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Grab your EDF laser rifle! The critically acclaimed Dawning Star setting gets a total relaunch, using the Fate Core system.
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Progress & Playtesting

Posted by Justin D. Jacobson (Creator)

By way of a personal update: I had something of a miraculous response to the epidural right before I was due to go in for the surgery. We decided to postpone. Instead, I've been going to regular rigorous physical therapy and have been pain-free for a month now. The physical issues haven't disappeared, so there's a chance my symptoms might return at any time. For now, fingers crossed.

I am happy to report that we have been making great progress on the manuscript. The book is really composed of two separate parts: the color and the crunch. The color is nearly done. We are knee-deep in editing. I expect that half will get wrapped up in the next few weeks. We have been working on the crunch at the same time and have converted a lot of the existing tech and xenomorphs. I just sent a major playtest document out to our hardy group of playtesters. We are trying to nail down character creation, which represents the greatest modification to the core rules. In the meantime, have a peek at the converted iron scar charger:

Iron Scar Charger (Average)

Athletics +1, Fight +1

Rarely seen during the day, these predators spend most of their time in the upper reaches of the mountains around Iron Scar, coming down at night to hunt. These mammals appear to be something of a cross between a jackrabbit and a ram. They have muscular bodies with white and khaki fur. Thick, dense, curved horns adorn their heads. They favor ramming attacks to +STUN opponents or knock them down. They also attack with their front claws and regularly tackle creatures larger than themselves.

They have the DISPOSITION OF A TERRAN WOLVERINE and will attack anything they consider a threat or a meal, which means just about anything at all. An average charger weighs 60 lbs. and can reach three-and-a-half feet in length, from nose to bobbed tail. Chargers are often encountered in mated pairs, sometimes with a litter of young. Mating season is most likely year round though no in-depth study has confirmed this. Litters consist of four or five young. Their diet includes rodents, reptiles, and larger prey, which they stalk under cover of darkness. Chargers have begun to appreciate the danger posed by humans, avoiding them when possible. They always avoid enemy groups but will stand fast if a mate or pup is threatened. They are skilled at scaling mountains and enjoy perching in trees as well. The meat of the charger isn’t as tasty as murcow, but so far no humans have had the adverse reaction some have had with the herd animal. Their pelt is sometimes used for clothing, but hunting has been restricted until a more thorough ecological study can be done.



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    1. Conrad Murkitt on

      Glad to hear your health is better. Hope it stays that way !! Great update by the way!

    2. Jens Reineking on

      I really like the way you incorporate aspects, stunts etc. into the text. For me, that has a distinct FATE flavour since it brings storytelling, world building and mechanics together.

    3. J. Brandon Massengill

      Sounds good.

      Thanks for the update!