Dawning Star: Fate of Eos

by Justin D. Jacobson

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    1. James Cartwright on

      Sorry to hear about the problems you've had, hope things get better soon, glad to have an update.

    2. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, Justin! I'm content to wait as long as it takes, and I hope playtesting goes well. I'd volunteer, but don't think I'd have a chance to actually run the game in the short term. If you do another round for more general playtesting/proofreading, I'd be happy to help then.

    3. Jens Reineking on

      Do what it takes to become healthy and fit again. As much as I'm looking forward to the game, it is not worth ruining someone's health for.

    4. Jonathan Dibblee on

      I submitted an app, and have some playteating experienxe with tabletops. I hope everything goes well, sorry for your health.

    5. Panagiotis Grigorakakis on

      I have had serious problems with my back for years, so I know what that pain can feel like. Don't rush yourself buddy. The book can wait as much as you need. Lots of wishes for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery.

    6. Justin D. Jacobson Creator

      Thank you for the kind words. We do intend to submit the pdf to all backers as soon as it is done for a proofing/beta period before we go to print. You shouldn't feel like you need to apply to playtest just to get a sneak peek at the book.

    7. Eric Magnuson

      Stay positive and get well soon.

    8. Reise, Reise

      Good luck with your medical issues and I hope your recovery proceeds quick enough! I have no problem waiting longer for this because you are communicating with us.

    9. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      I echo the sympathies expressed about your health. Also, having seen the awesome Mindjammer and Jadepunk RPG's, I for one am for one quite content that Dawning Star intends to benefit from their design choices. Makes me feel even better about the final product.

    10. Michael Pedersen on

      I'll echo what's written below: Get well first.

      While we all might want to get our hands on this product, it's still just a game. Your health isn't. Get well.

      The closest I'll come to a demand is this: Every so often, just post a comment to us on the comments here, so we know you're still around and (hopefully) getting better.

      That's all I'll ask of you. Once you're better, make the game happen.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matteo Signorini

      Try to get well soon.

    12. Noe Ridgway on

      No worries, man. Health comes first.

    13. FatPob

      cheers for the update, good luck with the surgery, and consider that it is likely routine (to the doctors) and you will be bouncing off walls in no time. See you on the other side

    14. Jackson Starky on

      What Michael Pedersen said. I just got back from a week on vacation, during which time I did not touch a computer (or any other device) with an Internet connection. Anyway, to reiterate Michael's points:
      - Get well soon.
      - Post here at least once a week so we know you're alive and on the mend.
      - When recovery has been achieved, worry about the game.

      I've had my own health issues of various descriptions over the past year (and all of my life, for that matter), so I know that of which I speak. Healing takes time, and it also takes focus if it's to be done well.