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LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
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Weekly Featured Addition: The Underworld Mega Dungeons

Posted by Justin Andrew Mason (Creator)

Good afternoon, and welcome to our new backers!

It's time for another Sunday update, and I have a lot of really fun things to announce today including the new Featured Weekly Addition, results of our bonus map icon set poll, and a new bonus stretch goal.

We're now entering the final days of The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) kickstarter! Only five more days remain!

Thanks to your support we have made some amazing progress since last week's midweek update including reaching and exceeding the $15k and $16k funding levels -- unlocking two new Super Stretch goals and adding a total of 64 new icons to our map icons collection!

Remember, even $1 backers will get this entire map icon collection, which (thanks to your support) has grown into a portfolio of over 360 map icons!

Every new backer puts us one step closer to unlocking the next bonus map! With over 600 backers currently, we've already unlocked 12 bonus maps, and for every 50 new backers we unlock yet another!

Bonus Map Icon Pack -- Backers' Choice

The results are in from the Poll deciding the theme of the bonus map icon pack, and it was a close one! There were a total of 244 responses, and the top two contenders were only separated by 1.2%! The winning theme (with 32.8% of the vote) was Gnomish Workshop! The runner up was Nothing is Safe! trap theme (with 31.6% of the vote).

With the tally so very close, I decided to embrace both. So, there will now be TWO bonus map icon packs! Both Gnomish Workshop and Nothing is Safe! map icon sets are now added for all backers! Who knows... there might even be a couple Gnomish traps in there!

Weekly Featured Addition - Week 3

This week’s Featured Addition is inspired by my friends over at AAW Games / and their upcoming book “Underworld Races & Classes” for 5th Edition and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The kickstarter for this exciting new project launches in a few weeks, and I wanted to do a little something to commemorate their efforts (and say thanks to them for helping to get the word out about this project). Sign up for the Newsletter or like the Underworld Races & Classes Facebook page to get updates about the launch.

I introduce to you The Underworld: Extra Large Mega Dungeons! To our lineup of bonus maps I’m adding five massive full-spread mega dungeon maps to The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games).

These mega dungeon maps will all focus on the Underworld theme – home of the drow, dweorg and dvergr. Each map will span two facing pages in the book, and also be included for those who pledge $20 (or higher) as 600 dpi 17” x 11” digital maps with VTT-ready, GM, and Player versions.

For those of you planning on having miniature-scale poster prints created from the digital maps, these gigantic mega dungeon maps scale up crisp-and-clean to 68” x 44” Underworld labyrinths for your tabletop!

New $20k Bonus Stretch Goal!

I am adding a new bonus stretch goal for The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games). If we reach the $20k funding level for this project, I will double the number of mega dungeon maps from 5 to 10 – that’s over 20 pages of Underworld to explore!

In Conclusion --

I'm ecstatic about amazing progress this project has made due to your support!

As this kickstarter has been progressing, in addition to answering questions and making project updates, I have also continued to diligently work on creating additional content for the collection and developing the Digital Distribution Tool (which is now complete and ready to roll out for use the day funds clear).

I even have all the Backer Surveys designed and ready to roll out as soon as the kickstarter concludes; this way we can get a head start on getting everyone's information collected for access to the Digital Distribution Tool.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to say hi, please feel free to send me a message or post a comment, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you all again! You're awesome!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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      Glad to see both sets included. It's going to be cool!