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Grab your EDF laser rifle! The critically acclaimed Dawning Star setting gets a total relaunch, using the Fate Core system.
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Playtest Nigh

Posted by Justin D. Jacobson (Creator)

I am putting the playtest packet through its final paces and should be able to get it out next week. If you still want to get in on it, please fill out our playtest application.

In the meantime, Lee is focusing on finishing up the chargen rules, Amanda is polishing up the first chapter so we can put one chapter through the full design process, and I'm taking a second look at the setting material before we send it to Amanda for editing. I should mention a little more about one of our lesser-known members of the team, Sean Masters. He's a helicopter pilot for the USAF, and one of the things he's doing for us is punching up the military jargon in the text. As I've mentioned elsewhere, the book is going to include a lot of "exemplars", and one is an interview with Captain Shayla Teering, Captain of the Evergreen and Utyi and acting director of the Department of Refugees. With Sean's help, it reads great.

And then there's Danilo. He's waiting for the text to get finished up to begin the heavy lifting, but he's tinkering with some of the existing assets in the interim. We're so excited about being able to release the book in full color so everyone can appreciate his talent. By way of example, enjoy this re-rendering of an elgie, one of the PC species:

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    1. salcor on

      Hey Aaron thanks for backing.

    2. Missing avatar


      Nice stuff! Thanks for the update!

    3. Aaron Roudabush on

      That's a hell of a small world. I know Sean Masters, played games with him when he was here in Albuquerque.

    4. Gearsoul Dragon

      =D Yay! Monkey-Race! Oh, er, and, progress! nOn Woo!