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Grab your EDF laser rifle! The critically acclaimed Dawning Star setting gets a total relaunch, using the Fate Core system.
884 backers pledged $28,138 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals!

Posted by Justin D. Jacobson (Creator)
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I'll permit myself a brief moment to bask in the accomplishment: We've hit our funding goal!

***happy dance***

It' deeply gratifying to see the support for this setting, which we love. I'm also ecstatic about the opportunity to announce stretch goals. Before we get to it, I want to discuss our approach to stretch goals generally.

Our Stretch Goal Philosophy

I strongly believe that stretch goals should primarily serve as a vehicle for adding value to existing tiers. Rather than merely add t-shirts or patches or other entirely new assets, I want to make our existing products that much better. This serves two primary goals: First, it rewards those who have already shown the confidence in us by backing. Second, it encourages more new backers as opposed to merely encouraging existing backers to pledge higher.

In the interest of transparency, this works out for us too by allowing us to increase our print run, thereby reducing our primary expense. For those new to publishing, there is a large baseline expense in setting up any print run, which correlates to the printer's cost in checking and setting up the item to be printed. Once that is done, the unit cost of each additional item is greatly reduced. So, the higher the print run, the lower the cost. Additionally, by adding value to the product, we can raise our sale price, thus increasing profit for books sold outside the Kickstarter through traditional retail channels. You'll see what I mean as I present our first two stretch goals.

$15,000 = 40% More Awesomeness

If we get to $15,000, we will increase the page count of the book from 208 pages to 320 pages. The increase in page count lets us have Lee write that much more stuff. In particular, we're going to focus on the stuff that makes Dawning Star special. This means more xenomorphs, tech, and spaceships. This means more unique characters and organizations, more scenes and scenarios. If you want a visual cue for what the additional page count looks like, compare:

$20,000 = Glorious Galactic Color

If we get to $20,000, we'll be able to print the book with a full interior color. If you only know Danilo Moretti from the original Dawning Star, you don't know what kind of amazing color work he is capable of. If we hit this stretch goal, you will, and you'll thank me. He has a way of finding vibrant color palettes that make the artwork pop off the page. Short version: The book will be gorgeous. Here's a sample of Danilo's color work, a portion of an illustration he did for me on a Mutants & Masterminds supplement awhile back:

In Closing

If we print the book under current specs, 208 pages with a black-and-white interior, we would be looking at a sale price of around $30. If we get to $20,000 and print 320 pages with a color interior, we could list it at $45 or $50. So, you can see that backers will be getting an amazing deal. But we can still afford to do this because our print run is larger, reducing the unit cost, and because we can sell the remaining copies of the print run at a higher price, increasing our profit on those books.

What about Savage Worlds? We've heard from a lot of our backers about wanting a Savage Worlds conversion. We do not have any plans to do a conversion as part of this Kickstarter; it's simply not in keeping with our focus on maximizing the value of the existing product. However, I am always mindful of what our fans want. Therefore, we do intend to do a Savage Worlds conversion guide outside the Kickstarter. In fact, Sean Masters, a member of the design team, is himself a huge Savage Worlds fan. We will have more information about this after the Kickstarter closes, but know that your interest will be satisfied.

What's Next? If we manage to reach these goals, we've got some more planned. And they're going to knock your socks off. I don't want to spoil anything, but I'll say two words: Shadow War. You want it? We're gonna have to work for it.

How Can We Make It Happen? I imagine some existing backers might be inclined to increase their pledge based on the increased value. But, as always, the best thing you can do is to help spread the word. Tell your friends, engage in social media. And, if you do, let us know, so we can amplify your message. Remember, the more people you can get to back us, the better your own pledge becomes. Thanks again.



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    1. Justin D. Jacobson Creator

      @MJ - You can pledge whatever you want from $1 to a gazillion dollars. You can change your pledge amount at any time during the project period. You can claim any reward tier at or below your pledge amount. So, yes, if you raise up your pledge to a higher tier amount, you can claim that tier reward.

    2. Mj Seide on

      Just a pledge vs reward question: if money was added to the original pledge to equal $250., would the backer get the ALIEN ARTIFACT PACKAGE? ;)

    3. Victor Serrano

      @Brian Koonce You are not the only one, me and my group still playing the D20 Future version. Regardless we see the new system as a form of refreshing the now very old campaign hehe, but I'm sure conversion guidelines for both ways would be nice d20 Future > Fate and on reverse Fate > D20 Future.

    4. Dirk Willrodt on

      shipping costs from USA to the rest ARE ridiculous high. makes backing something when you are from Europe a tad more expensive, so thank you for digital copies!

    5. Dirk Willrodt on

      great news! but moving from Virtual Reality to Offworlder is not a small step. I think if I get some people to actually agree to play this with me on a regular basis, I might consider it.
      But I am still hoping you get a helluva funding :)

    6. Panagiotis Grigorakakis on

      I really hope to achieve the inflated page count, but I think the color would greatly detract from the great feel of the B&W artwork..

    7. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      Awesome news about the Savage World conversion guide coming. I will definitely have to think about moving up to the hard cover of the book now :)

    8. Justin D. Jacobson Creator

      To be perfectly clear: Dawning Star: Fate of Eos, the book we are producing as part of this Kickstarter is entirely Fate-based. After we complete the book, I am happy to create conversion guides as separate pdfs for any systems requested by our fans.

    9. Stacie Winters

      Me personally if I ever took Dawning Star and converted it to a different system it would be Cortex+... The original DS was d20Modern based and while it was great, what they are doing now sounds even better and while Savage Worlds is good... its not for me. My tastes in system have definitely changed over the years and I am super glad you are using the Fate system as a basis for the new Dawning Star game. If it was anything remotely d20 related I am not sure I'd back it.

    10. Justin D. Jacobson Creator

      Absolutely. If people are interested, that would be relatively easy to pull off.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Koonce

      What about a D20 Future version or conversion guide? D20 is what led me to the awesomeness of Dawning Star in the first place, and we do still play it with that system.

      And I know I can't be the only one.