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Four women have uninvited visitors in their Rockwellian home and show their imposing guests what terror truly is.
279 backers pledged $26,655 to help bring this project to life.

We made it to $5000! Writer Justina Walford will now dye her hair teal.

Writer Justina Walford is willing to do anything to get to that $25000. She is even willing to dye her hair just to get to 1/5th of that. Writer Justina Walford feels a little odd since she's writing this update and talking in the third person.

STRIPPED backers and supporters, you have made this week even more exciting than it already was. We got sets almost built. We got actors holding on to plane tickets and getting on planes in the next few days. We have a director emailing pep talks that go on and on and on. (Very nice guy.) And now we have 20% of our Kickstarter goal! And since it was reached today, Justina, I mean, I will be dying my hair the color teal. Major contributor Cathy Berlin got to pick the color. Ah, Cathy Berlin, thank you for not picking plaid. Cathy Berlin is also getting a really, really cool prop from the set. When I say cool, I mean, I'm jealous of what she's getting. I can't say what it is as it would be a plot spoiler, but wow. Really. Wowwww...there's no good place to keep it. Company may get freaked out.

As you may know, 30% is a very magical number in the world of Kickstarter. Studies and stats have shown that 90% of campaigns that reach 30% inevitably reach their goal. So our next big milestone is getting to $7500. You can help us with this by sharing, by commenting, and by contributing.

If you're reading this, you already helped us in some way or another and for that, we thank you from our bloody bloody hearts.

For that, we give you this picture of Angelina, our production coordinator, making labels. The glamor of filmmaking: Labels. Make them.

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