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A cartography collection of more than 160 full-color full-page tabletop roleplaying game maps w/ high-resolution + VTT-ready versions.
LATEST UPDATE (04/17/2017): All add-on rewards have been delivered to backers. Digital Distribution Tool is live, and the first new maps have started rolling out.
LATEST UPDATE (04/17/2017): All add-on rewards have been delivered to backers. Digital Distribution Tool is live, and the first new maps have started rolling out.
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

All of the Digital Maps are Poster-Print Quality. Here's an Example.


Every map in the Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) is created at 600 dpi resolution. Initially this was done to assure that the map images look great no matter how “zoomed-in” they might need to appear when being used in a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) software.

In the immediate days following the launch of this kickstarter several backers expressed interest in printing the digital maps for use at their physical game table, and were curious how poster-sized versions of the maps would look. I thought the best way to answer that question would be to provide an example. So here we go…

(Dice Shown for Scale)
(Dice Shown for Scale)

Every digital map in The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) collection scales up (crisp and clean) to poster-size print. While I will not be manufacturing or offering poster prints of maps through this kickstarter, I did want to demonstrate the quality of these maps when printed at poster size should backers choose to make their own prints to use at the tabletop.

The example provided here is 34-inch by 44-inch glossy laminated poster print of the sample dungeon map which can be downloaded from the main project page. It has been scaled up to the 1-inch grid scale popular for use of miniatures with many tabletop roleplaying games. The dice are included only for a reference to scale.

Here's a video demo of the print quality...

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Replay with sound
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I rush ordered and overnight shipped this poster print after conversation with backers in the main project comments section. In my haste, I uploaded the VTT version of the map to the printers so there is no grid showing on the poster print map example here. However the additional “Players” maps and “GMs” maps are the identical resolution and scale.

Thanks again!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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    1. Justin Andrew Mason Creator on March 13

      @Todd Beaubien: That's great! I'm a big fan of Dyson's maps. The black and white format with the "old-school" presentation is a pretty great combo. I've also seen several cartographers mimic the unique style, so the maps are real trend setters. I've been following Dyson Logos on social media for a good while, and I am always excited to see one of the new map designs show up in my feed. :)

    2. Todd Beaubien
      on March 13

      Outstanding! This is perfect for how I hope to use the maps too. I have just started doing this with maps I get from Dyson Logos's website though it is easier since these are simple black and white.

    3. Justin Andrew Mason Creator on March 12

      @Patrick: Thank you! I appreciate your support.

    4. Patrick P.
      on March 11

      These look really good, Justin! I'm really happy you are doing gridded and non-grid versions and that they are at such high resolution for poster printing!

    5. Justin Andrew Mason Creator on March 11

      @Richard Hodge: This one I had printed up by VIVYX Printing ( mainly because they were the first solution I came across that could accept the large file size via their web-based upload tool. I had never heard of or used them before this, but they have won a happy customer here with the great print and super fast turnaround time. :)

    6. Richard Hodge
      on March 11

      So I normally just get the color blue print done at local office store. Which normally come out pretty good but would be curious to know where you got the laminated glossy from because that looks way better.

    7. Justin Andrew Mason Creator on March 11

      @Richard Hodge: Great! I think it's a fantastic idea. This is one reason why I really enjoy maintaining a dialog with backers. I might not be able to work everyone's ideas into the project, but many of the ideas have lead to beneficial additions to the kickstarter. Poster prints weren't a forethought with this project, but as luck would have it -- everything lined up perfectly to make this huge digital maps collection a great solution for printed poster maps for those who want to make them. Honestly, now I've seen this one all printed up, glossy, and laminated. I wouldn't mind eventually getting all the maps done up that way to have handy for my own games. It really looks even better than I imagined it would. :)

    8. Richard Hodge
      on March 11

      Nice. That is exactly the approach that I am taking.