you miss the Kickstarter? No problem! Become a late backer. Option available until April 30, 2018.
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Month-End Summary #1 (April 2018)

Posted by Justin Andrew Mason (Creator)

Good morning, everyone! I hope the week finds you well. As we're rolling into the month of May, It's time for the Month-End Summary Update for The Big Book of Maps Volume 2!

We didn't have a full month to do a summary of in April, 2018 (after the launch of the Digital Distribution Tool on the 9th), but I did want to start the habit of consistently touching base with backers and recapping the work done over the previous month.

Plus there's some very exciting news to share for everyone further down in this update!

Our partial month of April saw the following content releases:

  • 8 Science Fiction Maps (3 Starship Deckplan Maps; 5 Locale Maps)
  • 20 Science Fiction Icons (Themes: Doors & Passages)
  • Planet Portfolio I (50 VTT Assets)
  • 4 Starship Builder Kits (80 Unique Starship Sections)

Here's a quick visualization of new content added this month:

Special Funding Stretch Goal Achieved!

The very exciting news is that thanks to our late backers, who raised an additional $2,638.00 USD (bringing total funds raised for the Volume 2 project to $23,641.00).

We have unlocked additional stretch goals -- including the "biggie" -- auto-funding "Volume 3: Mini-Dungeon Maps" for all backers.

What this means is that everyone who has backed this Kickstarter for Volume 2, will also be getting the digital content and/or PDF (relative to level backed) for the next volume of maps which will focus on smaller fantasy-themed "mini-dungeon" maps.

Yes, everyone will be getting two huge collections of maps instead of one! :)

The production of Volume 3 will not begin until the "Volume 2: Science Fiction" project is completed and fully released, but will roll into its creation phase immediately thereafter.

Examples of Mini-Dungeon cartography I've crafted for other publishers.
Examples of Mini-Dungeon cartography I've crafted for other publishers.

Why Didn't You Run a 3rd Kickstarter for Volume 3?

I've been asked several times why I decided to "auto-fund" the next book for backers of this series as a stretch goal rather than running another Kickstarter to raise funds for it. There are several reasons, but the primary are as follows:

  • I'm aware that the majority of my supporters are fantasy-centric, and I wanted to find a way to reward those who started by backing the fantasy maps of Volume 1, and continued their support for Volume 2 (even if Science Fiction may not be their primary game genre of choice). It means a lot to me that so many folks simply wanted to show their continued support, and I wanted to show my thanks.

  • It's going to take less time and effort on my part to create the third volume than it has/will for either Volume 1 and Volume 2. A huge investment of my time on these projects aren't just making the maps, but creating the assets I use to build them. Since the Volume 3 mini-dungeon maps are going to be utilizing assets that I have already created for the first two volumes, that means I won't have to budget time to create and prepare hundreds of map icons, textures, brushes, palettes, and extra content.

  • I'm very thankful that Volume 1 has been doing well with retail sales since its February release. It has already reached Best Seller status at DriveThruRPG, and I'm taking the gamble that Volume 3 will generate comparable retail sales once completed to compensate for the time that will be invested in creating the third book of maps.

  • I like making my backers happy. Now everyone who backed this Kickstarter will be getting twice as much content for their pledge.

Late Backer Portal Extended!

The plan was originally to wrap up the Late Backer Portal on April 30, 2018. However, since we have now auto-funded the fantasy maps for Volume 3, I will be making an update with the news later today for all backers of the Volume 1 fantasy maps. I want to give a couple extra weeks in case any who didn't back Volume 2 are now interested in doing so in order to obtain the stretch goal of Volume 3's mini-dungeon maps.

Screenshot of the secure "Late Backers" portal.
Screenshot of the secure "Late Backers" portal.

I'll be keeping track of additional funds raised by late backers, and will update as we unlock any additional stretch goals for this project.

In Conclusion

Things are off to a great start with this project, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how much content I can get released in May. I think it's going to be a very exciting month!

I appreciate everyone's support, and hope my explanation of this new content wasn't too awfully convoluted.  If you have any questions, concerns, or input to share, please feel free to comment below, post in the comments section, post on the Facebook Page, or message me directly here on Kickstarter.

Thanks again for your support! I truly appreciate you all.

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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      Adam M

      That’s awesome news about hitting the stretch goal for Volume 3. I backed this Kickstarter mainly as a show of support after being really happy with what I received from the first Kickstarter.

      I don’t really have much need for Sci-Fi stuff, so I appreciate you giving back by providing the mini-maps. Cheers.