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A cartography collection of more than 160 full-color full-page tabletop roleplaying game maps w/ high-resolution + VTT-ready versions.
LATEST UPDATE (06/01/2017): The Month End Summary for May 2017 has been posted in the Updates section. Released : 24 Maps, 100 Map Icons, 1 new DDT feature.
LATEST UPDATE (06/01/2017): The Month End Summary for May 2017 has been posted in the Updates section. Released : 24 Maps, 100 Map Icons, 1 new DDT feature.
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

Midweek Update & New Sample Map


Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great week. It’s time for the midweek update! Kickstarter progress for The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) has been steady. Thank you all for your support!

Over 60 new backers have joined us since our last update, and funding has increased by $1,500 (taking us well over 1100% funded)!

We have also unlocked an additional bonus map, as well as several stretch goal map icon sets including: Obstructions, Alien Technology, Science Fiction, Dwarven Mines, and Strange Elements. That's over 50 new map icons for ALL backers!

We are very close to unlocking our next stretch goal, “Elven Artifacts”, and we are nearing yet another bonus map!


New Sample Map PDF –

Today I’m adding a new sample map to the kickstarter line up. The City Streets sample map PDF includes samples of all three versions of the digital map: VTT-ready, GM Map, and Player Map!


Also, tonight’s new sample map is a bit of a hint about what this weekend’s Featured Addition is going to be all about. Think you can guess? Find out if you are correct this coming Sunday night when the new weekly featured addition is announced!

In Conclusion –

We’ve entered the slow-and-steady phase of this kickstarter, but I have a lot of fun things in store that will be released every few days -- just to keep things fun and interesting. More sample maps, new weekly featured additions, and some other fun promotional stuff is coming your way, so keep an eye out.

Thank you all again for making this kickstarter an amazing experience so far. I appreciate the support, kind words, and conversations.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share, please stop by the project page comments section and drop me a note. I check in a couple times a night and periodically throughout the day to respond to messages and answer questions anyone may have.

Have a fantastic night everyone!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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    1. Justin Andrew Mason Creator
      on March 16

      Update: All the links in all e-mails should be working now as well. I was able to code a redirect workaround on my server's end to resolve the broken link generated by Kickstarter. Thanks again everyone. :)

    2. Victor Serrano on March 16

      @Justin Andrew Mason Woot ty for quick fix, to be honest I cant wait to use this maps in my vtt game.

    3. Justin Andrew Mason Creator
      on March 16

      @Victor: Thanks to you as well. I appreciate it. :)

    4. Justin Andrew Mason Creator
      on March 16

      @Prickly Pear: Thank you for confirming! I assumed they probably were. It appears to me that the apostrophe in the filename wasn't encoded properly when the update tool converted the update markup to the string for the e-mail body. Not much to do about it now that the e-mails have gone out. I did submit the bug report to Kickstarter and will avoid apostrophes in links for updates moving forward.

    5. Victor Serrano on March 16

      I can confirm it as well. Links are broken.

    6. Per Hansen the Prickly Pear on March 16

      Yes, I can confirm that the links in the emails are broken.

    7. Justin Andrew Mason Creator
      on March 16

      Note: In the e-mail copy that was sent to me of this update both of the links to the new "City Streets" sample map PDF are not working. I'm not sure why, but both appear to be broken. I'm note sure if the same is true for the e-mail automatically sent out to backers. The links do however work fine here in the update itself. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'm reporting the bug to Kickstarter, and will try linking to simpler filenames in future updates to try to prevent additional broken links in e-mails. Thanks, again!