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$10,805 pledged of $35,000 goal
$10,805 pledged of $35,000 goal

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Direct link to Walhub page

Hey guys,

So Sorry for the second email, but in case you'd like to go directly to the Walhub page from your email, just click on Walhub

Thanks again,


Re-launched!!! Wallplates... now Walhub

Dear Amazing Backers,

Wow, its been a long time since I first launched this product on Kickstarter, and even though I didn't reach my goal the first time, the amount of positive response during that first campaign and up until now has been amazing. Since then the product has been shown at trade shows, received a healthy amount of press, and has won design competitions. 

The first time I launched this product I wasn't able to satisfy a large amount of light switch scenarios that people had because I was only able to offer two types of switch plates; and none were for your standard toggle switch. However, this time, after partnering with a US manufacturer I am now able to offer 6 different types! These hopefully address the majority of scenarios in peoples homes. Also, my Fund Goal is MUCH lower now because the majority of the upfront costs are already covered... Only 5K this time.

I was debating on even launching on Kickstarter again, however the amount of support I received from all of YOU the first time I launched was incredibly appreciated; so how could I not keep you in the loop about the relaunch. After all, if it wasn't for your support the first time I probably wouldn't have had the motivation to keep pursuing it. 

The official new name of the Wallplates product is now Walhuband it will hopefully be the first of many under the Upwell Products brand. Thank you all so much for your past and continued support, it means the world to me, and I am touched by it. I'm grateful you've been here for the start of this endeavor, and I hope you'll continue to be there as it evolves and grows.

Here it is: Walhub



Wallplates now on Quirky... I need your vote.

I need your support once again...

Hey Everybody, I'm trying to get Wallplates out via Quirky.com. However, this time it requires zero monetary commitment on your part - I just need you to vote for it - simple!

So check it out and here, and simply vote: http://www.quirky.com/ideations/83921

Thanks again for your continued support!!!


6 Days to go...

Hello All,

So, there are only 6 Days left in the Wallplates Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like the odds of it getting funded require nothing short of a $25,000 miracle... 

So in case that miracle doesn't happen ...Santa...are you there...

I'd to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you for the support and generous pledges. Its been an incredible learning experience on many levels: The crowd sourcing process requires a ton of shameless self promotion - not an easy or fun exercise. You find out which friends/family and colleagues will actually support you and your endeavors - that lesson alone has been well worth it and paid close attention to. Friends/family and colleagues I haven't talked to in years showed up here to pledge and support, and I'll never forget that - as well as my dear friends/family and colleagues I keep in touch with today; don't EVER hesitate to ask me for help or support. However, perhaps the most inspiring lesson - as cliche as this will sound - is the support and generosity I received from people I don't even know. Weather you supported myself - a monetarily challenged designer trying to get a product to market - or the actual product because it met a need you have, or you simply appreciated it, I am sincerely grateful  for your contribution and support - please keep in touch.

Thank you ALL again for your amazing support! If it doesn't happen here, please know that I will be doing my best to explore other avenues in order to get Wallplates into production...

Kickstarter Halfway point...

Hey all,

So Wallplates has just past its halfway point as far as days left within its Kickstarter Campaign. I wish we had passed the halfway mark as far as the pledge goal, but we're not quite there yet.  There is still plenty of time left, and I continue to shamelessly promote in order to bring Wallplates to you. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still out here pounding the pavement for pledges, and trying to draw as much exposure to the project in order to pick up momentum again. Once again, Thank you for all your pledges and support. Don't forget to help spread the word: tell your friends, family, even friendly looking strangers, you can even post on your Facebook page ( http://kck.st/ly2jz4 ) or tweet if you feel so inclined!

Thanks again!