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LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
LATEST UPDATE (02/18/2018):  Project 100% completed two months ahead of schedule! Check out latest update for info. New Kickstarter for Volume 2 Launched!
947 backers pledged $23,562 to help bring this project to life.

What an Amazing First Day. Thank You!

Posted by Justin Andrew Mason (Creator)

First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for the tremendous support you all have shown for this project. The first day response was more than I could had ever imagined, and I’m grateful beyond words.

I launched this project at 6:00 AM CST this morning, and in roughly three hours the project was fully funded. And, soon after that it was 200% funded. Then 300%, and now as I wrap up this extremely exciting first day we are over 400% funded. That’s amazing, and that’s because of you.

I’ve had a great time throughout the day messaging with you all; answering questions, brainstorming new ideas, and chatting back-and-forth over social media.

Thank you to everyone who shared links to the project on various social media platforms today. This huge success is a direct result of your efforts to get the word out. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive community of folks to help bring The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games) to life. We did it!

Stretch Goals –

We unlocked a plethora of stretch goal rewards today including two bonus maps (and are presently very close to unlocking a third at 150 backers). We also unlocked seven map icon sets (70 map icons) which will be distributed to ALL backers as sets are created after the kickstarter conclusion.

A new bonus stretch goal reward for Digital Maps has been added to be unlocked when the project reaches $5,000 funding. When unlocked, non-VTT “player” versions of all maps will be included with the twice-weekly digital map downloads.

This new reward was a direct result of the conversation in the projects comments section here on Kickstarter. This additional version of each map will maintain the grid and icon elements, but remove map numbers and hidden locations.

This means each digital download of the maps will include three different high-resolution files:

  • VTT Version ready for import into virtual tabletop software
  • Non-VTT “GM’s” Version (which is the original non-VTT version promised)
  • Non-VTT “Player’s” Version

For more details about the difference between VTT and non-VTT digital maps, please be sure to check out the “What’s the Difference” section on the main project page.

This does mean some extra work on my end. As explained in the project “Risks and Challenges” section, I have already started creating a "stash" of these maps ahead of time to ensure I can always maintain the twice-weekly release schedule no matter what might be going on (i.e. sick days, vacation, etc.).

Since I created these maps before this third digital map version was concept was conceived, I will have to go back and create this third map version for those when the stretch goal reward is unlocked. Thankfully, my source files make this a relatively easy task and I plan on having them all caught up before funding clears.

Questions About Custom Maps –

I’ve had a good question come up a couple times regarding those who are getting custom map rewards for pledging at the $50 and $80 levels:

How will backers be credited?

My initial sense is to regard these custom maps as commission works, and thus credit backers custom maps as “Commissioned by…”, however I’m open to other suggestions as well. If you have another idea you think would be more appropriate please post a comment below and let me know.

In Conclusion –

While today has been an entirely positive experience, and I am overwhelmed with joy. It’s also been a very, very long day – especially with the sleepless excitement and anticipation leading up to project launch. I’m exhausted and will be turning in for the night soon after this update is posted. I will return bright-and-early to update the project and respond to any messages or comments first thing in the morning.

Thank you again, and have a fantastic evening!

-- Justin Andrew Mason


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    1. Justin Andrew Mason 2-time creator

      @Heath and Seth: Thank you!

    2. Heath and Seth Robinson on

      Congratulations on the big first day!