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A cartography collection of more than 160 full-color full-page tabletop roleplaying game maps w/ high-resolution + VTT-ready versions.
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

Post-Kickstarter Update & Important Information


Wow! What a fantastic wrap to an amazing kickstarter campaign!

First and foremost I’d like to thank all of you for the amazing support shown for The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games). I’m thrilled that so many people are interested in this project and willing to help make it a reality!

The three-week kickstarter raised a total of $23,562 with 947 backers. With all the stretch goals unlocked, The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) cartography collection now consists of 195 maps and 613 map icons (32 different map icon set themes). This includes 156 standard maps, 29 tavern and storefront mini-maps and 10 Underworld Mega Dungeons!

(Note: We were only shy 3 backers from unlocking the 19th bonus map, so I went ahead and unlocked it! Thanks so much for your support!)

So What’s Next?

Before posting this update, I sent out all of the Kickstarter Backer Surveys for all pledge levels – if you haven’t already received yours, you should see it soon.

These surveys need to be filled out as soon as possible. All digital maps and map icon downloads will be issued through the Digital Distribution Tool, and the surveys provide the information I need to create login accounts for everyone.

According to the Kickstarter Creator FAQ, it takes an estimated 14-days for funds to clear after a successful kickstarter campaign. Since my intent is to provide access to the Digital Distribution Tool the immediately after the project funds clear, that is the deadline I’m assigning to the backer surveys.

Very Important Reminder:

Backer Survey Deadline is Friday, April 14, 2017 @ midnight CDT.

If you do not have your survey completed by the deadline it could cause considerable delay in accessing your rewards.

I will post a Kickstarter update when the Digital Distribution Tool goes live so all backers should see the announcement in their inbox soon after its launch.

When Will New Maps & Icons Be Available?

Digital map downloads are available to those who pledged at the $20 (or higher) pledge levels via the Digital Distribution Tool.

Digital map icon downloads are available to all backers via the Digital Distribution Tool.

The planned launch date of the Digital Distribution Tool is April 15, 2017 (the day after all Kickstarter backer surveys are due). The high-resolution digital downloads for all seven sample maps are already back-loaded into the system and will be available immediately for download.

The days of the week for scheduled map releases were determined by your votes in this backer poll. The two days of the week chosen were: Monday (25.9%) and Thursday (26.8%).

(Backer Poll Results)
(Backer Poll Results)

This means the first new map release will be on Monday, April 17th, 2017 followed by a second new map on Thursday, April 20, 2017. New maps will proceed thereafter every Monday and Thursday until all the maps have been created and released. During some weeks more than two maps will be released, but the target is to always have a minimum of two maps released every week.

Map Icon sets will be released weekly at the same time or before the Thursday map release.

The poll also determined that I will do a once-monthly summary of all maps and map icons released that month. These summary reports will be posted to Kickstarter as an update to this project on (or near) the last day of each month. This means the monthly summary update will also go to your e-mail inbox. The first summary update will be posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 to start this monthly process.

Alternative Download Methods

I realize not everyone will want to login to the Digital Distribution Tool multiple times a week to download new files. So, I have also created additional methods of download:

Monthly Summary Downloads – These ZIP files will contain all maps in both 600-dpi high-resolution and 300-dpi lower-resolution, as well as all map icons that have been released since the previous monthly summary report. It will be available for download after the monthly summary report is posted as an update and will remain available until the next monthly summary update replaces it on the last day of the preceding month. If you would like to stop by once a month and pick up all the new content released, this is the option for you.

The Whole Shebang – A single ZIP file containing all maps in both 600-dpi high-resolution and 300-dpi lower-resolution, as well as all map icons will be released at the end of the project creation phase. This single download will include absolutely everything released (and will be rather large). There will be a Kickstarter update announcing when this file is available for download. If you would rather wait until everything is done and get it all at once, this is the option for you.

Note: If you backed at the $1 or $10 pledge level, both of these ZIP files will contain only map icons when you download them, but they will still be available as alternative download methods for all backers.

About Custom Maps

For backers who pledge at levels including custom maps: These will be done in the order of backer number by specific tier. See your backer survey for additional information. I will begin the process of custom map design after the Digital Distribution Tool is launched April 15, 2017. I will contact you directly via e-mail when I’m available to start on your map, and we can discuss the process then.

I will get these completed as quickly as possible so folks are not waiting extended periods of time for their custom maps, but how long each map takes will depend highly on what is being requested and the response time of the backer for which the current commission is for.

I’ve done many commission maps for both private parties as well as publishers, and have several tried-and-true methods to ensure you end up with a map to be proud of. We will work together one-on-one to find out which process works best for you.

Publisher Stock Cartography Licenses & Cartographer Map Icon Licenses

Those who backed at the pledge level for either license need to get their backer surveys completed by the April 14, 2017 deadline. The information provided therein will be used to issue your license via the Digital Distribution System. Your license will be specifically issued to an individual (for cartographers) or a publishing entity (for publishers) and will have a printable license granting your relevant rights to the content.

Licenses will be available to applicable backers April 15, 2017 and can be located on the “My Account” page of the Digital Distribution Tool.

In Conclusion –

The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) kickstarter has been a thrilling (and exhausting) experience. I could not be happier with the level of support you all have shown, and have already been diving into creating new maps for the collection.

While the project ended up producing a lot more maps than originally anticipated, I foresee no major delays in production. I padded my estimated fulfillment dates quite a bit just to be on the safe-side, and I am confident we are still well within the parameters of meeting (or beating) those deadlines.

I hope this update answers many of the most common questions folks have as we dive into the creation phase of this project. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to post a comment below or in the main comments section or send me a message.

Just as a heads up to everyone: after the three-week "kickstarter rush", I am exhausted, and will be taking this weekend off to recoup. I will be checking in here occasionally, but if receive a large volume of questions it may be Monday before I get a reply to everyone. Please be patient and know I’m not ignoring you if I don’t get a response to you over the weekend.

Again, thank you all so much! You are amazing and this project is going to be a blast!

Have a safe and fun weekend!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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    1. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      UPDATE: The deadline for Backer Surveys has passed. The survey responses have been exported. If you need to make changes (or you did not submit a survey) please send me a message:…

    2. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      @Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan: Ah, you are correct! I didn't really specify how that will work. Sorry about that. Once all the maps are completed, and the PDF is compiled all backers at the $10 pledge level (and higher) will get a link to download the PDF via This link will come via e-mail, but will also be accessible through the Digital Distribution Tool "My Account" page. Thanks!

    3. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      @Silver Games LLC: You do make a good point. However, to clarify the frequency vote wasn't for the release schedule of content -- maps will still be released at a minimum of two per week with an icon pack each week until we have them all completed. The vote was for the frequency of summary updates posted here to Kickstarter. The summaries will include a re-cap of what maps were released since the previous summary update. Everyone will still be able to access the Digital Distribution Tool at any time after it launches to access any of the maps or map icons that have been released and that are available to their pledge level. With the poll vote being relatively evenly split between one a month and more than once a month, I opted for the "winning" vote of monthly summary updates to minimize the sense of "spamming" backers' e-mails with the summary updates. Once we have a few updates out, if folks feel like once a month summaries are not frequent enough, we can always change it up as we move forward. :)

    4. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      First of all, congratulations on a great Kickstarter.

      Secondly ...
      Might have missed it ... but does the update say anything about how $10 backers will be able to download the PDF once everything is finished?

    5. Silver Games LLC on

      I feel you read the release time vote results wrong. You went directly for the result with the highest votes, but look at it this way: Over half the vote wanted it every 2 weeks or faster, and only lost because some were alright with 2 weeks and some wanted weekly.

      The smaller number that were happier with it slower won because they were more specific.

      I hope I'm making sense.