$31,207 pledged of $900,000 goal
By Jungle Venture Inc.
$31,207 pledged of $900,000 goal

Update 3: Come see the Jungle!

Please take a look at the new video above.  This is an animating demo showing the "Living Jungle" that is at the heart of the Jungle Adventure Game.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even more.  This video can convey the game environment better than it can be described.  You are seeing a 2.5D jungle with every bit as much depth and realism as one might hope for in a video game.  Learn more about 2.5D.  The game play while on the jungle path is primarily side-view 2D game play.  This particular style of play has proven to be fun and highly addictive.

Because we have chosen Unity 3D as the core technology, for different parts of the game we can depart the jungle path and play in a 3D world.  But I will only use that flexibility when it makes sense for the game.  After all, how many of you have had trouble figuring out how to navigate a first-person shooter?  A game should always be presented to the player in the way that gives him/her maximum control over the action.  I have treated this as a hard and fast rule throughout my career in game design.

More Detail on The Game:

Jungle Adventure is actually three complete games in one.  As your on-screen avatar skirts the living jungle, he collects treasures and masters obstacles on the path.  He uses all of his senses, learning to feel the jungle's heartbeat so he can identify any changes.  Every rustle of leaves or flash of color on a tree truck might signify an important clue to making it through the miles of jungle path alive.  Descend into the jungle where the path forks.  The deeper you go into the depths, the more dangerous the path and the higher the potential reward.  Combine certain treasures into clues that will help solve the final mystery.

If you survive the jungle you will encounter ancient ruins, lost to civilization for hundreds of years.  If you can find your way inside, a completely new adventure opens up before you: Dark stone passageways, dimly lit by torchlight and the occasional sunbeam filtering through chinks in the stone walls.  It quickly becomes clear that these ruins contain extensive ground-level passageways, as well as many levels rising up into the center of an ancient pyramid.  Working his way up and down through the ancient builders' maze of passageways he ends up in the Hall of Ancient Kings where much is revealed, and where the statues are so realistic you might think one of them looks just like your neighbor!  Better use all of your senses here as well, because you are not alone in these passageways.

Anyone who has played "A Boy and His Blob" will not be surprised to learn that the pyramid and ruins are built over a dramatic series of caverns.  A few upper levels of these natural passageways were excavated by the ancients to serve as catacombs.  But below that the player discovers natural, underground formations untouched by human hands.  Here our hero begins a third new adventure, and more of our adventurer's overall quest is revealed to him in the time he explores these caverns.

***Spoiler Alert***

At the lowest level of the caverns we realize the search for ancient astronauts, encountering a huge derelict spaceship; embedded in the rock but still fully powered.  Our transition takes us from dark and scary to bright, high-tech, and full of booby traps.  The ultimate goal of the mission is to bring back the knowledge of the ancient space travelers to the modern world.

Will we have the time and budget to add this fourth complete adventure?  That depends on you the backers.



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    1. SeaWyrm
      on September 9, 2012

      "You are seeing a 2.5D jungle with every bit as much depth and realism as one might hope for in a video game."
      What, seriously? What if, just as a really simple example, that water had motion or even basic fluid physics, rather than just being a flat photo pasted down? Or if it had a dynamic reflection? Or a reflection that even accurately reflected the scene above it? Or if the whole scene had a background that was 3D rendered, rather than a small bit of parallax between three flat layers?
      The graphics in the video look entirely flat and sprite-based to me. I find even the statement that this is 2.5D, based on the definition given, to be questionable. It certainly doesn't display the most depth and realism as one might hope for in a video game that's any more recent than, frankly, the late 90s.
      It concerns me that David would make that claim. It gives the impression that, despite his credentials, he's incredibly out of touch with what modern video games are capable of. I know this is just a tech demo/prototype. I don't EXPECT it to be the most depth and realism etc. etc. I don't even care if it looks like it's from the late 90s, so long as it delivers on gameplay. And I want to support your work, David! But when I see this kind of absurd claim, it makes me wonder about the whole project. I'm sure I'm not alone.

      (And for the record, if you have trouble navigating an FPS, that's because of bad map design, not because first-person perspectives are inherently confusing.)

    2. Kiwiblazer on September 3, 2012

      HI can't wait for this game can everyone also support this game Wings it looks really good .

    3. Corey Denny on August 31, 2012

      Guessing the gameplay will look something like this?

    4. Corey Denny on August 31, 2012

      I like this style of art direction. Also, the visual quality reminds me of both Abe's Oddesy and Heart of Darkness. I've always missed prerendard backgrounds in adventure games. Sounds like difficulty will determine on what path you deside to branch off into. A bigger reward for completing a high challenging area sounds compelling.

    5. Corey Denny on August 31, 2012

      Would be nostalgic if you stood by a ledge and waited for a balloon to pick you up and fly you over to another platform. (pitfall 2, cough!)

    6. Karmeck on August 31, 2012

      to little and far to late

    7. Stephen J Broida on August 31, 2012

      That looks pretty neat. Is there anyway we can see the hero interacting with the jungle? I think that'd really help sell this.

      Also, I still haven't seen a whole lot of press about this game outside of a VentureBeat article back when this campaign launched. I know you guys are sending out news updates to the gaming websites, but I just don't get it... why hasn't this campaign really taken off yet?

      Any ideas?

      And if you can't make the goal in the next two weeks, is there a plan B, or plans to try again later?