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A cartography collection of more than 160 full-color full-page tabletop roleplaying game maps w/ high-resolution + VTT-ready versions.
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

Weekly Featured Addition: Taverns & Storefronts (Mini-Maps)


Good morning! I hope the weekend has been kind to you all. It's time for another update on The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games).

Funding has now reached over 1300%, and we've unlocked four new map icon stretch goals including: Elven Artifacts, Dungeon Cell, Executioner's Den, and Bloody Mess (40 new map icons!), We have also unlocked a total of 10 bonus maps!

Next up on the stretch goals list is "Loot! (2) The Hoard" which is a companion to the original "Loot!" map icon set; because what dungeon couldn't use more treasure, right?

We're also drawing closer to the first of the new Super Stretch Goals that begin to be unlocked at the $15k funding level. Each of these new stretch goals adds one extra map icon to every single set of map icons that are a part of this kickstarter. That means an extra 32 map icons every time one is unlocked!

Weekly Featured Addition - Week 2

As we wrap up the second week of this kickstarter and roll into the early hours of Sunday morning, it's time to announce the second of the weekly featured additions to The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games)!

This past Wednesday I released an update with a new sample map (city streets) and suggested that the map theme provided a bit of a hint as to what the weekly featured addition would be this weekend. Did you guess it? 

I introduce to you Taverns & Storefronts Mini-Maps! This collection of half-page maps retains the same 600 dpi high-resolution as the rest of the collection and is being released as a series of bonus maps for the project. Just like all the full-sized maps, they will be provided in digital format to all backers who pledge $20 (or higher) with all three versions (VTT-ready, GM, and Player). The mini-maps will also be included in the PDF and print book; arranged two per page (one placed over another).

Each of these maps will depict the interior of various buildings: shops, smithies, taverns, inns, libraries, apothecaries, and other various places-of-interest you might find in any moderately sized town or city.

The core set consists of 10 mini-maps, but there will also be one extra mini-map for the Taverns & Storefront Mini-Maps series for every bonus map stretch goal unlocked during this kickstarter. There are presently 10 bonus maps unlocked, starting this series off with 20 building interior maps.

Just to clarify: for every bonus map stretch goal unlocked not only is the Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) getting one additional full-page map, but an extra mini-map as well!

[Note: for the purposes of the current map count located at the top of the main project page, two of these half-page mini-maps will be counted as one map]

Need graphic signs for these taverns & shops? No problem! I have you covered there as well. I have already created a completely free, web-based Tavern Sign Generator with the ability to design your own custom signs with the Tavern Sign Crafter.

Both of these web applications are available and free to use right now. You can currently print or "screen capture" any generated sign, and there are plans to add a "save as" option soon.

(Created with the Tavern Sign Crafter.)
(Created with the Tavern Sign Crafter.)


While these two sign generating applications are not directly a part of this kickstarter, I still wanted to share the links since both are a relevant and free tool for this latest featured addition. I hope you find them fun and useful!

In Conclusion --

Despite being at the halfway point of this kickstarter (where funding for many projects seems to stall for awhile), this project's funding has continued to grow consistently thanks to you all (now over 500 backers!). You have stepped up and pledged your support, and I truly cannot find the adequate words to express the enormity of my gratitude to each of you. I am very excited to start rolling these maps out to backers.

There are more fun things coming in the next week (including a new sample map) so keep an eye out for updates!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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    1. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      @Richard Hodge: That's correct. They will be exactly one half of the full size maps. This way in the PDF and book, I can fit them two on a page, one over the other. The scale and quality will match their larger counterparts. They will have Player, GM, and VTT-ready digital versions as well.

    2. Richard Hodge

      So what is the approximate size of the mini maps? Are they half size of the full ones which would be 34x22 or are they a different dimension. I am actually pretty excited about these. My group seems to start an awful lot of bar room brawls.

    3. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      @Laurie: That's great! I'm glad to hear you had fun with it! :)

    4. Laurie McCullen on

      @Justin, love the tavern sign generator/crafter, works great, I made up a bunch of different signs, just to get an idea what I could do