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A cartography collection of more than 160 full-color full-page tabletop roleplaying game maps w/ high-resolution + VTT-ready versions.
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

Important Poll & More About Digital Maps


Welcome to all our new backers! Day two was another very exciting day, and we move into the wee hours of day three with nearly 650% funding! Thank you so much for your support!

Today we unlocked two additional stretch goal bonus maps (making the current total four). We also unlocked four new map icon set stretch goals, and the bonus stretch goal of adding a “player” version of non-VTT maps to every digital map download.

Presently we are just a few dollars away from unlocking the 12th map icon set, “Dark Sigils & Ruins” – perfect for those who want to lend an air of ancient evil to their dungeons.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic morning! And, now down to business…


Important Backer Poll –

A backer poll has been created to determine on which days the twice-weekly digital map releases should occur as well as how frequent summaries of available downloads should be e-mailed out to backers.

When it is convenient for you to do so, please take a moment to answer this three-question poll.

This anonymous poll will be available for input through to the end of this kickstarter. The data collected from your responses will determine what days of the week the digital map downloads will be scheduled for release after the kickstarter funds clear.

About Downloading Digital Maps –

Another reason for this late night post is that I wanted to provide a bit of an update on the web-based digital map distribution tool that I am developing. Its purpose is to deliver the twice-weekly digital map downloads to applicable backers.

Below you can see a snapshot of the in-development application. This current rendition now includes functionality for the new “player” version of digital maps we unlocked today.

(Snapshot of Digital Map Distribution Tool)
(Snapshot of Digital Map Distribution Tool)

My intent with this tool isn’t only to create a way to distribute the digital files, but I want to provide some heavy-duty functionality to make keeping track of the digital maps easier for everyone.

My hope is to really add some extra value for backers at the $20 (and higher) pledge levels with the quality of the digital map distribution tool.

Not only does the distribution tool keep you updated with the latest releases, but it keeps track of which digital maps (and subsequent versions) you have already downloaded. This way you can make sure not to miss any maps! The different map versions can be downloaded individually or as a ZIP containing all three versions.

Every map has a thumbnail view as well as a “zoomed in” view, making it easier to know exactly what map you are downloading. And though the map icon sets will be download-able for all backers via updates here on Kickstarter, the icons are also added in this same sort of format to the distribution tool for your convenience.

How Will Backers Access the Digital Maps Distribution Tool?

The link to the digital map distribution tool will be provided to all backers at the $20 (and higher) pledge levels after the kickstarter ends and as soon as funds for the project clear.

When the kickstarter ends, I will immediately send out a Kickstarter-generated "backer survey" to gather the required information needed to create the backer accounts for the tool.

When funds clear I will provide the account information to each backer which they can use to login to the tool and get started. The sample maps will be backloaded first should the scheduled release day not be the same day that funds clear.

The tool will be ready for everyone to access the same day that funds clear.

In Conclusion –

Today has been another positive day, and once again, I want to thank all of the backers of this kickstarter. This project is happening because of you.

There are some really fun updates coming later this week including new sample map PDFs -- so stay tuned!

Don’t forget: every single backer of this project (even at the $1 level) makes progress towards unlocking additional bonus maps. Continue to help spread the word and get even more maps added to this massive cartography collection.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

-- Justin Andrew Mason

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