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Heart is a children's book about love and acceptance.
Heart is a children's book about love and acceptance.
Heart is a children's book about love and acceptance.
89 backers pledged $4,526 to help bring this project to life.

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Halloween #HEARTcards are now available!

Hello my kickstarter friends! I just wanted to let you know I finished a set of Halloween themed #HEARTcards which you can now order:

If you use the promo code: HALLOWEEN you will receive free shipping on them!

Tell your friends and Happy Halloween folks!

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#HEARTcards set three available at c2e2 this weekend!

Hi everyone,

The big Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (c2e2) is this weekend and I will be there with copies of HEART and now more #HEARTcards! So if you know anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign tell them to come down to the c2e2 Artist Alley table L6A. I will be doing #cardBOREDsketches, selling prints, signing books, and drawing super awesome stuff!

Also on Sunday (4/28) I will be appearing at the Artist Alley stage where you can watch me draw on a jumbo-tron. My scheduled time is 1:00pm. 

Here is the new set of HEARTcards that will be debuting at this weekend's convention:

The Breakfast Club

Scott Pilgrim


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More #HEARTcards on sale now!

Hi all,

I recently finished a second set of #HEARTcards I labeled as, "Meanings". Again these are some of my favorite movies that I spun into cards about love and friendship. This new set includes:

The Princess Bride

Peter Pan

Back to the Future

Get them for your loved ones this Valentine's Day!

Check'em out:

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#HEARTcards on sale!


I hope everyone is enjoying their HEART books. I recently designed these Heart cards that share expressions of love and friendship based on some of my favorite movies: Say Anything, Love Actually, and Shaun of the Dead.

If you got the time, please check'em out!

Also if you know anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign or the Holiday sale. Heart is going for $14 now throughout February. If you use the discount code: VALENTINE you get free shipping on the book until the 14th of Feb.

Spread the word #sharemyHeart!



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Hi everyone!

The HEART books have been making their way into your homes and I wanted to share some reactions and photos with you. Thank you all so much for helping me tell this story. It's not just my personal story about finding where you fit in but I feel that it is everyone's. So thank you for allowing me to tell my version and really relating to it, finding yourself in these two characters.

A lot of people I've talked to who have read the book have felt what LB and Thump have felt at one point or another. It's great to hear such a positive response from the masses. I also have a few reactions from comic professionals, people who's work I admire.

Check it out:

from twitter

(TREVOR MUELLER, Reading with Pictures) @trevoramueller: i got my copy of heart over the weekend at mid ohio con, and it was awesome. if you don't own it, buy it now! #heartshared

(DAVE GRUBA, Instant Press Comics) @GrubbMaster: My copy of "Heart" by @whenuwerelittle! A great book for kids. #Heartshared

(JUSTIN STEWART of Pop Stew Comics) @Justin3000: Guys, ‘Heart’ by @whenuwerelittle is amazing and sincere and heartfelt. #Heartshared

@CreatureFrank: got mine today! Loved the book and the art was amazing. Heart shared.#sharemyheart

@Boilermaker_Fan: Heart by @whenuwerelittle is a beautiful story about finding acceptance. It should be required reading. #Heartshared

Also below are some photos snapped by parents, aunts, uncles who bought books for their kids, nieces, and nephews!  Enjoy and please feel free to comment on this post with your own thoughts of the book.

Thanks guys and gals!

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