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Functional light switch storage covers - only requires a screw driver to install, and works with existing light switches!

Hi! Thanks for checking out Wallplates,

With your help and support I’d love to bring Wallplates to your home.  Wallplates are simply light switch cover plates that add practical function to your space - and best of all - they already work with most existing light switches.

LEFT & RIGHT CONFIGURATION :: Wallplates are flip-able

This function has actually just been added to the product during the Wallplates Kickstarter Campaign! Wallplates consists of 3 parts, which allows you to rotate it, based on your wall scenario


The Wallplates concept was born out of a need to store the objects that typically come and go with us; such as: keys, scarves, phones, mail, etc . I wanted to provide a consistent, convenient location for them. Personally, I’m like a lost chimp when trying to leave my house, “keys, wallet, cell phone”  - I literally chant theses three things out loud while frantically checking my pockets and the entire apartment until they are all accounted for - and god forbid they’re not …

YOUR NEW FRIENDS :: Envelope & Hook


The Wallplates concept was conceived back in 2007. Myself and a close designer friend (Ian Read), were working on a housewares competition. Wallplates was one of those projects I would work on when I had the time, but I never really saw a practical avenue to get it out to the public. However, thanks to crowd sourcing services like Kickstarter and  people who support creative projects - like yourself - it has a chance to enter the real world and hopefully make your daily routine a bit more organized.

So, here’s where I need your help. In order to make this a reality there are significant upfront costs involved when manufacturing a product - specifically when using an injection molding process.  By pledging a minimum of $15 or $25 you are basically pre ordering Hook or Envelope, and not only will you be receiving a great one of a kind gift, but you’ll be supporting a very dedicated and super appreciative designer.

WALLPLATES PARTS :: Comes fully assembled


FUTURE WALLPLATES PRODUCTS :: Frame - Double Gang - Toggle

If I meet my pledge goal with Hook and Envelope, these will be the next line of Wallplates products. Frame - which is a picture holder - as shown below, will already work with Envelope. If you already own Envelope and Hook, you already own the system. I will be creating new functions that you can simply snap into your existing Wallplates. Get bored with the function you have, or simply want a different one, then all you have to do is buy that accessory and snap it on. The other two products shown below are Double Gang and Toggle - these address the needs for different types of face plate covers:

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!  Thank you so much for your support!


  • 12 - 14 weeks. The day we meet our pledge goal is the day we tell the manufacturer to start engineering for tooling. From tooling to production - the first product coming off the production line is approximately 8-9 weeks, + 3-4 weeks shipping to holding facility, + 1 week (approximate) shipping to you.

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  • The money goes toward production costs, such as:

    - Tooling for injection molding - Injection molding is a plastic molding process that has expensive up front costs, however it's good for producing quality parts in quantity; which makes them more affordable for you.
    - Plastic Material for part- ABS plastic
    - Packaging - To protect product, as well as packaging for shipping.
    - Shipping - To holding location, and shipping to you.
    - Screws - For assembly, just in case you don't have them.

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  • Hook - 4.55" W x 4.52" H or 115mm x 116mm
    Envelope - 8.3" W x 4.52" H or 211mm x 116mm

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  • ABS plastic, a very high grade plastic used in most quality products.

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  • It's currently only offered in a high gloss white, but I'm hoping to offer color and finish options in the future.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    Not only do you get the satisfaction of helping out a young designer, but you are basically contributing to the next round of Wallplate Products, such as: Picture Frame, Double Gang, and Toggle Switch, which will hopefully fill your Wallplate needs if this round doesn't. Plus, I'll be sending large amounts of positive energy your way - Thank you SO much!

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    You get the HOOK! HOOK comes as two molded plastic parts, and a set of screws. You will receive the HOOK faceplate, which screws into your existing light switch, and the HOOK plastic part which snaps into it - already assembled. Shipping is included within the U.S. (add $10 for international)

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    62 backers

    You get the ENVELOPE! ENVELOPE comes as two molded parts, and a set of screws. You will receive the ENVELOPE faceplate, which screws into your existing light switch, and the ENVELOPE plastic part (which has the hook function as well) - already assembled. Shipping is included within the U.S. (add $10 shipping for international)

  • Pledge $35 or more
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    69 backers

    Cant decide? Get both - HOOK and ENVELOPE - you most likely have more than one light switch in your place... This package comes with one complete ENVELOPE set, and one complete HOOK set. Shipping is included within the U.S. (add $10 for international)

  • Pledge $65 or more
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    23 backers

    Get 2 HOOK's and 2 ENVELOPE's in the "Gift Set". Keep one set for yourself, and give the rest to family and friends... or keep 'em all! Put one in a bedroom, dorm room, garage, basement or take one to work. Shipping is included in the U.S. (add $10 for international shipping)

  • Pledge $125 or more
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    Get 4 HOOK's and 4 ENVELOPE's in the "Family & Friends" set. Share the love - keep a couple for yourself - and share the rest with family and friends - they make a great gift... Shipping is included within the U.S. (add $15 for international shipping)

  • Pledge $185 or more
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    6 backers Limited (42 left of 48)

    Wow, I could hug you right now. When you order the "Designer" set you get 5 HOOK's and 5 ENVELOPE's. With this pledge you will receive a Limited Edition, signed and numbered print of an original sketch from the design conception of Wallplates. This is a limited offer to the first 48 pledges. Shipping is included within the U.S. (add $15 for international)

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